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How to Befriend a Villain: Meuka

by herolann0


NEOPIA CENTRAL---Are you or your pets catching colds all the time? If you have just about had it with colds and Sneezles, now is the time to recognize Meuka. When you think of Meuka, you probably automatically think of snot, right? For many years, Meuka has been known to cause and spread sickness to many Neopians. The anger and frustration has risen against Meuka over time. With flu season shortly arriving, he will thrive and spread illness to many innocent pets. How to protect yourself? Kindness is the key. Of all of the misunderstood villains, the most poorly judged villain is Meuka. All villains are misunderstood and insecure. However, there is a softer side to every villain, especially Meuka. In celebration of Meerca Day Weekend, Meuka is to be recognized. A simple way to protect yourself and your pets from another illness is to befriend Meuka. With this explanatory advice, it will be easy. You’ll never catch another cold again.

Before discussing what you will need to start your friendship with the Snot Meerca, let us start with some basic background of the villain. Meuka’s history is little known and discussed. The Gallery of Evil states he could have been a paint brush testing mishap, or something created from one of Sloth’s horrid experiments. Of all the possibilities, it is obvious that Meuka’s past was not pleasant. Researchers suggest that Meuka raised himself, alone in the dark thicket of the Haunted Woods. When he tried to put himself forward, he was teased because of his gross snot texture. He instantly became an outcast, forever angry that he was excluded from the other Meercas. When he discovered he could spread a cold with his unappealing snot, he realized what he could do for revenge.

A story tells: One day, he came forward again. The same Meercas who laughed and howled before were there. Meuka grinned. He ignored the laughter that arrived as before. They cheered and made fun of him, but they never saw it coming. Meuka splattered his snot all over them. Meuka evilly chuckled and disappeared into the dark grove where he came from. The Meercas were no longer laughing. They were miserably sneezing, coughing, and aching.

After spreading Sneezles and Neoflu to the Meercas that teased him, Meuka realized he could do more. He knew he would never be accepted in the world, so he decided to spread illness wherever he went. Soon, he was recognized—as a villain.

Today, he still resides in the dark, scary woods. He has incredibly strong teeth, which allows him to cut through thick vegetation. When he is bored, he will occasionally come out and randomly give a Neopet a case of Sneezles. The Defenders of Neopia (DON) has tried nearly everything to control his wicked habits, but nothing seems to work.

Judge Hog says, “We can all agree that the most troublemaking villain is Meuka... He is causing sickness all over Neopia, which needs to stop immediately. It has been discussed that he needs to change his ways. If he can find friendship to distract him, it may be the answer [to our problems]. If someone ever tries to confront Meuka, they better be well prepared.”

This is all the information known about Meuka. As Judge Hog suggests, when confronting Meuka, it is very important to be prepared. To avoid a violent reaction from him, or another cold, be sure to be well equipped. To show you are peaceful towards the villain, you will want to look like a fan. You see, Meuka is very insecure. If he feels that he is loved, then he will most likely warm up. You will not need all of the items listed below, but having at least some will help. Let’s take a look at the list:

Meuka Halloween Costume- It isn’t Trick-or-Treating time yet, but this costume will ease the confrontation. By dressing up like him, it will show that you are a fan. A big fan. This costume is also very cheap, only an estimated 300 neopoints.

Magic Cookie- Just in case the confrontation... err... doesn’t go well, we recommend having a Magic Cookie on hand. This cures Sneezles in a snap. Check the Pharmacy to get one.

Meuka Action Figure- This toy will easily fit in your pocket and will prove you are truly a fan.

Meuka- This collectable card will come in hand if Meuka is not in a good mood. He will pity you if he spots the card.

Neopkins- In desperation don’t be afraid to offer a tissue. Actually, it may not work, but you may want it for yourself.

Okay! If you are prepared, you are ready to meet Meuka. As mentioned before, Meuka is often spotted in the Haunted Woods prowling through vegetation. It is suggested not to try and find Meuka, but allow him to find you. When he finally does show himself, he will spot your costume. He may laugh, but surely he will pity you. When he realizes you want friendship, do not force it. Allow him to want to become friends with you.

When he decides to pity you, here are some activities that he will love to do. The Haunted Fairground is his favorite place—so this is where to start. Offer to play a couple rounds of Bagatelle, or waste your neopoints at Coconut Shy. Stop by the Test your Strength, and aim for a prize! You could even stop by the Game Graveyard—and play some fun games that Meuka will love. These are just suggestions, but try to have fun.

Now that you have successfully befriended Meuka, we guarantee you or your pets will never catch another case of Sneezles. There is a softer side to every villain, and when you see the softer side of Meuka, you will pity him. Over the years, he has been judged and excluded from Neopia. Secretly, he has always needed friendship. The outcome of Meuka having friendship is unpredictable. Perhaps he will warm up and give up his evil deeds. Who knows? If you do not want to continue your friendship with Meuka, that is perfectly fine. Maybe when he does show his softer side, you will want to remain buddies. He may ask you to be his villainous partner in crime. If you do agree... well, if that is the road you are heading to, beware, the Defenders of Neopia are on the lookout!

DISCLAIMER: You may not really befriend Meuka or protect your pets from catching another cold, but good luck anyway!

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