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The Remarkable Rainbow

by amysmother_8


Have you ever wondered why there is always a rainbow on the edge of Neopia Central?

     Well, my brother Cocoa wondered that same question and he found the answer, with my help! I'm Cocoa's Xweetok sister, Peachie, and I'm here to tell you about our little journey that all started with a rainbow.

      "That's odd," Cocoa wondered out loud as they walked down the cobblestone pathway towards the beach. "Why is there a rainbow out today?"

      "Cocoa, there's a rainbow out every day. What's the big deal?" Peachie yawned as they continued towards the beach.

      "Well, logically there is no possible way for a rainbow to be here without any sunlight. Yet there is always a rainbow, no matter what the weather is," Cocoa said as his forehead dripped chocolate down onto his weather book.

      Peachie laid out her ice cream print beach towel on the warm sand and turned to her brother. "Well, Cocoa, maybe there's something on the other side, like a pot of gold dubloons!"

      "You know, Peachie, you make an excellent point, but I think that it's some sort of pathway," Cocoa said as he stared at the endless rainbow arching up over the misty ocean.

      "Cocoa, let's suppose I believe your ridiculous story; there's no land out in the ocean! You can't have a pathway that leads you to nowhere!" Peachie said as she stared at her brother like a madman.

     Cocoa got up and hopped over to the beginning of the rainbow. "I bet you if I tried to jump up onto this rainbow I wouldn't fall through!" Cocoa said confidently.

      "Oh, I'd love to see this. Go ahead, Cocoa, use your big Cybunny feet and jump upon the 'enchanted' rainbow that leads us to some far off land!" Peachie choked out as she was rolling around on the sand laughing hysterically.

     Cocoa stepped back about ten feet and got a running start right towards the edge of the rainbow. He closed his eyes and leapt, feeling something hard underneath him.

      "I did it; I told you it was a pathway!" Cocoa screamed excitedly.

      Peachie rolled her eyes as she said, "Newsflash, Cocoa, you're sitting on a very angry looking man's stomach."

      Cocoa timidly turned around and was face to face with an angry looking Elephante. "I'm so sorry, Sir, I thought I had landed on that rainbow above you," Cocoa said as he quickly hopped off the Elephante's stomach.

      The Elephante merely shook his head and sighed to himself. "Crazy kids, what are those teachers in neoschool teaching them nowadays."

      "I just know that it would work if I could somehow reach the beginning of that rainbow," Cocoa said as he kicked over a nearby sandcastle in frustration.

      "Well, maybe you need to finish the rainbow yourself, maybe you could draw the rainbow right to your very feet." Peachie laughed, as she packed up her towel and got ready to go.

      "Where are you going, Peachie?" Cocoa huffed as he caught up to his surprisingly fast sister.

      "I need to go to the school supplies store to get a new package of crayons. You don't need to come; you can go research rainbows if you want," Peachie said, obviously bored of this sudden rainbow obsession.

      "No, I'll go with you. Maybe I can find this special rainbow drawing tool you're talking about," Cocoa said, even though he knew there was no such thing.

      The two Siblings made there way up the hillside of the beach, and walked into the crowded Plaza. Different Neopets had their own agendas pushing the Xweetok and Cybunny out of the way to get to the various shops that were about to close.

      Peachie opened up the door and walked into the school supplies store. There were jars filled with colorful pencils and erasers. The walls of the store were lined with metal shelves filled with backpacks, pencil cases, lunchboxes and other miscellaneous items. Cocoa wandered over to a dusty clearance bin and started rummaging through it.

      Peachie, with a box of crayons in her hands, walked over to her brother and asked, "Well, did you find some 'magical' rainbow crayons?"

      "No, but I did find some rainbow chalk; I couldn't tell you, though, if it's magical or not," Cocoa said as he was reading the contents of the package of chalk.

     "Cocoa, of course it's not magical. It won't work just because it's 'rainbow' chalk." Peachie sighed, thinking how crazy her brother was.

     Peachie and Cocoa walked up to the cash register where a blue Techo wearing a graduation hat stood.

      "All set, let me see what you've got there; a box of crayons and... rainbow chalk, where did you get this from, boy?" the Techo asked Cocoa.

      "I got it from that clearance bin over there on that shelf," Cocoa promptly answered.

      "Hmm. I've never seen that kind of chalk before. Well, anyways, since it was in the clearance bin, I'll give it to you for 350 neopoints," the Techo said as he rang up their items and collected their neopoints.

      Cocoa hurried out of the store and hopped down towards the beach, ripping open his package of chalk as he went. Peachie ran with all of her might just to catch up to Cocoa, who was already by the water on the beach.

      "Cocoa, what in Neopia are you doing? It's just a box of chalk. It won't draw a magical pathway for you!" Peachie yelled, making some people on the nearby street turn around.

      Cocoa just ignored her and pulled out a piece of chalk, gripping it like it was a magical wand. He lifted the chalk into the air around where the rainbow ended and swiped the chalk through the air. Nothing happened. He tried swiping it over and over all around the rainbow, but nothing happened.

      "I know I'm thinking crazy and scientists would frown upon this, but I truly thought it would work," Cocoa said as tears were welling up in his big brown eyes.

      Peachie walked over to her brother and sat down next to him, staring at the box of chalk, thinking. "Maybe... you need to match up the colors, like you can't make the green part of the rainbow suddenly become violet. You know what I mean. Cocoa, I think we need to match up the colors of the chalk to the colors of the rainbow."

      So Cocoa dumped out all of the pieces of chalk onto the sand and lined up the colors exactly like the rainbow. They each grabbed three pieces of chalk and stood up. Cocoa said, "I think we should try to draw the rainbow at the same time on the count of three, ready one... two... three!"

      Cocoa and Peachie both ran the pieces of chalk through the air making streams of color follow behind them. Then like magic the colors of the chalk and the colors of the rainbow seamlessly intertwined, making the rainbow stretch down to the sandy beach. Both Cocoa and Peachie were in awe as they watched this impossible miracle happen.

      "It actually worked, I can't believe this!" Peachie said, absolutely stunned.

      Cocoa walked over to the rainbow and slowly inched his hand toward it. He jerked his hand back and said, "It's solid; your hand doesn't go through it at all!"

      Cocoa then stuck a paw out and stepped right on top of the rainbow. Cocoa reached his hand out for Peachie, who was too scared to even move. The two slowly ascended until they reached the very top of the rainbow, seeing a tiny speck of the beach that they were standing on just a few moments ago.

      "This is unreal. Cocoa, I can't believe you were right. This is actually some sort of pathway. The only question is, what's on the other side of the rainbow?" Peachie asked as she scanned the water a hundred feet below them.

      "Well, I guess the only way to answer that question is to continue down the rainbow," Cocoa said, leading the way towards the bottom.


     After a few minutes, the two finally reached the end of the rainbow and hopped off, only to land on sand.

      "Did we go the right way, Cocoa? It looks like we're back in Neopia Central again," Peachie wondered as she walked around the desolate beach.

      Cocoa was about to say something when he was interrupted by a rustling sound coming from a row of trees nearby. All of sudden a strange looking Neopet hopped out through the trees and approached the two young pets.

      "Hello, visitors, welcome to Roo Island!" the happy looking Blumaroo announced. "May I ask how you two traveled to our lovely island?

      Peachie and Cocoa looked at each other and said, "You'd never believe us."

The End

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