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How to Survive the Usuki Doll Convention

by yayzz_1245


The Usuki Doll Convention is an event long awaited by fans for the entire year. During the month of Hiding, Usuki fans eagerly await the release and showcases of some of the rarest Usukis. Hoards of screaming fans often make their pilgrimage to the convention yearly. But for a new timer, the aspect of the cry of thousands of small girls isn’t a very pleasant situation to face. But with this guide, your journey to the Usuki Doll Convention won’t result in prolonged deafness or stiff legs the next day, and will hopefully result in the enjoyment of such a convention.

Phase One: The Queue.

Waiting for tickets can be a daunting task; hundreds of feet of people lined up for a ticket to the convention isn’t the most agreeable thought. However, there is one sure way to combat this; arrive at the convention before the crowds dawn on the ticket booth. Arriving around a day before the convention is the best way to ensure a quick and easy entry into the convention. By doing this, you avoid the crowds caused by the families, as well as other denominations in the Neopian public. Your only contestants should be the die-hard Usuki fans; though there may be quite a lot, many won’t be willing to camp the night out in front of the convention centre. You however, will. Phase One: complete.

Phase 2: The screaming children.

While journeying and browsing your way through the Usuki Convention, you will no doubt be met by the frequent troop of screaming girls, gasping and marvelling at the new Usuki releases. There’re not many sure-fire ways to deal with this, but some do work. Bringing a new set of ear muffs designed for industrial loudness noise is one way to deal with it. And hey, it may even spark a new fashion trend for the revellers at the convention, and you could listen peacefully to your Chomby and the Fungus Balls CD as well. However, wacky fashion aside, they aren’t really a good look. Instead, try a hat stuffed and lined with Gnorbu wool, or perhaps dress up as an Usuki Defender, complete with armour. Often, these items of clothing are a very effective way on tuning down the harsh and often ear piercing screams of the girls running through Usuki Doll Convention. Phase 2: complete.

Phase 3: Exhaustion and tiredness.

Browsing the Usuki Convention can be a tiresome process; so many stalls, shops and displays to look and marvel at. You could be on your feet for several hours in one go, at any given time. Any seat provided by the organisers would soon be taken by the elderly, or by the families stopping for a while. So basically, all the places where you could potentially rest your feet have been taken. Though it may seem like a never-ending eternity of standing up, the task at hand is not that daunting. One way to do this is to simply sit down on the spot. Though it may ask a variety of questions from the surrounding people, all they can do is judge you. Now, if you don’t like being judged, then this method is best not to be done. If what people think of you doesn’t matter, then go ahead! No one is going to stop you from resting your feet for a few seconds, and if need be, minutes. Also, sitting on various objects, such as rubbish bins, potted plants or if need be, the counter is an option for the tired and weary Usuki enthusiast. Phase 3: complete.

Phase 4: Spending on Usukis.

Usukis at the Usuki Doll convention are often highly exclusive. However, despite their collectability, these demand a high price at the shops. Many people seek such Usukis, and there is an extremely high demand for them. To make sure that you don’t fall short of such opportunities, carrying the right amount of money on hand is needed. As for the very rare and exclusive Usukis go, they may command up to 150,000 Neopoints a doll. Despite this high price, these Usukis usually sell for millions after the convention has finished. Finding a bargain is all part of the Usuki Doll Convention, and losing one due to a lack of Neopoints on hand is one sure way to ruin your experience at the convention. So, to be on the safe side, carry at least 150,000 Neopoints on hand for every Usuki you wish to buy. Phase 4: complete.

Phase 5: Buying Usukis.

Over the intercom, you hear the words. “The (insert rare Usuki name here) is being sold for a limited time in stall (insert stall number here) in (insert number of minutes) minutes!” You realise suddenly “Oh no! It’s on the other side of the convention!” Now, there are two ways to deal with this tricky situation. Either you can sprint across the convention, becoming extremely tired as a result, and possibly missing out the release anyway. However, there is another way. A Transporter Helmet can come in handy; all you have to do is put it on, and wham. Go wherever you want to go! One of the Space Station’s better inventions, this can get you to the stall that’s selling the rare Usukis in a blink of an eye. Phase 5: complete.

Final Phase: Leaving.

So, the Usuki Doll Convention is about to close, but you still HAVE to get the last Usuki being released this year! You’re waiting for its release, but you fear that it has already been released and its only release date was today. Do not spend the rest of your life at the Usuki Doll Convention just because of this. After all, it’s only an Usuki Doll... “BUT I NEED THAT USUKI DOLL” I hear you say. So, here is another solution; as soon as you can, go to the Mystery Island Trading Post and search your Usuki. There will probably be one for sale, and if you can, buy that one as soon as possible! And besides, there is life beyond the walls of the Usuki Doll Convention and Usuki Dolls. There will always be a next year, anyway. Final phase: complete.

So there you have it. A complete guide to surviving this year’s Usuki Doll Convention. Oh, and before I forget... hope you enjoy the convention as well!

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