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A Savior from Space?

by alicebynight


From the cold reaches of space, in the dark confines of the Virtupets Space Station, a Grundo like no other was born. Her name was Dehlynda, and she would be destined to save Neopia in its time of need... or so the story goes...

     Dehlynda was born as a purple Grundo, but fate called her to the Rainbow Pool where she knew the path to her future would begin. Without hesitation she dove into the pool and emerged as the lovely creatures she is today – a magnificent Orange Grundo.

     Now Dehlynda knew this was just the beginning, the start to something great, so she ventured throughout Neopia in search of the next step. While visiting the Haunted Woods, Dehlynda was ambushed by a pack of wild Meepits. It was a terrible attack and one that Dehlynda was not equipped to win without a petpet to help her... She fought to the best of her abilities, but the dagger like teeth of the Meepits were proving to be too much for her...

     Just then – darting from behind an aging willow tree came a flash of fur and teeth. The scuffle that ensued allowed Dehlynda to escape to safety in the boughs of the willow.

     Below her she watched as the fight became a distant memory as her rescuer vanquished the pesky Meepits. Dehlynda hopped down from the tree to thank her rescuer, but to her surprise...

     She came face to face with a snarling Werelupe! Terrified, Dehlynda turned to dart back up the tree, but the Werelupe said to her,

     “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. I just wanted to protect you from the Meepits!”

     Dehlynda turned and spoke to her savior.

     “I do thank you for saving me, and fate has brought me to you so we must have been destined to meet. My name is Dehlynda. What’s yours?”

     “My name is Zefyn... I am really not an aggressive creature, although my appearance might make you think otherwise. I was drawn to this place by something, and I suppose that something was to save you!”

     Dehlynda and Zefyn walked out of the Haunted Woods together as they were getting to know each other, and Dehlynda explained to Zefyn that she was in search of her destiny to save Neopia and that Zefyn must be meant to protect and accompany her on her journey.

     The pair travelled across Neopia for days, meeting many new friends and some enemies. Travelling through Tyrannia, Dehlynda decided to visit a friend of hers who worked at the Tyrannian Petpet store. Pacha was a burly Elephante who had helped Dehlynda through a rough time. Dehlynda knew that Pacha would be able to guide her in the right direction.

     Dehlynda walked into the store with Zefyn, but the store was abandoned. No pets, no shop keeper, just a cage on the counter with a note. Dehlynda went to the counter to investigate. The note read:

     Dear Dehlynda,

     I am sorry I cannot be here in person to give this to you, but duty calls!

     I knew in my heart that you needed this, to protect you and to help you in your quest!

     Good luck in your journey,


     Cautiously, Dehlynda opened the box. Starting up at her were two wide eyes and a mass of orange fur. Out from the box popped a lively Gruslen. “A petpet to protect and guide me!” thought Dehlynda. She exited the store and lead the petpet over to Zefyn. Between them, it was decided that the Gruslen should be called Chopstix, as his fangs were reminiscent of chop-sticks.

     So the three travellers continued on their journey together. While camping in the Uni Meadows, Dehlynda was in a deep sleep when a voice called out to her in a dream...

     “Dehlynda... your time has come! You are meant to save Neopia by becoming a triple avatar pet, and helping all Neopians reach their avatar goals! Zefyn will aid you in your quest by adopting a Snicklebeast so he will be a double avatar pet. Before you are able to help the Neopians, you must find a petpetpet... not just any petpetpet, but the elusive Mootix. There is a secret place in Meridell, visit the Cheeseroller and tell him this: the mootix holds the key. He will grant you access to his secret Mootix farm. There you must take only one and attach it to Chopstix. Once this has been done you will be able to help all Neopians three avatars at a time!... Good luck to you!”

     With a start, Dehlynda awoke from her sleep. She knew this had been more than just a dream. It was a message from the Faeries that she must do what she was instructed to help Neopia. With this new knowledge, Dehlynda woke Zefyn and Chopstix and they started their long journey to Meridell.

     While passing through Happy Valley, the trio stopped at the Ice Cream shop for a snack. Mr. Chipper was very happy to see the newcomers; it was not too often that visitors passed by his place.

     “Zefyn, I was told you would be coming here. I have something to give to you.”

     With that, Mr. Chipper handed Zefyn a small black furball. The black furball growled at Zefyn as he looked up with angry eyes. It was a black Snicklebeast. As it was said to Dehlynda in her dream, Zefyn was now on his way to becoming a double avatar pet. Zefyn decided to name his Snicklebeast Zeeks, and they quickly became great friends.

     Continuing on their path, now the group realized that they were passing into Meridell’s boarders. The journey was almost complete. It was getting late, and the sun had long since set. Another day would not destroy the quest, so the travellers decided to visit the Castle and spend the night with Zefyn’s friend, King Skarl.

     The king was none too pleased to have guests at this late hour, but Zefyn knew how to butter him up. Zefyn told his best joke to the king and to everyone’s surprise the King was delighted by the joke and welcomed the four into his home for the evening where they ate and joked long into the night.

     When the dawn broke, Dehlynda knew there was little time to waste. She woke her friends and they said goodbye to the King and were on their way to the Cheeseroller. High up on the hills of Meridell was the home of the Cheeseroller. Made entirely of old cheesecloth and mouldy rinds, it was not a place most people would consider homey, but for the Cheeseroller it was a palace. When the troop marched up the walkway the Cheeseroller was outside airing out his newest recipe, stinky feet cheese.

     “Hey – who goes there? What are you doing here? You want some cheese?”

     Dehlynda stepped forward and said to the Cheeseroller, “No, sir... but the mootix holds the key.”

     The Cheeseroller knew this day would come... it had been told to him by the Faeries in a dream. A saviour would come to him in search of something he can offer, something that very few Neopians knew of. Despite knowing this would one day happen, the shock on his face was impossible to hide.

     “H-how did you know to come here, to say that to me? Oh never mind, it is futile to ask that question... I know why you are here... follow me.”

     With that, the Cheeseroller marched the group behind his house, deep into the woods growing tall behind it. Dehlynda was growing tired and had the sinking feeling that the Cheeseroller was leading them into a trap...

     Just then, a clearing opened up in front of them. The Cheeseroller saw the look of amazement on the faces of the travelers, and he understood. His Mootix farm was a thing of wonder, which very few have ever seen.

     “I understand that you must take only one, and I have the perfect one for you.”

     With that, the Cheeseroller took out a small whistle and blew into it. Dehlynda and Zefyn could hear nothing, but Chopstix's and Zeeks's ears perked up at the sound of it. All of a sudden a sparkly flash came out from around one of the trees and landed on Chopstix's shoulder.

     The Cheeseroller smiled and said to Dehlynda, “Just like it was meant to be, the Mootix has found its home with Chopstix.”

     Finally, the hard part of the journey was over. The group thanked the Cheeseroller for his hospitality as they left his home and went out into Meridell. Now Dehlynda and Zefyn (and their petpets) are working diligently to save Neopians that need avatars for their collection. So if ever you see them cross your path you will know their wonderful story, and know that if you need one of the avatars they offer, they are fated to help you – one avatar at a time!

The End

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