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Just Bring Me Your Ordinary Boring Neggs...

by fuzzlytiara


On a warm summer day, a gray Cybunny sits in front of a posh cafe. She orders nothing but a single ice cream cone, vanilla. She pays the cashier in all coins and says nothing.

      She licks all of the ice cream off the cone, but doesn't eat it. As she tosses the cone in the garbage, a sweet and sour negg catches her eye. It lies on the floor, its bright colors stand out from the gray slate tiles and gray garbage can.

      She reaches for the negg and holds in in her paws. There's a note stuck to it, written on ripped rainbow notebook paper. "Just bring me your ordinary, boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!" it says.

      As the Cybunny pulls the paper off, she sees a drawing on the back of a merry-go-round. It shimmers in the sunlight and she runs her paw across it. As she does, she loses the feeling in her paws and her head and her body and then she is gone.

      When she wakes up, she is surrounded by big, leafy trees with colorful neggs in each one. The grass feels feathery and soft. It's empty, but it feels full of life.

      "Welcome to the Negg Orchard," a voice says. "We don't disappoint."

      "Hello?" she asks, with a slight quiver in her voice. There is no reply, but the rustling of a bright fuchsia bush.

      She turns to look at the bush and a rainbow kadoatie appears in front of her. It mumbles the same words over and over, looking troubled. She stares in confusion.

      "Never eat the fruit of a candy floss tree, never eat the fruit of a candy floss tree..." the kadoatie mumbles over and over, as if hypnotized.

      "Why not eat the fruit?" the Cybunny asks, but the kadoatie is gone.

      As she slowly gets up and wipes the dirt from her paws, she sees a slorg signpost pointing up with an arrow drawn on with dark marker. Her eyes follow the arrow until she sees a rainbow umbrella floating in the air.

      Curiosity gets the best of her, and she lightly holds the colorful pole on the umbrella, and she feels like a balloon being slowly lifted from the ground. She tries hard to let go, but it seems her hand is glued in place.

      She watches the colorful clouds fly by her head, some shaped like meepits and some like neggs. They vary in colors and they look so soft, she wants to reach out and touch them. But she doesn't. When she finally lands, she is standing before a brilliant castle, formed from colorful tree bark and cotton-like leaves.

      She pulls her hand off the umbrella and thankfully steps on the ground. Behind her, she notices a merry-go-round. The one she had seen in the drawing. She takes a step back and trips over something.

      "Ow! What...?" she gasps as she sees what she has tripped over. A Negg Faerie Snowglobe. The little character inside giggles and smiles at her.

      "What do you want? Why am I here?" she yells at the snowglobe.

      "Just bring me your ordinary, boring neggs!" the muffled voice of the faerie says, then vanishes.

      The Cybunny shakes the empty snowglobe in frustration. What does she mean? She gets up and walks over to the castle, wanting to go inside but afraid. When she sees a mosaic negg dangling on a dainty string on a nearby tree with a note attached, she makese up her mind to go inside.

      "Take me, take me, take me," a squeaky voice says as the Cybunny nears the door of the castle.

      She looks to see where the voice is coming from, but all she sees is a plain yellow negg. She debates it for a while, but she takes it just in case.

      "Press me, press me, press me," a deep voice yells as she enters.

      She looks around fearfully and sees nothing but Yellow Candy Buttons. She pokes one of the candies, thinking it will do nothing, but it does.

      She feels light again and the walls of the castle rush by her in bright colors. She closes her eyes and braces herself to fall, but she does not. She opens her eyes after a few minutes to see she is no longer floating.

      She stands in the big, spring green room. The rug is like soft, clean grass and the walls are covered with images of neggs. She touches one lightly with her paw.

      "Just bring me your ordinary boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!" they all begin to say over and over.

      She screams and covers her ears, holding tightly onto the yellow negg. She wants the noise to stop, she wants to know what they mean so badly! Her anger gets the best of her, after bearing the noise for a few seconds. She chucks the yellow negg at the wall with all of her strength.

      Surprisingly, the noise stops. She lifts her paws from her ears and looks at the walls. The neggs are gone. But she sees the yellow negg, unharmed lying over a purple door.

      "That wasn't there before..." the Cybunny says, thinking she was losing her mind--and her eyesight.

      She opens the door cautiously and sees a Cool Negg. She grabs it quickly.

      "Oh my! One of the rarest Neggs ever? I could sell this for so much... If I ever get back to my boring, old home," she says sadly, tossing the negg back and forth in her paws.

      She notices orange paint on her paws and a pair of sunglasses clink to the floor. She looks at the cool negg in confusion. In fact, it isn't a cool negg at all. It's a large blue jelly bean. As she sighs, she crushes the jelly bean with her paws.

      "I WANT TO GO HOME! I WANT TO GO BACK TO MY BORING LIFE! I DON'T NEED ANY MORE EXCITEMENT! I WANT TO GO HOME! I WANT TO..." she cries and almost doesn't notice the scroll of paper in her paw where the jelly bean was.

      She unrolls it, wiping her tears with the back of her paw. There are no words, just a drawing of the Negg Faerie, as one of her tears hit the paper something magical happens. The faerie comes to life.

      "Just bring me your ordinary, boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!" the faerie says, flapping her wings graciously.

      "Stop saying that! What does it mean?" The Cybunny shakes her head in frustration.

      The faerie just smiles and picks the yellow negg from the grassy floor. Then, she pulls out a small white drawstring bag.

      "This," she says, holding up the yellow negg, "is your old, boring life." She squishes it and it vanishes in her hand.

      "This," she says, reaching into the bag and pulling out a Kaleideonegg, "will fill your life with color." She hands the negg to the Cybunny who takes it reluctantly.

      "This," the faerie says again and pulls a smiley negg from the bag, "will make your life filled with happiness." She hands it to the Cybunny again.

      "This," she says louder this time as she hands the bag to the awestruck Cybunny, "is a bag of infinite neggs. This will give you any and every negg you can ever ask for or dream of. But you mustn't use it for greed or you will only get wicked neggs. You must not use it for power, or you will only get cracked neggs. You need to spice up your life, because being gray is boring."

      The Cybunny stares with her jaw dropped as she holds the bag in her hand. The most powerful bag in Neopia is in her paws.

      "A... Are you sure?" the Cybunny asks, eyes wide.

      The faerie giggles and nods, and hands the Cybunny a vortex negg and a rainbow negg.

      "A bite of each and you'll be satisfied." The faerie grins and vanishes into nothing.

      The Cybunny looks down at the blank scroll of paper and holds all the faerie's gifts tightly. She listens to the Negg Faerie and bites the vortex negg, and she appears back at her empty, gray home. But it's full of color and furniture. The Cybunny can't help but smile.

      Then, she holds the rainbow negg in her gray paw and bites it. A sugary flavor fills her mouth and she notices her fur is not gray anymore! She looks at the shell mirror on her wall and sees she is now rainbow! She smiles brightly and runs outside.

      The colorful Cybunny runs to the Pound up the street and pulls neggs from her bag of infinite neggs.

      "One for you, and for you, and for you!" she sings, handing a colorful negg to each of the sad-looking pets.

      Each of the pets smiles and thanks her, gratefully eating the neggs. The Cybunny continues to visit the Pound every day, feeding each and every pet neggs to brighten their day. She doesn't become greedy nor very powerful. Nobody believes her story, but she will always remember that gray, boring day and the kind deed of the Negg Faerie.

The End

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