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My Brand New Old Sister: A Species Change Story

by akitera


It all started with a knock on the door.

     “Delivery from Trading Post!”

     “Hold your Peophins! I’m coming!”

      “I’ll get it!” TwixC squealed as she raced her sister to open the door, her Usuki hair flying behind her as she hopped excitedly.

     “So what is it?” Lolly asked as she hovered on her Faerie Wocky wings beside her sister.

     “Eww, a Kacheek Life Potion?! There must be a mistake. Like, who will use this? None of us are Kacheeks!”

     Then it continued with another delivery.

     “Delivery from Trading Post!”

     “I’ll get it!” This time, it was their eldest sister Kitkat who received the package.

     “A Cloud Acara Morphing Potion?” Lolly and TwixC both asked in confusion as the item was revealed.

     “Yep and is that the KLP? Oh, then both expected items have been delivered. Akitera will be pleased.” Kitkat smiled.

     And so because of the confusion, a mirror had to be brought forth.

     “You know, Kitkat, I don’t like to explain this to you since you’re my older and smarter sister and all but...” Lolly urged Kitkat to face the big mirror in her bedroom, “you do know you’re already an Acara, don’t you?”

     TwixC stood beside them, perhaps to take the chance to preen at the mirror, but all she said was, “Has our owner gone Casandia confused? She bought two items that none of us will use. She should have used the neopoints to buy me my Usul ski suit as she promised!”

     Her two sisters just rolled their eyes. They knew how spoiled TwixC could be when it came to clothes.

     “Akitera probably bought this just in case...” Kitkat’s voice trailed off.

     “Just in case what?” Lolly asked, then her eyes widened in comprehension. “Oh, don’t tell me she’s morphing you into another species? A Kacheek?”

     “Yuck! Why a Kacheek? Usuls are so much better, don’t you think?” TwixC commented then said excitedly, “Oooh! I just realized! If you also become an Usul, we can swap clothes!”

     “More like you’ll hog all the clothes to yourself.”

     “No, no, of course not! I’ll be happy to sha-...”

     Just then, their owner, who just might be the source for unraveling the mysteries of the day, came home.

     “We’re back!” Akitera was all smiles as well as their baby Aisha sister who came with her. “Oh, are those the items I bought on the TP? Well, thank goodness they finally delivered it.”

     “Eek! You came from the mall! Did you buy me some new clothes?” TwixC demanded as Akitera put down some bags. “Which ones are mine???”

     “Vani will show you. But wait a minute, Kitkat, I need to talk to you,” Akitera replied. Lolly looked torn as she glanced from their owner and Kitkat, who would definitely be talking about the trading post deliveries, to TwixC and Vani on the side of the room, happily rummaging through the new clothes.

     In the end, the new clothes won and so Akitera and Kitkat were able to talk privately.

     “So have you really thought about it?”

     Kitkat smiled and nodded her head vigorously. “To be honest, I was a little hesitant at first. I mean, this will be a new look for me, literally a new look, you know,” she said slowly, “but I figured if it could help cut down on costs and I mean, it’s not like I could never go back to what I am now if I wanted to. That’s what the morphing potion is for, right?”

     “Yep, that’s why I bought it, just in case you felt uncomfortable in your new form.”

     “That’s settled then, so when do we do it?” Then Kitkat remembered something. “How about my color change? Maybe I shouldn’t use it. I’ve been the most repainted after all. They might think it unfair.”

      Akitera assured her, “I’m pretty sure your sisters won’t mind. Remember that Lolly would never part with her Faerie wings, TwixC will have a fit if she lost her Usuki hair and Vani is quite happy to be your Boochi guard.”

     “I guess that’s true.”

     “Alright, I’ll make the arrangements then and we’ll do it tomorrow. Now go and have a look at your new clothes.”

     And so tomorrow came.

     “Hey, where are you going?” Lolly asked as she stretched a little sleepily on the couch. “You never go out this early in the morning.”

     “Akitera and I have some... things to do,” Kitkat said with a secretive smile. “You’ll have a big surprise when we get back.”

     Before Lolly could ask what it was, their owner appeared right at this moment. “Ready, Kitkat? We’ll be going to the Battledome first.”

     “You’ll be battling someone first thing in the morning?” TwixC appeared from the kitchen with Vani in tow who was finishing the last of her breakfast.

     Kitkat just grinned. “Well it’s not really a battle-battle. Just a friendly match.”

     “With whom?”

     “A pet of Akitera’s friend, you know Quadrasii?”

     The name was received with shock and surprise. TwixC gave a loud gasp, Vani uttered a concerned “mew” while Lolly demanded, “Have you gone Sloth mad?! That’s Akeyz’s strongest pet! He’s like waaaay stronger than you!”

