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Article Spies - Techo Fanatic

by water_park1993


Also by birdinggal

Scene: Altador, eleven o'clock in the morning. A lone figure walks through the crowded streets on their way to the Colosseum. It is none other than Christos. But why is he alone? Where is Birdy, his fellow reporter? The answer is simple. Yesterday, Christos received a message from Birdy instructing him to meet her at the Colosseum in-between eleven and twelve o'clock.

Anyway, now that Christos has reached his destination, it was time to find Birdy. It wasn't hard. After all, it isn't exactly hard to spot her in the stands, as loud as she is screaming and as much as she is waving her Kreludor team hand in the air.

Weaving his way through the crowds, Christos makes his way towards Birdy, who is standing next to the Techo Fanatic.

Christos (while holding his hands over his ears in an attempt to preserve his hearing): Birdy?

Birdy: *stops to take a breath* Hi, Christos! The Techo Fanatic and I are having a screaming contest! Whoever passes out first loses!

Techo Fanatic: No, whoever passes out first wins!

Birdy: No, they lose!

Techo Fanatic: Win!

Birdy: Lose!

At this point, they go face-to-face and get into another screaming match. Finally, after about five minutes, the Techo Fanatic passes out.

Birdy: Yay! I won! I won! *happydance*

Christos: *removes his hands from his ears* *mutters* Finally... Let's go somewhere less noisy.

Birdy: Sure, let's go have a slushie!

So our friends leave the Colosseum and head towards the Slushie Slinger Stand, where a red Tuskaninny is serving slushies to different angry customers.

Christos: Two Chokato, please!

Tuskaninny: Certainly, here they come!

Birdy: *has a sip* Yummy! Let's sit here.

Christos: So what was important that you wanted to tell me?

Birdy: What do you mean by that? *is playing with the straw*

Christos: You know, all the "Meet me between eleven and twelve o'clock" business. I hope it's important!

Birdy: Oh, oh that! I found our newest victim! *winks at Christos*

Here, Christos stops drinking his slushie and gets his pad out, with a half-bitten pencil.

Christos: Who is it?

Birdy whispers something into Christos' ear. It's vivid that he is not happy about this. Not happy at all!

Christos: Are you insane? ...On second thought, don't answer that...

Birdy: Come on, Christos! It'll be fun!

Christos: ..."Fun"? Fun like the time we spied on Illusen?

Birdy: Exactly! That kind of fun. *grins*

At this point, the pink Hissi at the front of the line that had formed behind Christos and Birdy spoke up.



Christos: *takes hold of Birdy's arm, worriedly staring at the line of disgruntled customers* Er, they have a point. Let's move outside and finish our slushies.

So our two reporters do just that.

Christos: At last, quiet. So like I was saying, this is crazy. I mean, spying on the Techo Fanatic? Why?

Birdy: Well, I heard he really supports team Kreludor - which I can totally believe, seeing how awesome they are and all - and I just want to prove it! Plus, find out some secrets to tell Neopia. We can't forget that.

Christos: *mutters* No, of course not.

The reporters fall silent, each lost in their own thoughts for a few moments. Then Birdy speaks.

Birdy: *takes a slurp of slushie then starts playing with the straw again* Hey, Christos?

Christos: Yes?

Birdy: What do you think that Tuskaninny does with all the used slushie cups? After all, the customers just throw them back at her when they're done with them. Does she even wash them between uses?

Christos froze, his slushie half-way to his mouth. Birdy, eyes large, licked her lips, and Christos swallows. Both reporters were now gazing with concern at their cups.

Christos: I... Suddenly, I don't think I want to finish my slushie...

Birdy: Me either...

So our reporters cast a quick, furtive glance around, and, after throwing their slushies away, hurry off to the Colosseum.


Christos is pacing back and forth in the Colosseum, and Birdy is sitting on a bench watching him.

Christos: Are you sure this is a good idea, Birdy? Really sure?

Birdy: *shocked* You don't believe me?

Christos: No.

Birdy: Well... it will be fun! *big, big smile*

Christos: You keep saying that, and it worries me. Why do you keep saying it'll be fun?

Birdy: *staring at the sky* That cloud looks just like a the Yurble Janitor... hey, I wonder which team he supports! Let go ask--

Christos: *grabs the back of Birdy's shirt* N-O. No. Let's just focus on our current vic-- err... Let's just focus on spying on the Techo Fanatic, okay?

Birdy: *somewhat pouty* Okay... *sighs*

Christos: *suddenly gasps* Birdy, hide!

Birdy: Huh? What? Wh--hey!

This last comment was a result of Christos grabbing Birdy and shoving her behind the bench. The reason for this was the Techo Fanatic was leaving the Colosseum and headed their way.

