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Five Reasons to Feed your Pets

by y_fyora_m


A lot of people in Neopia don't feed their pets! Maybe even you don't! You could have never realized it, but you are being quite mean. By making or adopting a pet, you agree, in my opinion, to care for that pet. If you don't want to, just don't adopt a pet! It is that simple. But maybe you are not yet convinced. And my article is not yet long enough, so I'll continue. Here are five reasons to feed your pets!

1. They look sad if you don't feed them.

Hungry pets look sad. I think you should not let your pets be sad if you can avoid it. Like I said before, by adopting a pet you agree to care for it. And that doesn't mean you make them feel sad, does it? And also: if you're applying for a pet that is up for adoption, the current owner of the pet will absolutely visit your account and check if you are keeping your pets happy. And if you don’t, you will probably not get the pet. I mean, would you give your nice loved pet to an owner who doesn't care for his own pets and will probably do the same with your pet? I think you wouldn't.

2. If you don't feed a painted pet, he/she will turn basic.

Maybe you didn't know, but if you let a painted pet be very, very sad, he or she will lose the color and become basic! You don't want that, for two reasons:

- You (usually) paint a pet to make it beautiful, so you might not want him or her to turn back to normal again.

- If you let your painted pet turn normal, all the NP you've spent for the paintbrush or lab ray are lost! You don't want that, do you?

3. Food is not expensive!

Well, some food certainly is. But most food isn't. You can even get completely free food, at places like the Giant Omelette and the Giant Jelly. The first one is in Tyrannia, the last one is quite hard to find, as it doesn't exist. And you can also buy lots of food for 1-10 NP in user shops and at the Trading Post. I will not give examples, because if I convince many people they will all go buy them and the prices might increase. But actually... I think I won’t convince that many people, so I could give you some examples.

- If you go to the Trading Post and search for, in example, ‘omelette’, you’ll find lots of lots which contain many food that you can get for almost nothing. You could also try to search for Blandfish or Berry and much more things.

- You can go to the Giant Omelette and get a free omelette, which you can use to feed a pet three times.

- You could also go to the Giant Jelly to get... but wait, there is no giant jelly so you can’t go there to get anything.

- You can go to the Money Tree and grab some free food.

- You can also use the Money Tree to write down a few almost free food items and search them with the Shop Wizard. I’ll explain this step by step.

Step 1: Go to the Money Tree. You can find the Money Tree under Shops in Neopia Central.

Step 2: Look at the items and check if you see any food items.

Step 3: Get a piece of paper and something to write with.

Step 4: Write down all names of food items you see.

Step 5: Refresh the page by clicking on the image of the Money Tree.

Step 6: If there are any food items that you didn’t write down yet, write them down.

Step 7: Repeat step 5-6 a couple of times.

Step 8: Go to the Shop Wizard or, if you are a Premium user, to the Super Shop Wizard.

Step 9: Type in the name of the first item you’ve written down, select ‘Search items identical to my phrase’ and hit ‘Search’.

Step 10: Open the cheapest shop in a new tab or window.

Step 11: Refresh the page to try and find cheaper shops. If the cheapest shop sells the item for 1 NP and/or if you use the Super Shop Wizard you can skip this step.

Step 12: If you’re sure you’ve found the cheapest shop, buy the item and FEED YOUR PETS!

Step 13: If the item appears to be quite expensive or if you need more food, continue with the second item on your list or find another one of the first item.

(Maybe this seems hard, because of the many steps, but I can assure you it isn’t!)

- And if you can’t do all the above things for some reason, you can abandon your pet and hope that a loving and caring owner will pick it up from the pound. But I think it’s better to feed them yourself, because it’s mean to send a pet to the pound and also because it’s cheaper to feed your pet than put it in the pound.

Conclusion: Feeding your pets is NOT expensive or hard or time-absorbing or any other thing why you shouldn’t do it.

4. If your pet is hungry, his or her stomach will rumble.

Maybe this doesn't seem like a real problem, but it certainly is one! I personally can't sleep if all my pets are making such noise. Maybe you can. But I think you should not try if you can, as it’s mean to your pets: if you want to try to sleep with their stomachs rumbling, you must first make their stomachs rumble and that means you don’t feed them for a few days. And also, if you, like me, can’t sleep, you will be very, very tired the next day, which means you can’t feed your pets and the next night you can’t sleep again and this will continue forever! I’m sure you don’t want things like that to happen.

5. Er... Actually I can't think of a fifth reason, but I'm sure there must be more...

So start thinking hard and convince yourself!

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