     Kitkat’s enigmatic grin widened. “Now my sisters, don’t you worry about me. I have to do this match.” Then, as she saw the concerned look on her sisters’ faces, she dropped her joking manner and said more seriously, “Honestly, don’t worry. This is something for me actually. When I get back, you’ll see a brand new me.”

     “That’s right and I’m actually grateful Akeyz agreed to do this,” Akitera assured them. “We don’t want to spoil the surprise. When you see Kitkat again, everything will become clear, so don’t worry, ok?”

     The morning came and went. When afternoon came, the explanation came in the form of:

     “You’re WHAT? A Chocolate Kacheek now?! What have you done to yourself?!” TwixC demanded shrilly.

     “She looks nice actually,” Lolly commented as she observed Kitkat who presented her new self to them as soon as she got home. Vani snuggled approvingly at her eldest sister while TwixC still stood a little apart with a frown.

     “Come on now, TwixC. Don’t tell me you’re jealous?” Kitkat teased her little sister.

     “Hmph! As if!” TwixC tossed her head then she appealed to Akitera with doleful eyes. “I’m still the cutest one, aren’t I?”

     Everyone just laughed at this.

     “So how did you do it?” Lolly asked. “The morphing potion Akitera bought was for an Acara.”

     “Ah, that’s why I had to fight Quadrasii. He used a Kacheek flour on me.”

     Her sisters were surprised, they hadn’t thought about this other option. It wasn’t a popular option but it saved a lot of neopoints if done correctly and safely.

     “Well I don’t want to know how, I want to know why. Why did you agree to be turned into a Kacheek anyway?” It was TwixC who asked this time.

     Akitera and Kitkat exchanged glances, Akitera started to reply but Kitkat answered more quickly, “To cut down on some costs. You know that a lot of neopoints go into my Battledome training. Then there’s also a lot which goes to my weapons. Akitera figured that using a cheap species healer like the Kacheek life potion rather than a more expensive non-species healer will help save up some neopoints to buy other things.”

     Lolly slowly nodded in understanding while TwixC just shrugged, “It figures you’ll have that kind of reason. If it had been me-...”

     “If it had been you...,” Lolly interrupted her, “you would probably want to be morphed into a species which has the newest, most beautiful species clothing or probably, the shiniest, prettiest color, eh?” she said wryly.

     TwixC just stuck out her tongue at her older sister but said seriously, “Well actually, I want to be an Usul forever and ever.”

     “And you’ll stay that way if you want to,” Akitera smiled at her reassuringly.

     TwixC sighed with relief then suddenly asked, “Ooh, but how did Kitkat come to be painted Chocolate?”

     “You forget, TwixC, that we recently accomplished a Fountain Faerie quest. Akitera and I went to her Rainbow Fountain after the Battledome match.”

     “Fountain Faerie? Oh you mean that Water Faerie-look alike but with nicer hair who suddenly popped out in front of us when we were at the Booktastic Book shop?”

     “Erm, I don’t think either faeries will appreciate what you just said about them but yeah, that was the Fountain Faerie.”

     Lolly had turned silent as she contemplated something but then suddenly remarked, “But what’s the Acara morphing potion for? You’re still thinking of going back to your old form?”

     Akitera nodded but was confused as Kitkat suddenly blushed. “Actually,” Kitkat hesitated, “I seem to like my new form now.” Then as she saw Akitera’s surprise, she added, “But who knows, maybe I will go back. After all, I left a lot of species clothes and items.”

     “That’s right!” TwixC agreed. “And it will be a shame to have them all go to waste. I mean it’s not like I can wear your Royal gown; it won’t fit me!”

      “I should have known that was your main concern.”

      “But it’s an important reason!” TwixC protested as the others began to giggle. “I mean those exclusive clothes in her closet and no one can wear them. It’s a shame, I tell you!”


     “What was that???” Akitera cried out in alarm.

     “It came from the bathroom,” Lolly replied as she spread out her wings to fly there at once.

     “And where’s Vani? Oh no! Don’t tell me...”

     Everyone now raced swiftly to the bathroom all the while praying that the baby pet had not met with a serious accident.

     No one was prepared for what they saw inside.

     Vani was on the floor, pieces of broken glass were at her feet. She wasn’t cut though and she was unhurt, just a little dazed. She was actually perfectly alright except for the fact that...

     “That’s... that’s... the bottle... the potion... I must have left it here...”

     “Oh my Fyora!”

     “Wow, too many species changes today, eh?”

     “Well now at least someone can wear Kitkat’s clothes after all.”

      And as for Vani who had been a baby Aisha for almost all her Neolife, who could only make mewing and cooing sounds, the very first (and so important) word she uttered in her new grown-up form was:


The End

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