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Throw a Real Life Neopets Party!

by josephsemm


Have you been wanting to throw a party but didn’t know what your theme should be? Look no further! This article will give you everything you need to throw the biggest, best Neopets party ever! I’m going to cover everything from the invitation to party favors, so read on! (This party would best take place outdoors. Some of the games could get messy.)

The Invitation

The invitation is a very important part of any party. It gets your guests excited to come and have a good time! Here are instructions on how to make homemade invitations with a Neopets theme.

For one invitation, you will need:

1 piece of construction paper

1 printed out Neopets coloring sheet with a small Neopet on it



1 piece yellow construction paper


1. Fold the construction paper of your choice of color in half to make a card.

2. Color the Neopet on the printed coloring sheet and cut it out.

3. Glue the Neopet on the front of the card. (Add yellow stars on the front if desired.)

4. Cut a small circle out of the yellow construction paper and write “1 Neopoint” on it. (I will explain more about Neopoints in the Party Favor section.)

5. Add a message to the front of the card like, “There’s so much to do at my Neopets party!”

The inside of the card should say something like this: “Come and enjoy all the inspired food and games at my party! Earn Neopoints by playing games. Take your Neopoints to the Marketplace prize booth and exchange them for prizes! The fun starts at (location) at (time) on (date). See ya there!”


Here are some ideas for decorations for your party. You can use these or come up with your own creative ideas. Just make sure the party area is decked out!

1. Cut big yellow stars from construction paper and write “Neopets” on them in red, blue or green letters. Punch a hole in the top of each one and hang them in trees.

2. Print out Faerie coloring sheets and glue them to construction paper to make them stiff. Color the Faeries and place them at the bottom of bushes or shrubs. Place them half behind trees so it looks like the Faeries are peeping out.

3. Make a large banner that says, “Welcome to Neopia” or “Welcome to my Neopets Party”.

4. Twist streamers into colorful ribbons. Be sure to only use the Neopets theme colors: red, blue, yellow and green.

5. Blow up red, yellow, blue and green balloons. Use a permanent marker in the Neopets theme colors to write, “Neopets” on the balloons. You can also draw stars on them.

6. Print out coloring pages, color them and tape them around the sides of the Water Faerie vs. Air Faerie Race pools. (Read more about the Water Faerie vs. Air Faerie Race in the Games section.)

7. Decorate a large cardboard box to make a Marketplace Prize Booth. (Guests can win Neopoints by playing games and redeem them at the end of the party here. I would suggest 1-3 Neopoints per game. See bottom of Decorations section for prize ideas.)

8. You will need to make labels to put in front of each of the food dishes so everyone will know what they are. (Put the Neopets names for the food on the labels.)

Marketplace Prize Booth prize ideas. Large prizes could cost 15 Neopoints. A large prize could be something like a paddleball game, a small stuffed bear, a Frisbee or a small puzzle. Medium prizes could cost 8 Neopoints and be toy cars, yo-yos, or kaleidoscopes. Small prizes could be cost 3 Neopoints and be spinning tops, coloring sheets or erasers. No prize should be larger than a paddleball game.


Here are a few craft ideas to do at your party. Feel free to come up with plenty of other craft ideas or use these. Be sure to set up a table just for crafts.

1. Fashion Fever Craft

Ahead of time, print out pictures of Neopets and accessories. Cut out all the Neopets and accessories and put them in two baskets. Give each guest a piece of construction paper and let them pick out a Neopet from the Neopet basket. Glue the Neopet to the construction paper. Now pass around the accessories basket and let guests pick out as many accessories as they want. Glue the accessories to the paper and color. (Do this craft near the beginning of the party so the glue will have time to dry.)

2. Neopets Masks

Go to the Haunted Woods on Neopets and print out plenty of masks for guests to choose from. Follow the directions to make them. (You can use these masks later in the Race to the Neohome Game. It’s game 5 on the games list.)


What would a party be without games! I have come up with some totally original Neopets themed party games I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Some of the games are for large groups and some for only a few people. You can adjust the games to fit your party size.

