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The Top Ten Y11 Advent Calendar Items

by alt1981black


Everyone loves the Advent Calendar. I know I do! Every day, I make the long hike to Happy Valley for free daily prizes, many of which just can't be beat anywhere else. Let's count down the Top 10 Advent Calendar items from Y11, or at least my Top 10, anyhow!

Fingerless Asparagus Gloves

10. Fingerless Asparagus Gloves

These are awesome wearables. I can't say enough about them. They offer some awesome customisation options like never before. Your pets can wear these, along with other items, for an amazing hobo outfit. Here's a great one to try: Fingerless Asparagus Gloves, Asparagus Scarf, Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, Tinfoil Hat or Pumpkin Lid Hat, and Crumpled Paper Bag or Cardboard Box Background. These are the perfect match for the Asparagus Scarf, besides! One great item for any pet, except, perhaps, for wannabe thieves!

Extra Strength Terry Berry Tea

9. Extra Strength Terry Berry Tea

This is perfect for soothing an aching head, first of all. No doubt a bunch of happy, excited, energetic pets will ultimately give anyone an aching head, particularly whilst squabbling over each other's newest toys, games, and books. If your pets start to get a bit too rowdy, pour out a nice cup of Extra Strength Terry Berry Tea and bid a fond farewell to your aching head very quickly! The delicious terry berry flavour will help this medicine go down, besides! This is definitely a post-holiday must!

Bruce Pull Along

8. Bruce Pull Along

Ah, what a wonderful present for any young pet! Festive, fun, colourful, and highly entertaining! Let's face it, your pet's day has just been made with this classic toy! Who can resist this fun little item, featuring everyone's favourite Terror Mountain species? Ideal for the younger members of your Neo family, in particular. This toy even makes a cute cheeping sound as you pull it! How fun! It just can't get better than this, or can it? Read on to find out!

Carolling Neoplants

7. Caroling Neoplants

We wish you a Merry Giving Day, and a Happy New Year! Here's a great item for any and all plant lovers in the family. Who could resist these cute singing plants in their festive pot? These Caroling Neoplants are just the thing to make any pet's day. You also get free music for holiday gatherings and festivities. How nice is that? Just a heads up, these singing plants might give you an aching head after a while, so listen to their festive singing at your own risk!

Holiday Mystery Island Shirt

6. Holiday Mystery Island Shirt

Ah, the perfect shirt for our Mystery Island friends and neighbours! Wear this at the beach to bring the spirit of the holidays to this delightfully tropical paradise, or wear it anywhere else to bring that delightful tropical feeling anywhere else, for that matter. A great shirt for any place, any time. This will become a wardrobe staple for many years to come, and it'll be the most festive tropical shirt you'll ever find out there! Surf's up!

Kelp Holiday Garland

5. Kelp Garland

This is an amazing, elegant, and festive garland that will bring your pets holiday cheer at any time of the year. One of the best items for Mutant and Maraquan pets in particular, perhaps, to keep them in a festive mood. A delightful product of the finest Maraquan craftsmanship in an elegant garland to enjoy for years to come. One of the most elegant decorations you will ever own, complete with a slight hint of sea breeze essence, too.

King Roo in a Box

4. King Roo In a Box

Here's a really cheerful toy that's bound to put a smile on any pet's face, particularly a Blumaroo. Turn the handle to hear the Roo Island anthem, reputed to be the creation of Roo Island's own Grandma Roo from long, long ago. The perfect gift for the Roo Island fan in any Neo family. King Roo himself would be proud to own one of these, I'd bet! This could frighten young pets at first, but in time, your little ones will be screaming for joy, clapping their hands, and playing with this amazing toy nonstop!

Moltara Christmas Tree

3. Moltara Christmas Tree

Here's a noteworthy gift worth mentioning, since the recent revelation of Moltara that has excited Neopians everywhere. What could be better than celebrating the Day of Giving with a wonderful Moltara Christmas Tree? With its glistening brass ornaments and hammered brass star tree-topper, this is the perfect way to celebrate Giving Day with a touch of Moltaran style, and it'll make your Moltaran guests feel quite at home, too, when they stop by your Neohome to celebrate good times with you. An amazing touch of Moltaran decor for any Neohome, and a nice item to make your Moltaran guests feel more at home.

Holiday Stocking Kite

2. Holiday Stocking Kite

Another wonderful treat for anyone who lives in a particularly windy place, most particularly Mystery Island and Terror Mountain. The only drawbacks are most likely Kreludor and Maraqua, due to lack of wind for both these places, though there's a great artificial wind tunnel located on Virtupets Station that could be a great place for a Grundo to fly this kite. Just remember, fly this lovely kite at your own risk, and particularly if you're in Terror Mountain! I heard the winds that blow there can become very strong within mere seconds!

Waiting for Restock Background

1. Waiting For Restocking Background

Truly, the gift that keeps on giving, even if we just missed that ideal present by mere seconds! This background is my personal favourite Advent Calendar item cos it's the perfect reminder of the average restocking scenario that many of us will experience many times over as we learn the ropes of restocking. Just remember to remind your pets that the joys of giving a good gift might not come easy, yet one needn't spend a fortune to make someone else's Giving Day complete. This background is truly a classic, in my opinion!

So there you have it, my Top 10 Advent Calendar picks for Y11! This list merely reflects my own choices, of course, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing my favourite gifts, anyway. That said, I hope that you all have a safe and prosperous New Year! See you all in Y12!

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