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Am I Too Old?

by mardi_gras_mamma


Every once in a while I see someone making a thread on the boards asking if they are too old for Neopets. They also never tell their friends they play.

So I've been thinking. Am I too old for Neopets? Oh my goodness, I hope not! Let's figure this out together.

First I will give you a little bit of background on myself. My name is mardi_gras_mamma, aka Mandy. I am 40 something years old (women never tell their real age). Love diet neocola and sugar bunnies. Have four wonderful children! Their names are Kingcakes, MaisonOrleans, Orleans, and Fleur_de_Lyse. They are my pride and joy. I would never trade them for the world. Oh and we live at 140832 Bread Street, Neopia Central. Plushie Skeith Socks make me smile every time I see them. If they came in my size I know they would be on my feet in an instant. Also, in the eight years I have lived here, I have made some wonderful neofriends across the world. Last but not least, I have a obsession with Dr. Frank Sloth (must be the green skin). Enough about me; let's go to the next step.

Do you enjoy playing? I know I do. Customising is my favorite. Young and old both love dressing up in all their glory. I customise my pets all the time, so much in fact that they get tired of being in the changing room trying on clothes. But I always win and they are always well dressed. One week someone is a clown at Roo Island with a big red nose with lots and lots of balloons for all the cute pets that come by or a princess wearing a beautiful crown that sparkles and wings so lovely that I wish I had a pair to wear. Another pet is an island native putting on a show for the tourist with his fire baton by torchlight after the luau, or a king of thieves locked safely in his vault guarding all his riches and counting his stack of neopoints to numbers that he did not know existed. The next week they could be a dancer in a field of flowers or feathers with the wind blowing softly and thinking this is the best place to be, a carnival barker, a daring pirate fighting for his life on a gang plank but miraculously hanging on and winning, and a scary Skeith digging graves in a haunted graveyard. Their imagination runs rampant with all their costumes and their dreams come true. What could be better than this, I ask you?

Do you enjoy talking to people? Me too! Never too old to chat. There are so many boards and topics to chose from to chat. I live on the CWC thread (charter wearable chat in the premium boards). All my friends are on there. You can find us by the catfish smilie. Way too many to name but each one is special. My day is not complete if I do not tell them "Good morning Sunshines!" every day. This is where we chat about dressing up our pets. Yep, like I said, I love customising. We look daily for the new things in the mall with anticipation with our hands rubbing together. Or we talk about what we want Neopets to make for our pets. Like fangs that drip blood. Or all color contacts to change the eye color to match their outfits. Hint... hint... hint.... It is also a place that is rich with laugher. We laugh at ourselves and at each other with love. We laugh at our pets that inspire the pumpkin head song, our love of capsules (everyone of us loves them), or how someone says good night and we know she will be back within the hour. Your know who you are. Guilds are another way to talk and make wonderful friends. I am in a wonderful guild that is another laughing place with people that are there for me and I for them. Would not trade them for anything. There we laugh about sofas that are delivered without legs or pets with bones in their nose that scare me.

Love shopping? Need I say more! All ages love to shop and browse, whether it is in the Secondhand Shop, the Toy Shop, or Mystical Surroundings looking for that perfect background. Shopping guru here. Once in a great moon I even buy something and make a profit. That is time for the neo wiggle of excitement! And I tell EVERYBODY when I do. The days I restocked a candychan and a krawk I told the whole neo world. I climbed to the top of Terror Mountain and screamed loudly so all could hear. Love when I am able to restock something great. I even love when I try and fail. It gets the blood flowing. It is an adventure and the hunt is on. Let's see who can type in that price faster and click that pet first. I hope it is me that gets the prize.

Collect things? I sure do! Do you have a gallery, you older folks. I do! What is your collection made of? Is it rocks, ice cream, one of the many faeries good or evil, purple or green? I have this obsession for Sloth. Love the green handsome man. Love his green skin, his laugh and how he wants to take over world. I love his coins, his toys and even his soap. I am always on the hunt for one of his items.

I could go on and on with all the things I love on Neopets but you get the picture. If a 40 something year old lady gets as much as if not more enjoyment than a 10 year old girl, can then I say NO you are never too old for Neopets, no matter what your age is. The proof is in me.

PS... My friends do know I play. I am not ashamed I play on a kid site. And I am proud of it! I tell them all I am mardi_gras_mamma, and I play Neopets. Now go out there and do the same. Tell your friends, tell your co workers, TELL THE WORLD!

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