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The Quiggler's Quest

by princesskatiejo


When the Quiggler was just a wee lad, his parents had high hopes for him. They knew he would one day do great things. Everyone's parents probably think this very thing, but no one could deny that Quiggler was special. He was so clever, even when he was said to be too young to accomplish a specific thing, he'd prove them all wrong. Whether it was taking his first steps, speaking his first words, or swimming across the pond for the first time. He was truly gifted, which would help him out greatly, later on down the road.

      Time seemed to fly by so swiftly in Neopia, before anyone knew it, Quiggler was turning five years old. That might seem young, but in Quiggle years, that's a milestone. He was becoming an adult. His parents threw him a lavish party, with giant balloons, a huge cake filled with the biggest flies you've ever seen, and delicious punch. There were so many guests, you could tell Quiggler was liked by everyone.

      Just as the party was in full swing, you could hear a loud cry way off in the distance. As the noise got closer, you could see the panic on the faces of all the guests. Just as everyone was starting to scatter in search of a place to take shelter, it was too late. A giant, dark as night bird landed right in the middle of the party. They had all heard of this monstrosity before. It was the ancient Pteri, Dronac. Without hesitation, he swiftly grabbed Quiggler's parents up in his beak, and flew off into the night. Just as quickly as he had arrived, he was gone.

      Quiggler was understandably distraught, and was just trying to understand the events that had just taken place. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by all his guests, all of them having a different opinion of what to do next. Some were saying they should run, some were saying they should hunt down the beast. It was very clear where Quiggler would stand on the subject. He couldn't just stand around and do nothing. He had to go save his parents. He knew the giant Pteri towered over his small stature, but that didn't matter. He would find a way to succeed. He had to.

      Quiggler knew he needed help in preparing for his journey, and the obstacles that lie ahead. He decided he should visit with one of the town elders, and the wisest one at that. His name is Blythe, and he's been known to not only possess some magical powers, but also for offering powerful blessings for town folk who are facing difficulties.

      He crept into the small cavern where Blythe lives, and quietly called out to him, to announce his arrival. Blythe emerged from a corner, and welcomed him to his home. Quiggler explained what happened, and Blythe listened attentively, with no interruptions. When the facts had been divulged, he told Quiggler that he would gladly help him, because he too understands what it's like to have loved ones taken away. Legend has it that Blythe's family had been carried away by a gang of angry Skeith's a few years back. Blythe lit a fire, gathered some supplies, and settled in a relaxed pose on the floor.

      He explained to Quiggler of the hardships he might face, traveling in the deep, dark woods where the Pteri is said to live. He gave Quiggler a thin, brown, leather strand that had three very delicate looking charms attached. He explained that the green stone was for luck, the blue stone was for powerful endurance, and the red stone was for clever thoughts. He said the stones were created with magic, and would help him greatly.

      Blythe also said that Quiggler must from now on think of himself as a warrior. He must be confident, agile, strong, witty, and persistent. He said the first step would be to choose a warrior name. Quiggler didn't really like the idea of giving up the name his parents gave him, so Blythe made a suggestion. "Why not just call yourself The Quiggler? It sounds powerful, and you won't give up your given name at all!" So The Quiggler was born, a warrior sent out into the darkness to retrieve his beloved parents. Wise old Blythe meditated as The Quiggler departed, sending many blessings to him, hoping he would one day see him again.

      As The Quiggler navigated his way through the rough terrain, he thought of all the things Blythe told him, and clutched to his charms he was given. Just as he was about to reach the top of a large cliff, he heard the loud cry of the Pteri. That was Dronac, alright. The Quiggler started moving as quick as he could in the direction of the cackling. A trip he thought would be incredibly long was cut short by Dronac taunting him, from what seemed like a stones throw from the village.

      As The Quiggler cautiously approached a large, dark cave, he thought his ear was playing tricks on him. He heard soft weeping coming from the depths of the cave, and could swear it was his parents. Just as he was about to sprint forward to check it out, Dronac plunged down from the sky, and landed right in his path. The Quiggler did not retreat. He did not shiver or shake. He stood before the beast, and looked straight into his eyes.

     "I see you were brave enough to venture out in search of your parents, boy," said Dronac. The Quiggler thought for a moment, before speaking, and decided instead of conversing with this beast, he would start the war that was inevitable. The Quiggler leapt forward with his sword, and threatened the Pteri. Dronac was surprised by the courage of The Quiggler. Never had he seen a Quiggler with such power. The Quiggler noticed that his charms were working. He felt so powerful. Clever. Full of energy. He knew he would leave this cave with his family. Dronac was going to lose.

      Dronac noticed the look of confidence on The Quiggler’s face. There was no visible sign of doubt, or fear. The Pteri wasn’t used to such a thing; he always made the small, weak creatures of these lands flee, or bow at his feet. After he studied The Quiggler for a few moments, he came to the decision that he had earned his respect, and it was time to turn his parents back over to their son. The Quiggler was humble, even though Dronac cowered before him. He thanked the giant Pteri, and offered him a peace offering: his sword. He knew he no longer needed it, because he had succeeded in his quest. He was a hero!

      The Quiggler and his parents made the journey back to their awaiting village, and Blythe was the first to greet them. He congratulated The Quiggler on his success, and insisted it was due to his own skills, rather than any magic of blessings he might have contributed. The Quiggler knew this to be a falsehood, but he didn't argue. All that mattered in that moment was he was home, and so was his family. They could all get back to their lives, and would never take each other for granted again!

The End

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