1. Meerca Chase (This is a game for large groups. The more people, the better.)

Before you start the game, clear playing borders should be established. One person is chosen to be the Meerca. Yellow construction paper Neggs are placed around the playing area. One person places their hands on the Meerca's shoulders. Every time the Meerca walks over a Negg, another person is added to the Meerca's “tail”. The Meerca tries to touch someone on his/her tail. When the Meerca catches his tail, he goes to the end of his tail and the next person is the Meerca. Continue play until everyone has had a chance to be the Meerca.

2. Water Faerie vs. Air Faerie Race (Ten player game.)

For this game, you will need two small kiddy pools and two small toy sail boats. Fill the pools ¾ full of water and put the boats in the water near the edge. Five people are on the Water Faerie team and five people are on the Air Faerie team. Each player gets a button that says which team they're on. (Instructions on how to make the buttons are under “Party Favors”.) Team Water Faerie can make small waves in the water of their pool to make the boat race to the other side. Team Air Faerie can blow and fan their boat to make it go. Neither team can touch their boats. The first boat to the other side of their pool wins. If you have more than ten people at your party, you can give the people waiting buttons and tell them to cheer for their team. Once the first race is over, the guests who just played can still cheer their team on in the next round.

3. Extreme Herder (Good game for large groups.)

For this game, you will need a herding “pen” and a can of spay paint. For the pen, you can use a laundry basket, a large plastic storage bin or a new trash can. Set the pen in the middle of the playing area. Before game play, you will need to spray paint a circle that extends three feet around the pen on all sides. (Sorry, I don’t know metrics.) For each player, you will need to make a circle fifteen feet away from the pen. (The smaller player circles should make a large circle around the pen.) Each player's circle should be large enough for the player to stand in and put five small Neopet plushies in. (If you don’t have Neopet plushies, any small stuffed animals will work.) One player is Balthazar. The other players are Kacheeks. When the game starts, the Kacheeks in the circle pick up one Neopet plushie and run to put it in the pen. Balthazar tries to catch them. If Balthazar catches them, they’re out. Kacheeks cannot throw the plushies in the pen. They must be standing in the circle around the pen to drop the plushies in. Kacheeks can only carry one plushie at a time. The first Kacheek to get all of their plushies into the pen without being caught by Balthazar is the winner. To make the game harder, or if you have a lot of players, you can have more than one Balthazar. Make sure the Balthazar player gets a chance to be a Kacheek.

4. Kass Basher Piñata

Fill a Piñata with candy and invite everyone to bash Kass!

5. Race for the Neohome (Great for large groups.)

Invite guests to wear their Neopet masks for this game! Before the party, you will need to get a large box like a refrigerator box or a water heater box. (You can get one for free at an appliance store.) Decorate the box to look just like a Neohome! Color it, cut windows, and use a smaller box to create a slanted roof. Make circles from construction paper and place them an equal distance away from the Neohome on all sides. You need one circle for each player. Then play “Red Light, Green Light” to race to the Neohome. To play “Red Light, Green Light”, you need one person to be the “Light”. (The “Light” can be an adult if everyone wants to play the game.) The “Light” stands with his/her back to the Neohome. The “Light shouldn’t be able to see any of the players. When the “Light” says, “Green light”, everyone runs to the Neohome. When the “Light” says “Red light”, everyone has to freeze where they are. The “Light” can turn around to look when he/she says “Red light”. The “Light” should change colors often to make play more interesting. The first one to touch the Neohome wins.

6. Hungry Skeith (One person at a time can play, so I recommend this game for smaller parties.)

Decorate a large cardboard box with a Skeith on the front with his mouth open. Cut a hole where his mouth is and toss beanbags in. You might want to cut a hole in the top of the box to get the beanbags out easily. When you decorate the sides and back of the box, you can decorate it like the sides of the box look like the sides of the Skeith and the back looks like a back view of him.

7. Gormball (Good game for small and medium sized parties.)

Make sure your guests are allowed to get wet the day of your party and have them bring an extra change of clothes. Have guests stand in a circle. Toss a water balloon from player to player going clockwise around the circle. If the “gormball” bursts on a player, they're out. If the gormball makes it all the way around the circle of players without bursting, all the players take two steps back and toss it again. Continue play until only one player is left standing. The last one standing is the winner.

