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How to Throw the Best Easter Party in Neopia

by rainbow1614


Hi! My name is Neon. We all know that Easter is coming soon. Some people think that Easter is all about painting neggs, negg hunts and -drum roll- the Easter Bunny. Those are main parts of Easter, but have you ever thought of throwing an Easter party? Halloween and Christmas have parties, but how about if you invite all your neofriends to an Easter party? Today I am going to show you how to have the best Easter party in Neopia! Let the planning begin!


Like every party, just invite your closest neofriends. A good Easter party needs the following:

- Invitations

- Decorations

- Snacks, Lunches and Dessert

- Gifts and Presents for your Guests

- Activities

- Dessert

I will step by step show you the best for everything on the list.


You can't throw a party without guests! So send them a party invite. You can send them a neomail, a neogreeting or an invitation card. On your card, make sure to make things about your party clear by answering the 5 Ws:

Who: -Your name here-

What: An Easter Party

When: -day and time-

Where: -where it is-

Why: To celebrate Easter ! =D


For an Easter party there must be decorations! Today I will be going over balloons, ornaments and garlands. None of the decorations have the specific word "Easter" in them so just find the most colorful. My suggestion for balloons are any cybunny balloon because Cybunnies are the closest to the Easter bunny. My personal favorite is the rainbow cybunny balloon because the colors are very Eastery and I love rainbows. -pokes username- Second is decorations and ornaments. There isn’t any Easter ones so why not buy a bowl of shiny decorations and throw them around the room! Garlands are usually for Christmas, but who says garlands aren’t for Easter? Most of the garlands in Neopia are actually for Christmas, but maybe buy a gormball garland. It’s colorful and patterned just like decorated Easter neggs. So those are my ideas for good decorations.

Food: snacks, lunch and dessert

No party is complete without snacks, a lunch and dessert! Usually for snacks at a party there are chips. Try to choose a pack of chips that are colorful. Colorful chips you ask? Well, why not buy a few packs of veggie crisps? These are colorful and healthy chips great for Easter. For lunch, try out a colourful negg pizza. It looks and tastes like a pizza but with a hint of negg. And dessert, everyone loves desserts! I have found a few Easter desserts so you can choose your favorite! The iced easter chick cookie is so cute, the negg pie is so colorful and the blue negg cookie or the pink negg cookie are so Easter! Here are some great choices for food for your Easter party.

Gifts and Presents for your Guests

Here is a list of top 10 Easter gifts:

10. Creme Filled Chocolate Negg

Yum! On the outside it looks like a regular chocolate negg but not on the inside! Inside it is filled with delicious cream! This is an excellent and great gift to get anyone. This gift would come good with a lemon creme negg. Just be careful not to eat it before you give it to your neofriend. XD

9. Candy Filled Negg

This is a very tasty and yummy item to give to your best pals and buddies. The candy filled negg is a plastic decorated negg filled with assorted candies! The chocolate candy filled negg is a good substitute for the candy filled negg. Give this item to your sweet-toothed best friends!

8. Usuki Spring Basket

There are so many usuki collectors out there in Neopia, one of them can be your best friend forever. This item is a very cute usuki doll in a colorful Easter basket. Make sure not to mix it up with the reject usuki spring basket. That would be embarrassing! XP

7. Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow

Awww! This wearable is so cute! Cybunny ears with a bow is the perfect gift for your fashion loving and stylish friend. If you don’t have a fashionista friend, feel free to buy one for yourself! No need to be ashamed; no one will know but you! ;D

6. Colour Changing Tulips

Easter is all about light pastel and spring colors. Easter is not usually about flowers, but you can squish some in your “to get” list. Color Changing Tulips are perfect for this occasion because of the beautiful Easter colors. If you want to give flowers to someone, make sure it’s a bouquet of these colorful tulips.

5. Easter Neggs

Neggs, neggs and more neggs! Easter loves neggs, especially easter neggs. There are only a few types of neggs, the brightly coloured easter negg, sunflower pattern easter negg, the jazzy easter negg and the Pink Snowbunny Easter Negg. Not only are the colors Eastery but so are the patterns! These neggs are beautiful and there are more than one easter negg, so you can choose your favorite. Not interested in any of them? Keep reading to find out more about easter neggs.

4. Easter Bunny Usuki

Do you have another usuki collecting best friend? Getting two of the same gifts for any occasion is a total "NO NO!" Get them an easter bunny usuki. If you want, you can even get them the usuki easter outfit. They are both so cute. If you have three usuki loving best friends, well, get them a usuki spring basket, easter bunny usuki or a usuki easter outfit.

3. Kacheeps

This is the right gift for the knick-knack collector or sweet lover who accept any decoration or tasty treat. Kacheeps are a cheap gift and are very cute. Not only are these for the knick-knack collectors and the sweet-teeth, but kacheeps are perfect for anyone because no one can resist these adorable and tasty treats.

2. Patterned Chocolate Negg

Not a fan of any of the easter neggs? Why not try out the patterned chocolate negg. It's just like a chocolate negg, but it's shaped different and it has a pattern around it. If you want to get a friend something sweet, try giving them a patterned chocolate negg. Some other suggestions are creme filled chocolate negg, a lemon creme negg, a candy filled negg, a chocolate candy filled negg, an iced easter chick or a blue or pink negg cookie.

1.Quiguki Negg Hunt Set

Like I said, there are many usuki collectors out there. Also, quiguki collectors. If one of your best friends is a quiguki collector, then get them a quiguki negg hunt set. Just remember to get them a quiguki negg hunt set, not a usuki easter outfit. XD

Put them in a gift box and wrap them up with wrapping supplies. =D


Activities are a must-have in parties. For a Christmas party, you make ginger bread houses; for an Easter party you decorate neggs! Neggs or eggs, your choice; if you want to paint neggs, buy a dozen neggs or if you want to paint eggs, buy omega eggs. Make sure to also buy sparkly blue paint. It comes with a paint brush! ^.^

With these tips, you will have the whole Neopia excited for next year's Easter party! Have fun at your party...=D!

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