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10 Characters You Don't Want To Meet In Neopia

by valkyrieshadows


Ever walked home through the woods and had a suspicious feeling you were being watched? Constantly scared for your safety, fearing the worst kinds of Neopets out there? Well, toss and turn no more*; here is a field guide to the top ten devious, dangerous and deadly characters lurking in damp, cold corners of Neopia.

*Note: Actual guide may lead to serious bouts of fear.


10: Masila

Also known as the Mistress of the Doublecross, this beautiful but power-craving Acara stopped at nothing to overthrow Galem, leader of the Thieves’ Guild. Cunningly deceitful with no apparent morals, Masila poisoned Kanrik, her only ally, to assure her schemes remained secret. If it wasn’t for Hannah...

9: Meuka

An evil and disgusting creature made of the grossest resources know to Neopia? Or an innocent and unsuspecting victim of a more vicious villain? Probably the first choice. While not in the leagues of the most dangerous Neopets out there, Meuka is no pushover. A Meerca made entirely out of snot and an insanely powerful Battledome challenger, Meuka’s teeth can grind steel into powder and make even the bravest Meridell knights cower.

Note: All Neopets should take extreme caution and travel in groups of three or more around the Haunted Woods; there is no knowing where this sinister snot ball will show up!

8: Lab Ray Scientist

Ok, ok, so I guess he’s not exactly a bad guy, but he can be a nasty foe and taking your chances with this crazy Scorchio can result in some pretty serious consequences for you (and your pet!). When you have completed the mysterious, and expensive, Secret Laboratory Map, you have the choice of putting your perfect pet on the line as this crazy scientist does creepy, not to mention painful, experiments on your pal. The Lab Ray Scientist is also a valued Battledome challenger who can change your pet’s gender with a zap from his ray.

7: Eliv Thade

Once a famous puzzle solver, this unhinged and undead Kacheek haunts his Haunted Woods mansion, making any pet who unsuspectingly enters his home solve a series of devastatingly difficult puzzles. Neopets should beware the red-eyed gaze of this ruthless spirit and of course his chillingly creepy catchphrase, "Everything is a game. A vile, evil, delightful game." It is unknown how he obtained his stitched eye and heavily bandaged hands, but one can easily imagine...

6: Jhudora

Looming down over Faerieland from her menacing cloud, Jhudora prefers to surround herself with confusion and fear. This powerful Dark Faerie supposedly “helps” young Neopets by asking them to run errands for her, collecting certain items and tokens and then rewarding them with suspicious gifts. It is not known why she needs all of these items. Although having not committed treacherous crimes against Neopia, Jhudora is regarded with regarded with deep suspicion and should not be approached under any circumstances. While it is well known that the other Faeries residing in Neopia dislike Jhudora for her manipulative ways, they cannot hold her directly to any terrible deeds and she remains a free Faerie...

Or does she? Just ask Illusen...

5: Vira

Once a young and beautiful Acara, it seems ambition and greed caught up to her and trapped her in a web of dark magic. Rumors have spread and whispers have been passed around about this villain’s story but it is commonly suspected she was the victim of a Dark Faerie’s malicious spell. Only a mere remnant of the beauty she once was, Vira prefers the darkness of the woods and has a frightening habit of hissing at people. Her eyes shine red with cat-like green irises, flashing arrogance at any brave soul who challenges her.

4: Balthazar

Beware this bounty hunter! Balthazar weaves through the Haunted Woods imprisoning Faeries in small, claustrophobic, magical bottles, later selling them at outrageous prices. He is also an intimidating Battledome challenger to say the least! Balthazar sports incredible endurance which ensures any opponent with a lengthy ordeal. A victim of abandonment, Balthazar was left on the edge of the Haunted Woods by his family. Young and vulnerable, Balthazar stumbled through the creepy forest until he came upon a clearing occupied by Dark Faeries. Desperate, a weak and distraught young Balthazar pleaded these Faeries for help, but his efforts were unsuccessful. The Dark Faeries taunted and attacked him before he ran away, crying. Balthazar never forgot what the Faeries did to him and they are still paying the consequences.

Side Note: Balthazar also enjoys eating a wide range of innocent and unsuspecting petpets.

3: Lord Kass

A Darigan Eyrie and successor to Lord Darigan, Lord Kass became ruler of Darigan Citadel after Lord Darigan disappeared and he convinced the residents of Darigan Citadel to revolt again against Meridell. A destructive dictator, Kass was corrupted by The Three until his actions became more and more erratic. After he had gained enough loyalty from his people, Kass inducted himself as Lord and convinced his people that the Meridell army was preparing to attack them. Kass is also featured in the Battledome as a ridiculously difficult challenger. Allegedly finished, Kass was caught in a magical explosion. Some say he is gone, but many are cautious. There are rumors even that he has been planning something particularly nasty for a certain young Blumaroo.

2: The Sleeper

The Sleeper, the Betrayer or the Mistress of Nightmares. Whichever name you wish to call her has the same effect on every Neopet. A cold, sharp shiver running down the back of their spine. The Darkest Faerie is thought to be the most powerful Dark Faerie in existence, possibly even the most powerful faerie in all of Neopia (with the exception of Fyora). A truly evil being, the Darkest Faerie was one of Altador’s twelve Heroes before she betrayed them* in an attempt to wipe away the history of Altador so she could take over as its ruler. She was also known, before the betrayal, to be a friend of King Altador, once saving him from a lethal Skeith attack. As she was becoming such a powerful threat, Fyora took action and, harnessing the power of Jerdana’s Orb, imprisoned the Sleeper in stone, never to be awakened*. Her evil plans would have succeeded if it wasn’t for the citizens of Altador and a few *cough* helpful travelers.

*Note: Hence the alias, The Betrayer.

*Note: It is unknown where the statue of the Darkest Faerie lies, although some Neopets have sworn a similar statue has been seen in the cold dark depths of Maraqua...

And who could out-evil the epitome of darkness? The darkest Faerie that has ever walked the soil of Neopia? None other than...

1: Dr Sloth

A malicious and evil scientist absolutely resolute on either obliterating or taking over Neopia. The manufacturer of the expensive but dodgy Transmogrification Potions, Dr. Frank Sloth is the ultimate enemy of Neopia. A common Neopet would not stand a chance under his wrath. Nobody knows where Dr. Sloth currently resides; no one really wants to know either. Dr. Sloth returning would be disastrous for Neopia and all those who reside on its surface. Even though he has not been seen for a while, Dr. Sloth has a quite profound resemblance to the Happiness Faerie. Dr. Sloth lists his greatest achievement as the enslavement of the alien race of the Grundos.

Well, there you have it. A complete field guide to the top ten shady characters you wouldn’t want to meet in Neopia. You no longer have an excuse to be paranoid and if you weren’t paranoid before, well, you sure are now!

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