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Beauty and the Xweetoks: Part Two

by st83_star174


"Well?" May asked.

     "Cool," Angela said to her new island Xweetok reflection.

     "It's like before, only painted so that you fit in better." The pink Xweetok smiled.

     "Yeah," Jen (who was newly spotted) cheered.

     "I think it looks great on you, Ang." Vanilla smiled.

     The four Xweetoks were sitting in May's underground Xweetok Crew clubhouse (directly above was Angela's bedroom).

     "So, what're we gonna do about lunch duty with the Uni Crew?" May asked.

     It'd only been a little over a week since the Xweetok Crew was part of the Uni Crew and it felt a little strange for her to be saying 'Uni Crew' when talking about the enemy.

     "I say we just ditch out on it," Vanilla suggested.

     "Not smart, V," Jen pointed out. "We could be suspended."

     "Yeah, that wasn't your best plan," Angela noted.

     "Well... how about we explain to the school that they were sitting at our reserved table and that's why we pushed their trays over?" Jen asked.

     "Brilliant!" May shouted.

     "It helps to have a friend who reads the rulebook." The spotted Xweetok walked over to the vanity and pumped some glittery lotus lotion onto her paws.

     "This year's edition, right?" May asked.

     "Yup." Jen pulled it off the bookshelf.

     "How long have we had that here?" May asked.

     "I dunno." Vanilla shrugged.

     "HELP, HELP, HELP!" Nicole Crystalline (May's owner) exclaimed, running down into the clubhouse.

     "Mom, we're having a MEETING!" May scoffed.

     "This is serious!" Nicole protested.

     "What, did the Neopian Times get discontinued?" the pink Xweetok asked.

     "No, but the Times says that there are 100,000 pets in the pound!" Nicole replied.

     "It's too bad we can't do anything about it," May replied, "because I would just LOVE to have another pet in the family."

     "That's it!" Nicole exclaimed.

     "What's it?" May asked.

     "Put some shoes and a coat on, May," Nicole began, "because we're going to the pound."

     "But, Mom, I have friends over!" The pink Xweetok motioned to the other Xweetoks.

     "Girls, why don't you come over tomorrow?" Nicole asked.

     The Xweetoks knew better than to argue.

     It might be cool to have another Xweetok in the family, May thought. An older sister would be cool.


     "Welcome to the pound," the pink Uni replied. "May I help you?"

     "May and I are here to adopt a pet," Nicole replied.

     May had learned that the pound was divided into three classes – rich, ok, and poor. The rich pets got a bedroom all to themselves. The poor pets got a kennel, and the ok pets got a room with another "ok" roommate.

     "Come with me," the Uni replied, "and I will take you to the central pound area."

     After five minutes of walking and explaining, Nicole started dragging May to the kennels.

     "Why are we adopting a poor pet?" May asked.

     "Because we are here to rescue pets," Nicole replied, "and these pets are the neediest."

     "Excessive humanitarian," May muttered.

     "What was that?" Nicole asked.

     "I said, uh, I wonder if there are any vegetarians," May replied.

     "Let's start with you." Nicole walked over to a kennel.

     The tiny index card in the corner read Summer. Inside was a yellow Usul cuddling a yellow Usul plushie on a sleeping bag and pillow. She was eating gruel and drinking water.

     "You poor thing!" Nicole exclaimed.

     "Emphasis on poor," May muttered.

     "What was that?" Nicole asked.

     "I said, she looks about four," May replied.

     "I'm five, actually," Summer replied, "and I go to the pound's Kindergarten program."

     "Why did your owner leave you here?" Nicole asked.

     "My first one left me because she was too poor to take care of me," Summer explained, "and the other one stole my petpet and disowned me again."

     May could see a look in Summer's brown eyes – a look she didn't like. The look that she gave Nicole when she was telling a big lie.

     "We'll come back to you," Nicole sighed.

     Two hours of interviewing the kennel pets and two hours of 'we'll come back to you' was enough for May. The only Xweetok there was a blue one named Barry, who threw his gruel out of the kennel and it landed on May. Finally, another half hour, and Nicole came back to Summer.

     "Oh, good," Summer replied, "I was awaiting your return."

     "Get your things, Summer," Nicole said, "you're coming home with us."

     "Will you buy me a new Doglefox on the way home? I miss my old one," Summer replied.

