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Vonde Cayle: the Brightest Star of the Desert

by aeriel7


The Lost Desert supporters in the fifth edition of the Altador Cup wait for him after every match to get an autograph. He appears to be not only the strongest, but also the most handsome player of the Lost Desert team. What is the secret of his sudden success? Ladies and gentlemen, Altador Cup fans of Neopia, here comes Vonde Cayle, the brightest star of the desert.

It is amazing how this Yooyuball player has become the brightest star of the team. Vonde Cayle, the Lost Desert left forward, is currently the most recognised player of the whole team, beating even Leera Heggle, the team captain. Just to think that at the beginning of this year’s Altador Cup the Neopian Times journalists wondered if Lost Desert managed to overcome its lack of a superstar and win the championships. The superstar has emerged!

We already know that once the Altador Cup V is over, Vonde intends to take a short break before the new training season. He plans to take a trip to Mystery Island. However, rumours are that there is more to that than just holidays. ‘It appears that Vonde is determined to take a special training at the Ninja Training School’, one of his friends confesses. ‘He is a person who never gives up and constantly wants to fight with his weaknesses. He won’t rest on his laurels and such training would indeed make him physically stronger and faster’.

Vonde Cayle admits that one of his greatest weaknesses is jumping, which is a very important ability when it comes to Yooyuball. ‘It is truly irritating when I see the ball fly over my head and I just can’t jump high enough to catch it’, he said in one of the interviews. ‘I certainly intend to improve my jumping abilities during this training season. I need to be able to steal the ball from Qlydae Wegg [team Kreludor left forward] or Kep Bonnefie [team Darigan left defender]. They can kick the ball really high and they jump higher than me. I believe all Yooyuball players have their weaknesses, but the most important thing is constant training in order to improve one’s abilities. That is the core value of every sport in Neopia. One should never give up and that’s what I keep telling myself even when my team appears to be losing. Victory is important, indeed, but what is most important is the satisfaction you get from good sportsmanship.’

When asked about becoming the new team captain, Vonde just smiles and shakes his head. Lost Desert fans see him as a player of very strong individuality and inner strength – powerful enough to lead the team to victory this year, but he dismisses all such opinions with a smile. ‘I believe that Leera Heggle is a wonderful team captain and I don’t want this to change. We are all extremely attached to each other, supportive, and the atmosphere in the team is very friendly. We don’t compete with each other – we play together to compete with other teams and this is what makes us strong. That’s good sportsmanship. I do not intend to challenge Leera’s position. We all have different responsibilities and different tasks and this is exactly what it means to be a part of a team. We would have never achieved so many victories if it wasn’t for Leera’s perfect goalkeeping’.

Does Vonde have his favourite and his most hated ball in the game? ‘I love the Fire Yooyu. I am used to hot sand so it doesn’t even burn my feet’, he says. ‘It offers great possibilities to a skilled Yooyuball player, for instance speed or power. I can score a goal from the other half of the field with a Fire Yooyu. As for the most hated ball... I believe it’s the same for all Yooyuball players: the Mutant Yooyu. There’s no strategy for it, just pure luck. You can’t guess which way it’ll go once you kick it. I once aimed for the opponent’s goal, but the Mutant Yooyu came back to me and hit me straight in the head’, he laughs. ‘But then you can’t take the game too seriously. A good player does his best every time, no matter what happens on the field or which team he is facing. You have to find pleasure in playing, no matter whether you win or lose. This is what I mean when I say one shouldn’t treat the game too seriously’.

But physical strength alone is not the key to success in Yooyuball. What matters too is strategy. Each team has a different default formation and this is why facing each team calls for a different approach. Vonde Cayle seems to agree with this – he is one of the players who have read the most books about Yooyuball. ‘He discusses the strategy with Leera before each game’, says Derbi Azar, Lost Desert right forward. ‘They are both very skilful when it comes to strategy. There are several books that helped Vonde gain knowledge in this area and one of them is The Yooyu. It’s a must-read for every Yooyuballer’. The good news for all Yooyuball fans is that the Altador Cup Committee is considering publishing a series of books about AC teams next year. We might have a chance to gain an insight into every team’s history and secrets.

As for Vonde, he supports this idea. ‘I’m sure the books would be a huge success of the AC Committee Publishing Company. They would be a treasure for all collectors’. The Lost Desert star admits he has considered writing something himself if he can find enough time. ‘Unfortunately, a Yooyuballer’s schedule does not contain much free time these days’, he says. ‘Even outside of the Cup there is a training season, because we have to get ready for the next Altador Cup’. Vonde admits that once the AC V is over, he is going to be busy for the upcoming months. Well, maybe except for his holidays on Mystery Island... But are they really holidays? ‘There might be something more’, he says with a mysterious smile.

Vonde Cayle is still a rising star and we wish him all the best. We hope to see him lead LD team to victory this year – as do all Lost Desert supporters. Will his team achieve the gold trophy? Only time will tell.

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