Christos: *creeping out of hiding* Well, that was close.

Birdy: C'mon, Christos! Let's follow him!

And with that, Birdy scampered in the direction the Techo went, and Christos had no choice but to follow her.

Birdy: *whispering* There he is. He's headed for that weird closet-looking thing. ...Let's get closer.

Christos: *whispers back* Let's not. We have a good hiding spot here, so we can see when he leaves.

Birdy: *excited whisper* Then we can sneak in that room and see what he's hiding!

Christos: *closing Birdy's mouth* Now stay quiet!

After some endless five minutes, when Birdy had formed a large enough hole with her hands, in the soil from boredom, the Techo decided to get out. He had a joyful smile up in his face. He moved passed them without looking down; he surely had much in his head!

Birdy: Now, let's get in!

Christos: *moves closer* It's unlocked. He must have been thinking of something else and left this open.

Birdy: *gets in and is stunt in awe* ALL BOW TO FYORA, THE GREATEST FAERIE QUEEN!

Christos: *follows Birdy and is also stunt* What is-- HOLY KAU!

The whole closet was decorated in purple and orange, the colours of Kreludor. Different posters of different players, mostly Derlyn Fonnet. Lamps, curtains and rugs, with Kreludor and other purple-and-orange stuff.

Birdy: I knew it! The Techo Fanatic is on our side!

Christos: *notes it down* So, is he faking to be supporting other teams?

Birdy: Who knows? But at least we know that he has a special feeling towards Kreludor. *winks*

Christos: Where do you think he was heading to?

Birdy: *gets out while holding Kreludor Team Water Bottle* KRELUDOR FOR THE CUP!

Christos: *follows out* Relax! We must find the Techo, though...

After some wandering here and there, they spotted the Techo in the Colosseum, in the Teams' lounge. The door was open and Birdy with Christos were looking inside, quietly. All the players were in, chatting, drinking their coffee in a friendly atmosphere. Only sometimes a Darigan player would make a gesture with no one laughing and then a Roo Island player would make the whole room burst in laughter! In a corner, though, the Techo was chatting with a Kreludor player.

Birdy: There he is! He is giving a piece of paper to Coco Metrone.

Christos: The Ogrin is writing something on it... Oh my, look how excited the Techo appears!

Birdy: *cries* He is giving him an autograph, I want one too!

Christos: Well, maybe you can later, when we're done spying...

Birdy: *eyes dry* Okay!

Christos: Well, are we done for this time, do you think?

Birdy: I believe we are.


Scene: Altador, eleven o'clock in the morning. Two reporters - Birdy and Christos - are in the Altadorian Colosseum, watching the match between Teams Virtupets and Shenkuu.

Birdy: I still can't believe that the Techo Fanatic really supports Kreludor! I mean, I always had my suspicions, but to have them confirmed... *starry-eyed*

Birdy's voice trailed off as she looked to her left. In the next section of seats over, front row, sat the Techo Fanatic, waving a Team Virtupets flag for all he was worth while simultaneously screaming his lungs out.

Birdy: *gasps* Christos, look!

Christos: *glances over at the Fanatic* So, he's supporting Virtupets. What's the big deal?

Birdy: What's the big-- HE SUPPORTS KRELUDOR, NOT VIRTUPETS! Why, I oughta... *gets to her feet and stomps over to the Fanatic*

Christos: *groans* Oh, great... *follows Birdy*


Techo Fanatic: *scowls* YAHHHHHH! DOWN WITH KRELUDOR!

Birdy: *gasps as her eyes grow huge* *eyes suddenly narrow* WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ANYWAY?

Christos: *grabs Birdy by the shoulders and steers her back towards their seats* Now, Birdy. Just because someone insults the team you support doesn't mean you have to...

Christos' voice trailed off as he looked into the playing field, just in time to see Mirsha Grelinek score the game's first goal for Team Shenkuu. But before Christos could open his mouth in celebration, an angry voice came from behind them.


Christos: ...On second thought, Birdy, have at him. *releases Birdy*

Birdy promptly sprinted towards the Techo and tackled him to the ground. Fans stopped their cheering as the watched the famous blue Techo running for his life through the stands, an angry human girl following him and shouting something about new Spooky Foods. Their shouting became so loud, that even the two teams on the field stopped and stared at them.

Christos watched with amusement, until he spotted something gold underneath the chair where the Techo usually sat.

Christos: What's this? *pulls it out* Why, it's a Team Shenkuu Jersey! What's he doing with it? This just keeps getting more and more complicated. I guess we'll never know who he really supports. *shrugs and goes back to his seat*

And so ends another round of spying.

Fyora help us all...

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