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Sartorial Shoyrus: A guide to Shoyru-specific Wearables

by lotusbutterfly


So we all know there is some truly spiffy clothing around that all Neopets can wear, but what about those special items that are just for your Shoyru? With a little (grudging) help from some of my Shoyru buddies, I’ll give you a run down on the dashing threads you can treat your Shoyru to this year.

*Note: clothing cannot be applied to Unconverted, Baby, Maraquan or Mutant Shoyrus.

The general trend is that full body items (shirt, jackets, dresses) tend to be the more expensive and more difficult to find. They are the main piece of kit in any given outfit and are more distinctive than some of the other pieces, so tend to draw a more attention anyway.

Smaller items (gloves, shoes) tend to be the cheapest and most common, but they are also the least noticed in a customisation, and are the least recognisable as part of the outfit – they could easily be replaced by an item from a different outfit with minimal impact on the overall effect.

After all, if you saw a pair of Dapper Shoyru Shoes on a pet, would you say “Oh, those are the Dapper Shoyru Shoes! Why are they using those with a different outfit?”?

If the answer is yes, you know your clothing items very well! Perhaps too well...?

*Note: all items are neopoint items and can be bought from the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, Auctions or Uni’s Clothing Shop (if you’re quick enough!). Prices listed are from the SW and the TP only

All prices are approximate and correct at time of writing, and may go either up or down!

The Dapper Set:

The complete set includes four items:

Approximate cost:

Dapper Shoyru Monocle 25,000

Dapper Shoyru Shirt and Coat 300,000

Dapper Shoyru Shoes 7,500

Dapper Shoyru Trousers 30,000

Total Cost: 362,500 NP

The perfect set for a true gentleman, the Dapper outfit combines the sophistication of a pinstripe suit with the eccentricity of a fine, glass Monocle! What better for whiling away the hours with a select group of friends, laughing over all the fine Neopian literature one has read, or going for evening stroll along the walkways of Neopia (Although don’t tell him it’s the least expensive of the four outfits – he might consider it rather insulting!)?


Myself, I have never been one for bright colours, so I find the subdued tones of this tailored outfit quite dignified: essential for a refined Neopian such as myself. And now, perhaps, Lotus will stop complaining that I’m too dreary and impossible to customise, hmm?

The Flower Set:

This set is made up of three items:

Approximate cost:

Shoyru Blue Bow Slippers 65,000

Shoyru Flower Hair Clip 35,000

Shoyru Yellow Flower Dress 300,000

Total Cost: 400,000 NP

The only truly feminine of the outfits – in fact, the only one with a dress! The flowery brightness makes it a must-have for the Summer. Now, I’ll admit that there are few dresses I like on Shoyrus, but this is certainly one of them. It’s simple and fun, and allows your Shoyru to show off her girly side!


I begged Lotus for aaaaaaages to let me have this outfit to cover up my patchwork, but she made me wait! Hrmph! It was really worth it, though! I love the way the frills move when I run around and sometimes I can’t stop myself from twirling, just for the fun of it! And with the slippers as well, I feel like a proper Summer princess!

The Rocket Set:

There are six items to this outfit:

Approximate cost:

Rocket Shoyru Gloves 7,500

Rocket Shoyru Helmet 500,000

Rocket Shoyru Pullover 75,000

Rocket Shoyru Rocket Pack 90,000

Rocket Shoyru Shoes 20,000

Rocket Shoyru Trousers 20,000

Total Cost: 712,500 NP

For those looking to explore the stars, this is the outfit for you! The Rocket Pack will propel you further than your wings can take you (with a matching Helmet in case you *accidentally* lose control)! There is a warm Pullover and Gloves, handy for those cold trips into Space, so look out, Universe! Although it’s the second most expensive costume, it still comes in at well under 1,000,000 NP, so if you have some spare neopoints lying around, why not treat your Shoyru?


I really don’t see why Lotus makes me wear the Helmet – I mean, I AM a Robot Shoyru, so I’m already protected! Then again, there was that one incident at Virtupets Station where... ok, so maybe it is a good idea! I like to put on my Rocket Pack and go shooting off away from my brothers and sisters, get some ‘me’-time for a change... and I really TRY to stay out of trouble! And the views from up there are just awesome!

The Aviator Set:

This outfit comprises an astonishing eight different items:

Approximate costs:

Shoyru Aviator Gloves 2,500

Shoyru Aviator Helmet 50,000

Shoyru Aviator Shoes 7,500

Shoyru Blue Aviator Shirt 85,000

Shoyru Pink Aviator Goggles 65,000

Shoyru Pink Aviator Jacket 6,000,000

Shoyru Pink Aviator Scarf 37,500

Shoyru Pink Aviator Trousers 200,000

Total Cost: 6,447,500 NP

Now, we all know that Shoyrus can fly, but now they can fly in style! The Aviator outfit is by far my favourite – although it is also the most costly, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny to deck your Shoyru out with the complete flying gear! Maybe it’s just because it’s purple, but I find that the design and detailing of this outfit simply superb! With so many pieces to this outfit, it’s easy to mix and match to achieve the desired look, and it has a real adventurer’s spirit to it. So for any of those professional flyers out there, this is the outfit for you!


I LOVE this outfit SOO much! I had to wait a while to get the Jacket (which is the best part!), but it really pulled the outfit together. Being a Faerie Shoyru, it matches my colouring beautifully, and the Jacket is fur-lined so I can snuggle when it gets chilly up there! I like being a bit of a tomboy (unlike my sister Evaryll), and this is perfect for exploring Neopia with my brothers!

Little Extras:

There are two wearable items NOT specific to Shoyrus that I would like to mention here. They can be worn by any pet, but are extra special to Shoyrus, naturally! They are the Shoyru Wooden Toy and the Shoyru Garland.

The Shoyru Wooden Toy was available from the US Burger King promotion by redeeming one of the one-use prize codes. This item is tradeable, so can be bought off the Shop Wizard, Trading Post or Auctions, but it does not restock in any Neopian shops.

Approximate Cost: 14,000 NP

The Shoyru Garland is a little different: This was an item from the Canadian Burger King promotion, and is non-tradeable, but this means you are allowed to redeem the code on side accounts. The code is the same for everyone, but there are four different items you can get from it, and which ones you get are random. You could be very unlucky, like me, and NOT get the Shoyru Garland at all!

The items are:

Shoyru Garland

Purple Shoyru Balloon (Toy)

Faerieland Garden Background

Faerieland Kite (Toy)

The code for these four items is F213 and you can use it up to 8 times at the Neopets Burger King (Canada) page. You can find it by typing “Burger King” in the Neopets Search Box.

Now I’ve covered all the outfits available (so far at least!). With only four for now, your Shoyrus may not agree on who gets to wear what, but there are plenty of items to go around, and you can mix and match with paintbrush or non-species-specific clothing to achieve some wonderful and unique outfits! So it’s time to get cracking and treat your Shoyru to a fresh, new look!

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