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The Top Ten Unexpected Altador Cup Fans

by peroxwhy_gen


It's that time of the year again. Nearly everyone seems to have been struck by Altador Cup fever. Yooyus are getting thrown, slushies are slung, and rabid Techos are screaming until they're hoarse. There are hundreds of thousands of fans across Neopia and even in the far reaches of space. There are also big fans and supporters of the game that you would never expect. Here are the top ten unexpected fans of the Altador Cup.

#10: King Skarl

Everyone knows the Skeith king of Meridell. He's large, blue, doesn't seem to like jokes, and loves food. He also very much loves the game of Yooyuball. He is a big supporter of his own team from Meridell.

While King Skarl doesn't seem to understand the point and rules of the game, he was often found at practices, rooting for his players. However in recent years, the king has become banned from practice. There are rumors floating around that Skarl once thought a Yooyu looked like a nice, tasty meatball...

Rumors or not, Skarl is said to be very excited when the annual matches between Meridell and neighboring Brightvale take place. And should his team be the victor, he is always rubbing it in his brother King Hagan's face.

#9: King Hagan

Which brings us to number nine. Skarl's brother, the wiser, book-smart green Skeith King Hagan. Many of his loyal subjects felt that Hagan was not a big fan of the game. King Hagan has even made his team from Brightvale sit out of Altador Cup IV.

That, however, does not prove he loathes the game. In fact, Hagan is a huge fan. Unlike his brother, he is allowed at the Brightvale practices. He also takes part in strategy, coming up with game plans for his team in hopes of leading them to victory.

During the matches between Meridell and Brightvale, King Hagan is also extremely excited. Unlike his ruder brother, he will not rub victory in Skarl's face. He supposedly, however, does enjoy a good gloat back at his castle.

#8: Kentari

Kentari is the weapons master of Shenkuu, an avid Godori player, and very interested in the game of Yooyuball. Kentari is said to enjoy the ice Yooyu very much and hopes one day to have one as a pet. It also rumored that Kentari sneaks into the Yooyu cages during Shenkuu's practice to play with them.

Kentari has also offered to create the chest guards, shin guards, and slings for Team Shenkuu himself. He is very involved with his team and games. Unfortunately his job as a shopkeeper is what prevents him from joining the cheering crowds during the Altador Cup.

#7: Tiki Tack Man

You know him as the strange masked man who lets you play his Tombola once a day and sometimes gives you a codestone. You may not realize, however, that the Tiki Tack Man is Mystery Island's biggest supporter.

Since the Tiki Tack Man is shrouded in mystery other than his job as Tombola puller and running the Tiki Tack Shop, it is hard to find out just how much he loves his team. He supposedly enjoys watching their practices, though no one has ever seen him there.

There is also a rumor going around that he changes his clothing, removes his mask, and joins in watching the Yooyuball games.

#6: Reginald

Reginald is a privileged young Lupe from Neovia, a small village next to the Haunted Woods. He is a very bookish Lupe but will also take time away from his very own library to 'study' the game of Yooyuball.

While he owns many books on the game, and on the players, Reginald is also very skilled with his hands, creating figurines of each and every player of the game and keeps them on a shelf above his bed.

It has been said that Reginald has also tried purchasing a Yooyu to have as a pet but has been denied. He is currently searching the rulebooks for ways around the Altador Cup Committee's rules for owning pet Yooyus.

#5: Doctor Frank Sloth

Doctor Frank Sloth is of course known for his want to rule Neopia and for his enslavement of the Grundo race. Like everyone else on this list, though, the good doctor enjoys a great game of Yooyuball. In fact there have been reports that he was the creator of the Clockwork Yooyu.

He has spared no expenses in his love of the game. He has many monitors set up to watch every single match, and to possibly record those he may miss. What his favorite team is, though, is anyone's guess.

#4: Boochi

Ah, Boochi. Always trying to zap your pets with the baby ray. While he is a baby himself, he is obviously very intelligent and has no problems understanding the love for the Altador Cup. Not to mention the bright colors of the uniforms have no trouble keeping his attention.

Boochi, however, is not allowed at the Altador Stadium for two reasons:

1: Boochi is tiny and therefore cannot see over people, nor do people look out for him.

2: With all those people in one area, Boochi becomes very tempted to shoot his ray gun...

#3: Meuka

Ugh, Meuka! Always leaving slime and making your pets sick! He cannot help being a snotty mess and there are no rules saying that you cannot be coated in snot to love Yooyuball so Meuka is free to love the game and leave mucus all over the stadium should he choose to go.

He chooses not to, however. Meuka may enjoy making your pets sick, but it would sadden this messy Meerca to have any Yooyuball player catch a sickness from him.

#2: The Shop Wizard

Yes, that jolly little ball of JubJub cuteness who checks item prices for you! Do you think he prices your Altador Cup items and doesn't pick up a thing or two? While he may have never seen an Altador Cup match, he sees what team's items are popular and always hears the talk while searching for prices.

It is said he has a soft spot for Team Meridell, mainly due to their allowing a JubJub as a player. Who knows what kind of goodies from Team Meridell he has picked up for great bargains using his pricing powers?

#1: Faerie Queen Fyora

Weren't expecting that, were you? Fyora may not be very loud, very vocal, or very obvious with her love for the game but she is one of the biggest fans in Neopia. She has love for the Faerieland team and a fondness for the Faerie Yooyus.

She also has a room hidden deep within her very own Hidden Tower filled with Yooyuball and Altador Cup merchandise. She has everything! Player bobbleheads, jerseys, water bottles, foam fingers, you name it! She has also had many very expensive items commissioned, including Yooyu shaped pillows that can ball their legs in to be tossed around, replica slings, and tiny collectible crystal figurines.

She also has had her faeries collect signed uniforms from some of her favorite players.

There you have it. The top ten fans of the Altador Cup you probably were not expecting at all. Maybe some of them will stop in for the next game. Or maybe you can visit them and have a long chat about the game, the teams, and the players.

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