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A Guide to Mutant Pets

by alt1981black


A lot of Neopet owners lean toward the cute and cuddly, the soft and fluffy, and anything else that can describe a Neopet. However, one group of neopets remains seriously misunderstood, and often neglected. They are also the ugliest group of pets in Neopia, without question. Welcome to the world of Neopia's ugliest, most bizarre-looking residents, the mutants.

Ask anyone you meet in Neopia Central what their dream pet is, and more often you'll hear about cuddly baby pets, regal royal pets, or cute plushie pets. Ask them what they think about mutant pets, and nine times out of ten, the conversation ends with a look of disgust, a groan of dismay, or maybe without any comments at all. You might find yourself alone after maybe five minutes, and all caused by talking about mutants.

How did mutant pets ever come into existence in Neopia? It's said that long, long ago, inside of a very dark laboratory, Dr. Sloth spent many long hours working with many strange ingredients, creating very strange potions that would have "interesting" effects on the pets that drank them. For a while, he convinced Kauvara to sell these potions, saying they were quite harmless, and good for the citizens of Neopia. His plans worked for a while, until the truth behind these "amazing" potions were revealed.

Ever since, these potions, known as transmogrification potions, were banned from Kauvara's shop, yet, despite the fact once-cute pets were turned into sad, twisted monstrosities, many Neopians soon grew fond of them, and willingly took them in and gave them homes. It became apparent that there was still something good underneath the hideous outward appearance. Now, the demands for transmogrification potions are on the rise once again, and mutant pets even have their own special day, as well. Imagine that!

So, what can one expect in owning a mutant pet? Quite a lot, really! Having two of my own, here are a few things I'll share from my own experiences, so you'll know what it's like to own a mutant pet for yourself.

You can get a mutant from several methods. There are the potions, or there's the lab ray, fountain quests, or the pound. How you get the potions comes from several ways. You can buy one from the trading post, or from an auction, or you can receive one from Dr. Sloth himself, who really has a lot of nerve to hand them out, in my opinion! Each potion comes in a special bottle; some are very obvious as to the species, others not so much. Once you get the potion, have your pet drink it, and brace yourself for the changes!

Once the potion is drunk, your pet's flesh will twist and turn, and your pet's features will change, and then you will no longer recognise your pet, particularly if he or she had once been cute and cuddly. Be aware that many mutants look terrifying, but beneath the twisted flesh and distorted features, there's still a Neopet that needs care, love, and kindness.

What are mutants really like? Believe it or not, despite the stereotypical beliefs about mutants, most of them are completely untrue. Mutants, like any other pet, enjoy being pampered with books, toys, and yummy treats. My mutant Xweetok, as an example, is a true bookworm, and despite the crazy expression on his face, he's actually quite harmless, and rather shy, as well. On the other hand, my mutant Kyrii is a bit grumpy and something of a showoff. Be prepared for anything with a mutant!

You might wonder, since mutants are physically unattractive, do they prefer toys that are hideous, too? It really depends on the mutant, to be honest! My mutant Kyrii has a temper, but he enjoys playing with knitting kits! My mutant Xweetok has a favourite Darigan Faellie action figure, but he also finds a pink Chomby bouncy ball to be fun.

Mutants, like all other pets, have their own unique personality traits. Some will be friendly, some will be ferocious. Some mutants will have a higher intellect than others. Some will be talkative; others will merely make growling noises and drool all over the place. Just be aware that many mutants that drool will have toxins in their saliva, so please cuddle them with care!

Can mutants learn? Indeed they can! Many people own mutants to train as battle pets. Because many mutants gain a lot of muscle when they mutate, they become very strong, so many of them become amazing candidates for battle training. Even the mutants who lose much of their intellect when they mutate are capable of being trained. It remains a mystery as to how they learn to control their actions in battling, however.

Will mutants get along with non-mutants? They certainly can, but this could take a lot of time and effort. How can you help them? Buy a few plushies for them to play with. It's best to give them plushies that look like non-mutant Neopets, such as green Myncies or red Blumaroos, as examples. Spend time playing with them, and after a while, take them outside, where they'll encounter actual Neopets. Be careful, though! Some cases have found that the mutants will think actual Neopets are just larger plushies, so choose your outings with care!

Like all other Neopets, mutants can get sick, sad, or hungry, so be sure you don't neglect them! They need love and attention, like any other Neopet. Give them plenty of toys, food, and exercise, and plenty of love, besides! Some mutants enjoy music, so take them to see a concert in Tyrannia, or buy them a musical instrument. Others enjoy art, so give them modelling clay, knitting kits, or colouring books. Two of my Neopets are non-mutants, and interaction with non-mutants is highly advisable, from my own experience.

Overall, I'm very proud to be a mutant owner. Both my mutants are wonderful. They take care of their petpets, are kind to their non-mutant siblings, and they get along with each other without any problems at all. Believe it or not, both my dream pets are mutants, and I'm very happy to own them at last. My dream pets were never cute and cuddly, and having owned mutants for a while, I can honestly say I've no regrets about my choices of dream pets.

If you're searching for a mutant pet, I promise you, it's rewarding to own a mutant. Treat them right, with kindness and love, and you'll have a wonderful pet that will exceed the expectations, time after time. Good luck in your search, and may the best mutant win!

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