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How To Turn Your Neopet Into A Princess

by sooooocute5


Is your little neopet begging to be a princess? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of owners have spent the millions of neopoints necessary to turn their loved pet into a regal royal. However, maybe you don’t have millions of neopoints and if this is the case, read this simple guide. It will teach you how to make your favorite pet into a princess without spending a single neopoint, and with better results than simply using a paintbrush. By the time you have finished all the steps in this guide, she will be a true princess, no matter what color you paint her.

get her to volunteer

The first step in turning your pleading pet into a princess is to get her to volunteer somewhere. But wait, you may be asking, how will this get me a royal paint brush so I can turn my pet into a princess? Just keep reading, and all will be clear. As I was saying, there are lots of opportunities for volunteer work; just think about what your neopet already likes. Does she like to socialize? Then the soup kitchen is the place for her. Does she like to fight crime? Then send her to the Defenders of Neopia. Does she love petpets? Then right on over to the Petpet Protection League she goes. If she likes to perform, you could even send her to the pound and have her put on a show with her friends. It doesn’t matter what she does as long as she enjoys it and it’s doing something helpful.

give her a petpet

At this point, you may be scratching your head in a befuddled way, wondering how these steps will turn your girl into a princess. Keep going, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. The next step to making your pet into a princess is to give her a petpet. It doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, the cheaper the petpet the better, but giving her a living being to care for is a crucial step in her becoming a princess. Teach her how to take care of her petpet, show her how to groom it and feed it and water it. Teach her the dangers of the petpet lab and you could even get her involved with a petpet play group with her friends. Above all, let her be the one responsible for it, and make sure she takes good care of it. If the petpet gets lost, don’t buy her a new one, but have her put up posters and search for the lost petpet until she finds it. Making sure she is taking care of something defenseless is a very good step in turning her into a princess.

have her donate some of her clothes and toys

What?! You may be thinking. How will this help at all?! You don’t trust people very well, do you? Just keep following the guide. The next step into making your little one into a princess is to have her donate some of her things. Now, when I say this, I don’t mean have her put some things in a bag and go donate it for her. I mean take her out, with all the things she wants to donate, and have her personally put them in the money tree and second hand shop. If you have trouble getting her to donate anything at all, then point out the things she never plays with or the outfit that she claimed she hated. Chances are she’ll find something to give away. When you take her to donate her things, show her the hungry pets that stake out the money tree as a source of food, and have her see the shabbily dressed pets at the second hand shop, the ones that can’t afford a new outfit. Let her give her things directly to the pets she wants to, and above all try not to interfere too much. Let her see how much her donations will be helping others.

put her in charge of her siblings for a week

If she’s old enough, the next step is to put her in charge of her siblings for a week. If she is an only pet, then have her take on a few babysitting jobs. The trick is just to put her in a position of leadership where another pet is depending on her for something. Have her be responsible for putting food on the table for a while, and let her make sure all schoolwork is done, and only get involved if you absolutely have to. Let her see the challenges and rewards of being in a leadership position. It might be a little stressful for her, but this is a very important step in turning her into a princess.

have her tutor a younger pet in neoschool

Even if she isn’t very good in school, you should definitely have her tutor a pet in a younger grade. The more trouble the other pet is having with the subject, the better. Try and have her pick a subject she enjoys in school, even if she isn’t the best in her class. For example if she hates math, but loves creative writing, then have her tutor a younger student in creative writing. She may object to doing “extra work” at first, but after a little while you will see improvements in her attitude about it, and the other pet improving in the subject your princess is tutoring.


Congratulations, your pet is now a real, honest to goodness princess. Confused? Still scratching your head? Think about it for a second. Your little lady is now responsible, kind to petpets, and patient with younger pets. If you followed all my instructions, she should be patient, kind, gentle, and loving. She now has a giving spirit and wants to help others who are not as fortunate as herself. She has can interact well with others who are not the same age as she is, and she is a good leader. Finally, you have taught her that she doesn’t need expensive clothes and a castle to be all of these things. Call me crazy, but aren’t all those the signs of a true princess? Your little princess is now truly royal, and she will always remember the lessons she has learned, no matter where she goes or what color she is painted.

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