     "Of course, dear," Nicole cooed, "we'll even stop for ice cream."

     "Soy ice cream," May corrected.

     "Well, May will get soy, but you can get whatever you want, because it doesn't say you're vegan on the kennel door," Nicole explained.

     "I'm not," Summer replied, "but I do try to limit my candy. I maintain a healthy diet."

     "Okay, then," Nicole replied, "we'll get you anything you want."

     "Will you read lots of books to me and play with me?" Summer asked.

     "Yes, of course," Nicole replied, motioning the pink Uni to unlock the door. "In fact, May has a club that she'd be happy to let you join."

     "You mean the XWEETOK crew?" May asked.

     "I thought that was the Xweetok Fan Club." Nicole sighed. "You never know with May anymore."

     "And... uh... we don't have room for another member," May replied, "but I'm sure we can go shopping and enlarge the clubhouse. We were planning on expanding it."

     "That sounds great," Summer exclaimed, hopping out of the kennel.

     "We'll go shopping for furniture on the way home," Nicole explained, "and some things we can get from storage. Until the contractors finish your room, you'll have to stay in May's."

     "WHAT!?" May exclaimed, both shocked and angry.

     "You heard me," Nicole replied. "I'll put Summer's bed and night table in the corner."

     "But that's where Bella's bed and toy chest are!" May exclaimed, referring to her Christmas Faellie.

     "That's right!" Nicole exclaimed. "Summer, you don't mind sleeping in a cot for a few days, do you?"

     "Where is BELLA supposed to sleep?" May asked.

     "I don't mind, Mom," Summer replied.

     "Bella will sleep in the petpet barn for a few days. You will move some things into her corner in there and her favorite toys from the toy-box, which will serve as a night table for now."

     "Fine," May sighed.

     It was going to be hard to become more popular with Summer in the way.


      "All right, this will have to be our clubhouse for now." Tess unlocked the door to the attic. "But I'm sure with some redecorating and a few renovations it'll be just as good as May's."

     The attic was brick, just like the rest of Tess's Faerieland home, but it smelled of mould and wet wood while the rest of the house smelled like cinnamon baked apples.

     "Remind me to spray some Fyora airspray around here tonight," the faerie Uni noted.

     "If I can still smell by then." Starr pinched her nose.

     "I have some furniture in storage," Tess said to the empty room, "and some decorations. At least the natural lighting is great."

     "Get the airspray while you're at it," Tori said. "It smells like my little brother's backpack."

     Great – Tori had an annoying little brother. Just like Angela (although she was technically May's transferred sister now, even though her family was still staying on the Crystalline family's property).

     This was going to be Xweetok Crew Part Two.


     May slid open the wooden divider and un-hooked the petpet sling carrier. A water bottle and food fountain were on the wall. In between two hay bales was a playpen lined with pink pillows. May's best friends Jen Sanders the spotted Xweetok and Angela Anderson the island Xweetok helped empty the plushies and toys into the playpen. May placed Bella on top of the plushies and hung the carrier on the wall hook.

     "Don't worry, baby," May sighed, "this is only temporary."

     "E-hem," Jen and Angela held out their paws, waiting for a tip.

     May gave them each 10,000 Neopoints.

     Skittles, Summer's Doglefox, was asleep on May's bed.

     "GET YOUR MUTT OF MY BED!" May exclaimed.

     "Sorry," Summer replied.

     She scooped up Skittles and placed him in the petpet bed.

     "Mom says that you once shared your room with that girl Angela that lives downstairs," Summer explained, "so why are you upset about sharing it with me?"

     May sighed and explained everything in about three and a half minutes.

     "What was the part about Bella destroying your room?" Summer asked.

     "Bella and Krystal? Oh, nothing, just a little something that – "

     Krystal was Angela's blue Angelpuss.

     "There's this place that trains out-of-control petpets," Summer explained, "and it might be good for Bella and Krystal."

     "Are you saying that Bella is out of control?" May asked.

     "Oh, gosh no!" Summer replied. "I'm saying simply that Bella and Krystal should go to an obedience class to learn that stuff like that is wrong."

     "I like my plushie system very much the way it is," May replied.

     "No, no, this would be much better!" Summer exclaimed. "I'll go tell Mom!"

     May pounded her fist against the nearest surface. How could her life change so dramatically in so short a span of time?

To be continued...

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