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The Pompadour Plunger: A guide to Petpet Plunge

by bartdrunkeys


MARAQUA - Sir Pompadour fancies himself as quite the treasure hunter, so when the Skeith heard about the riches of Maraqua he headed out right away. What he didn't realise, though, was that it was sunken treasure. Sir Pompadour thought it would be a crime to get his gorgeous head of hair wet, and so had enlisted the help of some Maraquan petpets to do the dirty work and fetch his treasure for him. But, heh, since this was a newly released game, one would expect the Neopians who are in fact controlling the petpets would need some kind of guidance. Good thing you stopped by to read this article! ;)


You control the Maraquan petpets to collect all the treasure. You are given 4 shots on each level (with an exception of the bonus rounds where you only get one shot). The longer your arrow, the more power the petpet shot will have.

There are also different kind of shells to collect:

  • 3 point shells (they do nothing special)
  • 4 point shells (they speed you up)
  • 5 point shell (light blue shell, no friction, this means when you hit something you will keep moving and not stop for about 5 seconds.)
  • Extra shot green clams (they give you an extra shot to spare)

There are also a few obstacles, or things that could help you.

  • Orange bumper bubbles: they are indestructable.
  • Blue bubbles: you can make them pop if you bump into them. They will give 2 points if you do that.
  • Green flame bumper bubbles: they can be cleared by bumping into them 3 times, but will give no points.

Level Guide

For Petpet Plunge it is good to walk through all of the levels. There are 12 levels in total.

Level 1

A pretty straightforward level. Hover your mouse over the right eye of Sir Pompadour and click. (Sir Pompadour will be watching you throughout the game to make sure you won't keep any treasure for yourself). Wow, you finished that level in one shot! Next, please!

Level 2

Aim just below the "effects on" option at the upper right corner. If you did it right, you might even clear it in one shot. From now on, all the levels have a random effect, unless you manage to reproduce your shots with a very secure aiming point.

Level 3

Aim at the upper left corner green bumper bumper bubble and make sure you hit the no friction shell after. This level is possible to clear in one shot if the petpet manages to bump into everything.

Level 4

Lots of bubbles; not many shells... It seems like a worthless level, and impossible to clear in one shot!

Not quite worthless, though. ;) A bonus level is hidden in one of the blue bubbles and will change into a whirlpool! Just aim right in the whirlpool and enter the bonus level.

*Bonus Level 1

This bonus stage is hard to clear in one shot. There are a bunch of shells for you to collect, though, and you should be able to get at least 100+ points on this stage if you aim at one of the pink shells with full power.

Level 5

A new Maraquan petpet for you to control in this level; how fun! You are also introduced with some other petpets in the water who can mess up your shots badly. :( Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

To complete this level, you need to aim in the centre of the orange bumpers to the left, where the no friction shell is. That shot should clear most of the level.

Level 6

The game gets a bit harder now. This level is possible to clear in one shot, although it's easy to mess up. Aim at the right upper corner where the no friction shell is. If that shot doesn't complete the level, just use your other shots to complete it and continue to level 7.

Level 7

Shells are all covered on all the edges, and there are 4 petpets which can mess your shots up - no fun! Aim left down where our well-known friend no friction shell is. This should clear most of the level and your next shots should be lined up pretty easily.

Level 8

Basically the same as level 4, but with a lot more blue bubbles. Try to pop most of the bubbles and hope you can enter the bonus whirlpool - that's if you cleared level 5, 6 or 7 in one shot however, otherwise don't bother wasting your time for it to appear because it won't.

*Bonus Level 2

Aim at the no friction shell in any direction and you will most likely complete it with one shot. Easy as pie, and another 100 points earned.

Level 9

You are introduced with a bubblebee to guide now, and there's also some kind of stream (which is also present in level 10, 11 and 12) which makes the petpet go in a weird direction sometimes. Anyway, back to level 9. Wait until the crabs have burrowed, and aim in the left lower corner against the orange bumpers. Most shells should be gone by then, and maybe you are lucky and clear it in one shot!

Level 10

Ahh... Your introduction with the extra shot clams. You can only collect them if they are open. They are hard to reach, however, since they are blocked by a line of green bubbles. Remove one green bubble by aiming at it with full power. Collect the clams and clear the rest of the level with the extra shots you obtained. This is the hardest level in my opinion, since it's almost impossible to clear in one shot - you would have to be super duper lucky to do it!

Level 11

Second to last level! This level should be easier than level 10. Wait until the crabs have gone and aim left up. Just hope it will clear in one shot, but you can still complete it fairly easily with your other shots if you don't.

Level 12

Last level! There's also a bonus in this level in one of the two green bubbles in the centre, provided you cleared level 9, 10 or 11 in one shot. Hop into the whirlpool as you see it. If you can't go to the bonus stage, it's easy to collect most of the shells. The shells are pretty much lined up, but the arkmites swimming in your way can be pretty disturbing.

*Bonus Stage 3

A level with a lot of shells, with some speed up shells in the corners. I have only reached this level once, and I think it's hard to give you aiming points here. But if you get this far, you are probably an expert and you can figure out a great shot for yourself. ;)

Things to keep in mind while you are playing:

In levels 4, 8 and 12, the bonus whirlpool will only appear if you cleared one of the previous levels in one shot.

Clearing a level in one shot will give you:

(points you earned on that level) * 2 = bonus points

Clearing a level in two shots will give you:

(points you earned on that level) * 0.5 = bonus points

Bonus is always most rounded DOWN.

Keep in mind that the petpets swimming in the water can mess up your shots badly, so focus your attention on them while you are aiming.

Play in low quality, since this game tends to lag from time to time. It’s better to have perfect movement for the fishes!

Last but not least, you can also play in zen mode if you reached a certain level before. I can recommend this mode for practicing a level several times if you want to get better at this game.

Sir Pompadour will be waiting for your excellent skills - why don't you go and help him out now?

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