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Top Ten Iconic Neopian Symbols

by saphireblue3


Throughout the years, Neopians have become acquainted with the many locations, items, and characters scattered throughout this mystical (and often wacky) world. However, although there are literally thousands of items (ranging from delicious to dangerous), hundreds of exotic travel destinations, and more heroes and villains than you can shake a stick at, several have gained popularity, despite the test of time, and become known as Neopian icons. Newbies and oldies alike find these familiar and closely associated with Neopia itself.

Without further ado, I present to you the most beloved, unique, infamous, and recognizable sights in Neopia:

Map of Neopia

Whether you remember wondering "What's on the other side of the globe?" or not, the Map of Neopia carries a special meaning for all Neopians. You probably remember using this map to navigate your very first adventures through Neopia. All Neopian worlds are made accessible thanks to this one handy map - From the depths of Maraqua to the highest point of Faerie City. The World Map is often visited in the daily travels of Neopians everywhere. The stunning image of Neopia itself is powerfully symbolic of everything contained within our world as Neopians.

Neopia Central Map

For users young and old, Neopia Central is a regular destination due to its many important locations, which include the Neolodge, Bank, Pharmacy, Food Shop, and General Store. Who could forget the Money Tree, Food Shop, and most importantly, the charming Rainbow Pool? The Money Tree & Rainbow duo is recognizable on collectable stamps, coins and even Neohome furniture. The layout of Neopia Central has remained basically the same for many years, which lends to its sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

Queen Fyora

This article would not be complete without the mention of the regal, purple personality that is Fyora. Being the Queen of all Faeries, and having reign over Faerie City, Fyora carries an air of wisdom and power. Featured in many games, beautiful items, avatars, TCG cards, and even boasting a theme day dedicated to her, Fyora is one of the most recognizable and widely renowned figures in Neopia. Some have even gone as far to imitate her famous purple hairstyle, gown and staff. Many have come to love and adore her beauty and the city she rules over.

Dr. Frank Sloth

Many are loyal minions - Others cringe at his green skin and bad hair. (Did I say that out loud?) However you view Sloth, his villainous presence goes far from unnoticed in Neopia. Similar to Fyora, Sloth has starred in games, plots, and items - He also has an appreciation day and several avatars dedicated to him. Sloth is also be associated with several seemingly innocent things, including Neocola and Grundos. Although it seems unlikely that he will ever succeed in his plans for Neopian domination, he is not to be underestimated. Doctor Sloth has many enthusiastic admirers and haters alike.

Giant Omelette

Nearly every Neopian makes the journey each day, without fail, to the summit of the Tyrannian Plateau. This is in order to receive their ration of free omelette. Somehow we pet owners manage to ignore the fact that this giant monster-egg has been cooking on the dusty ground in the blazing sun for days at a time, and we take a slice to bring home to our Neopets. For this reason is it recognizable and widely appreciated as a source of free dinners. Whether it was rotten or covered with tasty toppings, what Neopet hasn't had at least one hearty serving of old-fashioned Neopian omelette?

The Altador Cup

This large sports event has attracted much attention from Neopians everywhere. The heated competition gives team members a sense of unity, while at the same time, it also brings Neopians together to enjoy the sport. Undoubtedly for many users, The Altador Cup is symbolic of the summer months spent honing Yooyuball skills, throwing Slushies around, popping eyeball veins, and getting sore throats. Whether the events are considered grueling or easy to the individual, most Neopians pitch in to support their team of choice. Neopians may also spend the weeks speculating on the results, proclaiming that their team is awesome using lame puns, and showing their support with excessive amounts of team paraphernalia. Among this fan base you can find diehard team supporters, dedicated Yooyuball scorers, last minute bandwagon-jumpers, slushie ninjas, and screaming blue Techos. Victors of the Altador Cup are rewarded with a beautiful trophy and the glory (read: bragging rights) of coming in first place.

Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes have always been sought-after by owners looking to pamper and improve their pets. Neopets sporting trendy and ravishing looks often owe their appearance to a dip in the Rainbow Pool, coupled with a coat from an expensive Paint Brush. For Neopians, the term "paint brush" has been dramatically altered. It no longer means an artist's weapon of choice. It has come to mean (and sometimes is it permanently associated in people's brains) fancifully-colored pets, wealth, and oftentimes a lofty social status.


Like an egg, but also quite different, "[a] Negg is a Neopian delicacy." This delicious and often beautiful fruit has its own Faerie guardian, who spends her days growing and trading Neggs in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain. Neggs are also associated with Springtime festivities in Neopia, as well as the Easter Cybunny, who brings painted Neggs to lucky Neopians. Coming in all colors, patterns and designs -- also featured in many different recipes, decorations and adornments -- the Negg is an enchantingly versatile food that is unique to the land of Neopia.


This once obscure vegetable has gained much popularity in Neopia due to one of the site's original creators, Adam (a.k.a. Number Six) having a great love and adoration for its green, stalky goodness. Although it may be smelly, asparagus is the feature of many items, some of which are less than edible. When you have asparagus, the possibilities are endless! the A tribute to this mighty veggie is also visible on the "About Us" page, where asparagus is priced at a hefty Neopoint sum per kilogram.


Who could forget the Meepit? Their wide, looming gaze that bores into your very soul, the glistening razor-sharp-- The charmingly cute and cuddly Meepits deserve your utter servitude. All your Juppie Juice are belong to us.

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