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The Top Chefs of Neopia

by yayzz_1245


Neopia’s lands have many different and unique cuisines, each with their own qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Whilst many Neopians have attempted to recreate these different cuisines by their own means, the masters of these cuisines are often undisputed in Neopia. They have all gone under years of training from their old masters, and have had years of experience in the field of cuisine. Fellow Neopians, I give you the top chefs of Neopia.

Gargarox Isafuhlarg is the true master of space and intergalactic cuisine. Head chef at the famed Grundo’s Café, Gargarox can often be seen creating new recipes every so often to please his guests at the café. He is one of Neopia’s most innovative cooks; he has uncovered a whole new frontier in intergalactic cooking. The fusion between such foods has created some of his most famed dishes, including the Spotted Pudding, Beef Rouladen and his famous Scramble Eggs A La King. However, the success of some of these dishes is not shared with several of his other creations, including the infamous Disturbing Gelatin as well as the notorious Obliteratoes.

Despite these somewhat ambiguous creations, Gargarox Isafuhlarg is unmatched by any Neopian on the topic of space and intergalactic cuisine. His innovative, new, and interesting recipes have brought Neopians joy through food. His mastery is also shared through a well known story of an impending calamity at the Grundo’s Café one day. Gargarox had spent the entire day concocting a new recipe; he however had only created a bowl of brown sludge. Despite this, the Grundo chef along with THE BOOK, a secret cookbook passed down from generation to generation of Grundo chef and served as a safety net for any catastrophe. Eventually, Gargarox served up an intergalactic feast from this bowl of brown sludge, in the space of only five minutes. Gargarox truly is the master of space cuisine.

Famous for his impeccable cooking skills, Berti Boulgar is the master of new Neopian cuisine, whose specialty is the creation of new and exciting dishes. He has also published one extremely successful cookbook, the self titled Cooking With Chef Boulgar. This diverse collection suits any Neopian occasion, and is suited for all types of pets, as well as being suited to the home cook. His genius with creating new recipes has earned him the title of the ‘Creator’. These exciting recipes often offer a combination of flavours never tried before and often a tasted to much acclaim. Despite this, however, Berti Boulgar still has often unexpected results with his cooking skills, and sometimes these lead to a catastrophe, or two.

Underwater Chef hones his skills from the depths of Maraqua. Underwater, the Flotsam created numerous delicacies, creating the best out of the unique flavours of the sea with a new, fresh approach. After the destruction of Old Maraqua by the pirates, the Underwater Chef had to move to the nearest land, which subsequently was Mystery Island. There, the ‘Underwater’ Chef has created the most of the now tropical food stores he has. Although his heights have never really reached as high as his underwater success, the chef still receives much praise for his use of fresh, local produce. His often strange combinations of ingredients often lead to much success, and Mumbo Pango has even enlisted his services as his own personal cook.

Despite this success, the Underwater Chef still often struggles with the demand of his customers, namely Mumbo Pango. This he deals with by enlisting the help of average Neopians, who gather the ingredients of his recipes. This he rewards by granting them gifts of money and items, or even magically improves the Neopets’ stats.

Bonju is from the far reaches of Shenkuu, where his acts onboard the Cyodrake’s Gaze, namely pushing Hoban overboard, earned him his currently notorious reputation. Bonju is the master of Shenkuu cuisine; his skills were not well seen during the expedition of the Cyodrake’s Gaze in Neopia. The lack of ingredients, tools and co-operation with the crew were major factors as to why the food apparently tasted so bad. Combined with this and the constant rocking of a flying ship, the creation of distasteful food is to be expected.

Despite this, on land Bonju is a true chef. Bonju’s skills are not to be doubted; he is a master of knife skills and has prepared and created numerous dishes well known throughout Shenkuu today. He has even attempted to involve the Neopian public in the creation of his new dishes through his Culinary Concoctions; however, this has yet proven to be successful. Though his skills and mastery may be overshadowed by the avatar depicting Bonju himself, he is much more than just the subject of hatred for avatar hunters.

The famous Breadmaster is the true master of baking. No one knows where he comes from, but his vaguely strangely foreign accent may give a hint to where he hones from. The average traveller to the Neopian Bazaar can instantly spot the unique gingerbread house in which the Bakery resides. The Breadmaster fully runs the Bakery and his array unique pastries, breads, pies, doughnuts and biscuits can be found nowhere else in Neopia. The Breadmaster also is a highly skilled baker, creating all the delights that are found in the Bakery all by himself.

Famous for his quote “Eata loafa breada day”, the Breadmaster gave new horizons to the world of Baking and showed Neopians what it means to eat, quite simply, good bread. His skills and mastery with bread and such have gone unmatched throughout Neopia. His creations are often unique, and almost always are met with critical acclaim. In spite of this, however, several of the Breadmaster’s creations show a darker side to the world of baking. His deadly creations include the Cranky Croissant, which was listed along with the Angry Cinnamon Roll as one of the Top Ten Most Dangerous foods of Neopia. Though these foods may be extremely dangerous, the Breadmaster is undoubtedly one of the top chefs of Neopia.

So there you have it. After reading this, maybe attempt to hunt down one of these chefs and beg them to tell you their secrets. Or maybe sample a little of their foods. After all, they are the top chefs of Neopia.

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