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9 Steps To Become Petpetsitter Champion

by shady_lanem


GAMES ROOM - Ever dream of owning an avatar or gold trophy in Petpetsitter? Getting frustrated because you don’t have the technique and skill? Keep asking others with the high scores what to do? Well, it’s not likely that you’re not good at the game, but the problem is that you have a lack of understanding of the basics. Petpetsitter is not a hard and boring game as described by many users. Just by playing Petpetsitter, it can actually improve your hand movement with the mouse, giving you an advantage when you play first person shooter games. Anyway, here are 9 steps that will lead you to attaining a gold statue of GX-4 Oscillabot in your trophy cabinet.

Step 1

It is advisable that you use a smaller window before you start playing the game. Sizes of small or normal are much more desirable. As I said before, the idea is all about the speed of the game. Of course you can do it easier and more comfortable if you use the extra large size screen. You can move the mouse more freely. But there are disadvantages if you’re targeting for the trophy. At the beginning of the game it runs smoothly. But once you reach about 2,000 to 3,000 points, it will suffer slowdown. When the number of petpets start to increase, you will need a longer time to achieve the score you desire.

A smaller screen run more quickly, but the risk of losing is higher as the times given for each petpet will end much faster.

Small screen : Game runs faster, risk of losing is higher.

Large screen : Game runs slower, risk of losing is lower.

If you choose a screen other than full size, there is one tip I find very useful. Before you start playing, move your window to the left or right. If left, try to cover up half of the kitchen until it is not visible on your monitor. When you pull a petpet to the kitchen, it is much easier as you don’t have to stop your mouse in the middle of the kitchen door. This is the same thing for the right side which is the bathroom door.

Step 2

In the game, make sure you are familiar with, and that you memorize all the doors involved. There are certain doors which are larger and take up a wider space around the room such as the garage and garden door. As for the bedroom door, try to aim at the center and be precise with your target.

Upper left west ceiling : Kitchen

Left side north ceiling : Garden door

Centre north ceiling : Garage

Right side north ceiling : Bedroom door

Upper right east ceiling : Bathroom door

Step 3

Before you start aiming for the highest scores, it is advisable to practice a few rounds first. This is important as it helps to loosen your hands from trembling when holding the mouse. Besides that, your hands movement will be much more flexible. Your reflex action while grabbing the petpets will become more accurate and faster. The size of the mouse will also affect your movement. A normal sized mouse is more comfort than a tiny one. For those who perspire easily when holding a mouse, wearing a glove might do the trick.

Step 4

This is all about sounds. Every time you play the game, please make sure you have turned on your computer sound system. The sounds that the petpets make can help you to indicate which type of petpet it is and which location it needs to go. For example, when you hear snoring sounds, you can bet the petpet needs to go to the bedroom. This is quite an easy sound to locate as all the petpets have almost the same sounds of snoring. Obviously, each petpet has the sounds of their own original species (from their appearance). If you want to be very sure of every sound that they made, you can try recording them and save it onto your desktop.

Step 5

In conjunction with the sounds, you have to master all the acts of every petpet when they are stopped too. This might be the hardest part of the game as you will easily misplace them if you’re not aware enough, which will also lose 5 points per petpet. From that you will lose a lot of time grabbing it again to the right door and head for the next one. Don’t pull the petpet too fast to the door as it might stick on the mouse when you release your finger from the button. Each petpet has their own action when they are stopped. Some express their needs by their eyes and tail. Below is a brief action of every petpet.


Bathroom : Shaking and perspiring.

Bedroom : A sign of ‘zzz’ on the head.

Kitchen : Licking

Garden : Wagging the tail.

GX-4 Oscillabot and Roaderie 1000

If they are stopped, there is only one place for them. The Garage.


Kitchen : Licking

Garden : Wagging the tail.

Bedroom : Signs of ‘zzz’ on the head.

Bathroom : Perspiring, shaking and closing its legs.


Kitchen : Licking and putting its hands on its stomach.

Bedroom : Signs of ‘zzz’ on the head.

Garden : Waving its hands.

Bathroom : Shaking, perspiring and sad expression.


Kitchen : Licking

Garden : Wagging its ears.

Bedroom : Signs of ‘zzz’

Bathroom : Shaking and perspiring.

Step 6

Concentrate on the game. Timing is also very important in the game as you only have 5 attempts. First of all, aim for the petpet that appears first. It is not likely that it will stop first as it depends on the speed that they move. Faster moving petpets are more likely to stop earlier. When the game begins to get more intense (more and more petpets come out), you will have to spot the ones which have lesser times to spare (when the number turns red). The times given start from 20 to 15 to 10 seconds. Don’t try to grab petpets that are completely blocked by other petpets. Just give it up and aim for the next one to come.

Step 7

Keep your stability in the game. You are only given 5 attempts without opportunity for an extra life or some sort. The trick is to hold onto the 5 attempts for as long as you can until certain scores. As I have practiced this game for a while, I manage to score over 2,000 points without missing a single petpet. Remember! Don’t look at the score while you are playing the game. It will distract your focus. My advice is to keep on track until 2,000 to 3,000 points. After that amount, less petpets will stop at a time and that gives you more time to grab them.

After scoring a few thousand points, you will notice that the petpets are walking in a ‘V’ shape around the room. Focus your eyes on the opening spaces where petpets are more likely to keep you busy. This is where the mighty mop comes in. You must take out this weapon only at the beginning of the game and when you reach 2,000 points. While waiting for the petpets that need help, you can clean up the mess. This will help you to gain points more quickly.

Step 8

Patience, patience, patience! I know you will get very frustrated when you reach few thousand points. The game runs slower and slower, and you keep clicking the mouse for a very long time. If your goal is around 50,000 points, you need to play the game for about 2 to 3 hours (depend on your modem speed). It’s enough to knock you out! Anyway, if you’re eager to put that gold trophy in your trophy cabinet, patience is what this game all about (other than the speed).

Step 9

I have investigated the high scores table for the past few months and found out that the scores were between 15,000 to 30,000 points (from position No. 1 to No. 18 of course). One other thing, look at the first position in the table before you start the game. Try to beat that score by at least 10k or more so that there is a big gap between the first and second position. Bear in mind that you won’t receive the trophy right away. You have to stay in the top 3 for one whole day before the gold trophy is sent to your trophy cabinet (if no other users beat your score).

As for the conclusion, these steps are followed up one by one in a way, I guess. If you practice these steps, the trophy will be in your profile in a very short time.

1. Smaller window size and adjust the screen in the best position.

2. Examine what every door is for.

3. Practice movement of your hands.

4. Familiarize yourself with every petpets sounds.

5. Knows every petpets actions.

6. Concentrate on your game.

7. Keep all 5 throughout the game.

8. Be patient.

9. Beat highest scores by at least 10,000 points

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