8. Faerie Quest Treasure Hunt (Good for any size party.)

Have an adult make up a treasure hunt so that the one hosting the party can play, too. The adult can call everyone together and give the first clue. You can divide the guests up into groups and see which team reaches the item first. Each team can be named after one of the Faerie types. Some of the group names can be Light Faerie Team, Air Faerie Team, Fire Faerie Team... If you're having a smaller party, you can keep the guests together in one group. Each clue should lead to another clue until you get to the last clue. The last clue should lead to the items. The items should all be in one location and all the items should be the same thing. The guests can also keep one item each that they found. If you're having an all girl party, the item might be pink hair brushes. If you're having boys and girls, the item could be a card game. Just be sure there is one item for everyone.


Here are some ideas for great Neopets inspired party food. Depending on the size of your party, you may not need to prepare all of it. Just pick out your favorites. Be sure to label each dish on the food table.

1. Red punch

You can use Kool-Aid for a nice bright red color. If you don’t like red, be sure to use one of the other Neopets theme colors like blue or green.

2. Lemonade

It’s always a good idea to offer more than one kind of drink at a party. Yellow lemonade is the perfect refreshing drink and it stays within your Neopets color scheme.

3. Neopets Star Crackers

You will need:

  • Ritz crackers
  • Lunch meat (optional)
  • Cheese (Be sure to use American or Cheddar for a bright yellow.)
  • Star shaped cookie cutter

Cut the cheese and meat into star shapes. Stack the cheese on top of the meat and put on Ritz crackers.

4. Mynci Cupcakes

What You Need

  • 1 cupcake
  • chocolate frosting
  • Nilla wafer
  • blue M&Ms
  • food-safe pen
  • red writing icing
  • 1 Nutter Butter cookie
  • Knife

How to Make It: Frost cupcake. Cut Nutter Butter in half. Cut off half of Nilla wafer. Stick the half Nilla wafer on the top of the cupcake to make the lighter part of his face. Use food-safe pen to draw two nostrils near flat edge of Nilla wafer. Use red gel or writing icing to draw mouth on the wafer and place on cupcake. Add M&M eyes above the wafer. Add half of the Nutter Butter to each side of face for ears.

5. Hot Dog Heroes

Cut a hot dog into three parts. Wrap each part in croissant dough and bake until golden brown. Once they're baked, use a toothpick to put little eyes and mouths on them using ketchup or mustard.

6. Mortog Cookies

What you need:

  • miniature pretzel twists
  • Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • ready-to-spread vanilla frosting
  • candy-coated chocolate pieces

Attach pretzels to bottom of cookie with some of the frosting for the Mortog's feet. Put the curly part of the pretzel facing out. Place, pretzel-side down, on plate. Use remaining frosting to attach candies to top of cookie for the eyes. Place the eyes near the edge of the cookie. Let stand until frosting is firm.

7. Petpet Bites

What you need:

  • Cocktail pumpernickel bread
  • Vegetable cream cheese
  • Decorations:
  • Peas (eyes)
  • Red pepper
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Cashew
  • Slivered almond
  • Parsley


For each sandwich, spread vegetable cream cheese between two slices of cocktail pumpernickel bread. For the head, use a small drinking glass or round cookie cutter to cut a circle from another slice of bread, then stick it to the top of the sandwich with a dab of cream cheese. Likewise, add facial features such as pea eyes, a red pepper or pepperoni, and a pepper, cheese, or cashews. Finally, wedge pepper, slivered-almond, or parsley-sprig between the bread slices. Be creative.

Party Favors

Party favors are always important. After a party like this, your guests will have a lot to take home with them. Here are the things that your guests will receive from games. They will also have the prizes from the Marketplace Prize Booth.

1. Faerie Buttons

Your guests get to keep the buttons they received from the Water Faerie vs. Air Faerie game.

2. Faerie Quest Item

They have the item from the treasure hunt.

3. Neopet Masks

Your guests get to keep their one of a kind Neopet masks.

4. Fashion Fever Craft

Make sure the glue is dry before the guests try to take them home.

Keep in mind it may be a very long party if you have a lot of guests. Depending on the number of guests, you may need to shorten or lengthen your party. I hope you can use some of my ideas. It’s party time!

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