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Acara Pride: The Top 5!

by zinkidy_dink


A short article in awe of the Acara species.

The Acara population is around 9.5 million, in a respectable 9th place in the most popular neopet species competition. These amphibious creatures are amazing swimmers and their curious nature makes them inquisitive and questioning, marking them fast learners and incredibly clever.

There’s no questioning the love for the Acara population. Many Acaras have made their mark on Neopian history which has shaped and sculptured the way modern Neopia exists today. From the good to the bad, there’s no limit on who to admire or who to fear; certainly no shortages of heroes and heroines, villains and criminals, in the Acara species. There are hundreds of famous Acara role models in Neopia, but this article runs through the five most popular Acaras in all of Neopian history, as voted for by you, the great Neopian public!

1. Ylana Skyfire

Undoubtedly the most influential Acara to ever walk Neopia, Miss Skyfire is not exactly what you would call a role model, but she’s one of the most dominant Neopians of all time. Ylana hasn’t always been in the good books of Neopian law; she shot to fame two years ago as a bounty hunter recruited by Sloth and his minions; her job: to annihilate the Cybunny Scout. She scared the world with her blasters and her weapons; no one in Neopia was safe with Ylana around. Despite attempting to help Sloth rise to power, she has never been short of fans. With her own Ylanas Blaster, Ylana Collectors Helmet and Ylana Skyfire Ice Cream Sundae, whether you are an avid Battledome fighter, a Neocash addict, or a gourmet gorger, Ylana’s merchandise has something for you! Ylana’s feistiness has been recognised and rewarded; voted best villain of 2008, she beat her boss to the title, shocking Neopia and overthrowing Sloth as the new super villain. There’s nothing can stop this Acara from becoming the best Acara we love to hate.

2. Princess Fernypoo

This article would not be complete without a special mention to the adorable Princess Fernypoo, by far the most manipulative neopet that has ever existed. No matter how much we think we hate her, we will always have a soft spot for her. Despite her short fuse and her explosive temper, Princess Fernypoo has wormed her way into the world’s hearts and her competitive nature makes her incredibly successful, winning her a permanent place as a competitor in the popular game Cheat. To begin with, she struggled after leaving her father’s castle to compete as a professional Cheat contestant, and we all watched in anguish as she lost match after match, but practice makes perfect as she has clearly demonstrated, blossoming into a skilled Cheat player. We have watched her grow up into a very worthy opponent (tantrums aside) and she simply continues to flourish, a far cry from her once spoilt lifestyle of maids and footmen. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with her sheer determination; she makes a worthy heiress to her father’s millions.

3. Vira

Much like Ylana, Battledome opponent Vira is also one of the most dreaded Acaras in Neopia. Yet another evil Acara, she roams Neopia, searching for her lost beauty. Most people fear her, but the story behind the wicked Acara is unknown to many. Once a beautiful young Acara, she only wished for more radiant looks, but became a victim of a curse, caused by her own vanity. Vira has not, however, allowed her past to weaken her. She works hard to maintain her Battledome status, despite all the hardship she has endured, and we can only admire her tenacity to carry on. She longs for her past back, not because of her beauty; she misses playing in fields of flowers without making them wilted. She strays across the lands, turning everything she touches into a twisted version of itself. Though Vira is tough, we can’t help but feel pity and sorrow for her loss, yet admire her strength to carry on.

4. Elon “The Black Hole” Hughlis

You’ve probably heard of Elon Hughlis in the sports section of your local newspaper. As Maraqua’s Altador Cup captain, Elon holds a lot of responsibility for all Maraquans. They have never triumphed in the Altador Cup before, so there’s pressure on for Hughlis. In a recent interview, Hughlis caused concern for Maraqua supporters with his lacking sportsmanship, making many supporters wonder whether he should be stripped of his Captain badge. Nevertheless, Elon Hughlis is a very strong competitor in the games. An athletic forward, he finds himself scoring thousands of goals over the course of the Altador Cup, possibly counterbalancing his lacking integrity. Perhaps one of the best players around, he has never struggled to put the yooyu in the back of the net. Maraqua cannot risk losing this excellent player; however, he refuses to pass the ball to his teammates. Nominated for the Biggest Whiner award and winning the Most Selfish Player award in 2006 for the Altador Cup, could this selfishness be the downfall for this budding young sportsman?

5. Fauna

Fauna the Gatherer was first mentioned in The Darkest Faerie, but her kind and innocent nature deserved a second mention in the Altador Plot. Her love for nurturing and loving is unparalleled in all the lands, there’s no doubt that she is indeed, the most affectionate Neopian in all existence. Neopians across the world strive to be like her, but of course, no one can care as much as Fauna does. Taming beasts everywhere, there’s nothing that will keep her being the greatest Acara that has ever lived. All parents want their children to be like Miss Fauna, an excellent moral teacher and role model for youngsters everywhere. A favourite for her dedication for others and her selflessness, she won over many hearts. High praise indeed, as she has been appreciated in items all over Neopia, including a stamp, a plushie and a TCG card; not only that, but she is one of the twelve heroes of Altador, a prestigious award known to all Neopians.

As you can see, this small sample shows how Acaras can shape, influence and change Neopia for better or worse, from the ruthlessness of Ylana, to the kind heartedness of Fauna. Let’s hope for even more inspiring and interesting Acaras in the future!

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