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Meepits vs Feepits... Vs Dr. Sloth: Part Six

by orlando_bloom_bigfan


Also by shirahli

“Leader George, Leader Helga, I brought the uh, pot of geraniums you ordered!” came a voice from outside. Both George and Helga jumped violently, George falling off his chair and dropping the issue of the Neopian Times he was reading.

     “I don’t remember ordering geraniums! Why would I order geraniums?” demanded George, getting angrily to his feet and picking up his newspaper.

     “I ordered them,” said Helga, walking across the room to open the door. A disco feepit stepped in, holding a small pot of geraniums in each hand. Helga shut the door behind him and watched as he walked very slowly and carefully towards the table in front of George. He put the first pot down roughly but then proceeded to put the second pot down very, very slowly, staring at it as if he expected it to explode at any second.

     “What was that for?” demanded George, staring at him and wondering when he, a noble feepit leader, had decided to hire mad feepits.

     “Yes, why did you bring two pots?” asked Helga, sitting down next to George. “I only ordered one.”

     “Yes, I know, Leader Helga,” replied the disco feepit, sounding so relieved not to be holding the pot of geraniums that he failed to show much respect in his voice. “But I brought the second one, a normal pot of geraniums, so that you could compare it to the first pot to see how accurate it is.”

     George frowned. “Wait a minute,” he said, confused, and picked up one of the pots to examine it closer. “Aren’t they both normal pots of geraniums? I don’t see a single difference between the two!”

     Helga rolled her eyes. “You aren’t meant to! One of these pots contains a small bomb, and the geraniums in it are actually sticks of dynamite. It is to plant in Dr. Sloth’s geranium garden so if he takes it into his thick head to try and de-activate the bomb he won’t know where the bomb is.”

     “Oh,” said George, finally understanding. He slammed the pot he was holding down on the table. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” he demanded, just as the disco feepit screamed and dived behind a nearby chair. Both George and Helga stared at him in surprise.

     “Sir,” said the feepit, shaking with fear. “That was the pot containing the dynamite!”


     “I don’t there could be any spies about, do you, Donna?” asked Dr. Sloth, pacing up and down his room and peeping into random places as if hoping to find someone. Donna shook her head.

     Inside a sock, cut out with eye holes and inside Dr. Sloth’s sock drawer, Roger smirked. All Dr. Sloth’s socks were rolled into neat balls so unless Dr. Sloth noticed one of his pairs of socks had suddenly grown eyes, he would never realise one of them contained a meepit. The sock drawer was slightly open, allowing Roger to hear and partially see what was going on.

     “I have discovered that Neopian Domination plan 52.8 might not work, so I need to cross it out. Get it out of the secret compartment at the bottom of my sock drawer, will you?”

     Donna nodded and walked over to the sock drawer that Roger was hiding in. She pulled out the drawer, and threw all the socks onto the ground behind her. Roger landed on the ground with a thud and lay there, temporarily winded. When he had recovered, and was sure Dr. Sloth and Donna were distracted with the secret compartment in the sock drawer, he rolled himself as quickly as possible towards the dustbin. “Lieutenant Matthew,” he whispered when he got there. “I want you to go and tell Charles that at least some of Dr. Sloth’s invasion plan is hidden in a secret compartment at the bottom of the sock drawer. Got that?”

     “Yes, Major General,” came a whispered reply. Suddenly, a chip packet jumped out of the bin and, making sure nobody was looking, hopped its way over to the door and slipped outside. After around ten minutes it returned and told Roger in a whisper that Charles was on his way.

     “Right, let’s get out of here,” whispered Roger and cast a quick glance in the direction of Dr. Sloth. Fortunately, the secret compartment in the sock drawer was stuck and Dr. Sloth was busy trying to open it. Roger and Lieutenant Matthew were able to slip out the door unnoticed, run around a corner and take off their ‘disguises.’

     “I must say, those disguises were a great idea of yours, Major General!” exclaimed Lieutenant Matthew, almost too excited to whisper.

     Roger nodded in agreement. “I knew it would work!”

     “And not a thing went wrong!” continued Lieutenant Matthew, and proceeded to fall noisily down a small set of metal stairs. He landed right at the feet of Charles, who was on his way to steal Dr. Sloth’s plans.

     “OY! WHO GOES THERE?!” shouted a Grundo guard, running around the corner. Another Grundo followed; they were both armed with very large, scary looking guns. When they saw the meepits, they stared in surprise.

     “Come to rescue their leader, no doubt,” said one Grundo to the other. “Well, you lot, I think you better come with us.”


     Ralph struggled against the ropes that tied him tightly to his chair. There was nobody in the room to guard him now because they all believed him too weak and stupid to escape. ‘But they is wrong,’ he thought stubbornly. He at last managed to slip his fingers out of a knot and soon his whole hand. After that, the rest was easy because by freeing his hand, all the rope had come loose. In thirty seconds he had untangled himself from the rope completely and stood up unsteadily. He had been tied up and sitting down for so long that his legs needed an extra few minutes to remember they were his.

     When he could walk, he made his way carefully to where the feepits had left his large pile of gadgets. Not knowing what the gadgets could do and thinking that Ralph would never escape, the feepits had simply left all his gear in a pile in a corner of the room. Ralph put everything back on, flinching a little as a couple of straps rubbed his skin where the rope had been. At last everything was ready and he pulled out his gun labelled ‘High Explosive Fancy Door Opener.’ Aiming it at the door he pulled the trigger.

     A massive blast came from the gun, so powerful that Ralph was sent flying backwards across the room. The door, fortunately, was opened and after brushing himself down and picking up the gun and a few other random items, Ralph slipped out quietly. A loud clatter came from a nearby room and Ralph began to run, assuming that the feepits had heard the blast his gun made. He made it to the front door just as he heard a shout from behind him. Without looking back, he ran outside and disappeared almost instantly amongst the large and crazy crowd of Neopia Central.


     “Do you think this is where the garden is?” asked Leader George softly.

     They had managed to find their way into Dr. Sloth’s secret, private headquarters at the Space Station and were now standing outside a door labelled “Geraniums.”

     “I suppose it is possible,” said Leader Helga, tapping the sign. “Really, you are an idiot. I’m ashamed to call you my brother sometimes!”

     George glared at Helga, who in return pulled a face. They then piled some small furniture items underneath the door so that they could reach the doorknob. Helga climbed up, with the help of George, and turned the handle. “Let’s hope it doesn’t open towards us!” she said, pushing at the door. Fortunately it opened away from them, and as it swung open it revealed the most beautiful collection of geraniums Helga had ever seen. She gazed in awe for some seconds before remembering they had a job to do. She swiftly climbed back down the furniture, helped George put everything back where it came from and then slipped inside the garden. George followed carefully, holding the pot of geraniums containing the bomb.

     “Do you know how to activate it?” he asked Helga, placing the pot amongst some geraniums of the same colour.

     Helga nodded and for a moment stared carefully at the petals. At last she spotted the petal she was looking for, different from the others in the way that it had a blue spot painted on it. She plucked this petal off and immediately a faint ticking noise could be heard.

     “Right, let’s get out of here in case something does go wrong!” exclaimed George. Helga nodded in agreement and they both slipped out the secret geranium room, shutting the door behind them.

     “Now what?” asked Helga, sighing with relief to have the most difficult part of their mission over and done with.

     “We leave this letter for Dr. Sloth to find and then get out of here,” answered George, holding out a letter and looking around for a suitable place. Then, out the corner of his eye, he spotted three meepits in the next room along the corridor.

To be continued...

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