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Usuls: The Best Neopet Ever!

by tiickled


Before we begin, I must share with you that Usul is pronounced oo-sul. That means it's an oo-sul, not a yew-sul. Okay? Okay! Glad we got that straightened out.

If you don't believe me, check out the pronunciation page, here: //

Now we can proceed!

I love Usuls. I always have and I always will. Have you ever seen an Usul?! They're so cute! I don't understand why they are not one of the top three species on this site. They SHOULD be!!

I have three Usuls of my very own (a faerie, a royal girl, and a rainbow), and I love them very much! Why, you ask? Well, I'll share with you the top 10 reasons I just totally love Usuls.

1) Usuls come with ribbons and bows!

With this new customization thing, that's pretty cool. If you have two Usuls, you can even switch out their accessories (the ear ribbons and the large tail bow) and make them even more unique and colorful. Not to mention their little fluffy neck fur that can be different colors. With all of the different colors that Usuls can be painted, you can end up with ear ribbons and tail bows in light purple, dark blue, light brown, green camouflage, yellow, light blue, black, light pink, red, dark blue-green, green, deep purple, ice, brown, jelly, gray, dark pink, rainbow, silver, light green, reddish brown, cream, medium blue, and even bone ones!

2) Speaking of customization...

The clothing items that come with some painted Usuls, besides the ribbons and bows (since they were already mentioned), are some of the cutest clothing currently available on Neopets. Their little devilish Halloween costume is too cute, and reminiscent of a popular Neopian toy as well! (See number 9.) Pirate Usuls are appropriately fearsome, with a really nifty hat. The most fearsome, however, is the zombie, which is also accessorized properly. The Tyrannian Usuls have bone bows, as previously mentioned, and an awesome dress as well. The royal Usuls are also clothed to the highest standard in Neopian fashion today. This directly leads me to my next point...

3) They can be painted many colors.

Such as royal, for instance The royal girl Usul is one of the nicest looking royal pets ever, in my humble opinion. The faerie Usul (since the makeover anyway *cough*) is definitely one of the cutest faerie pets out there. The combination of pink and green is simply exquisite! It shows great taste to combine these two colors, as nature often does it with pink flowers and their green leaves and stems! Faeries do come from nature, right? Right! Also, Usuls come in chocolate, ice, and zombie, all three of which are not available for that many other species. Usuls also come in baby, biscuit, brown, camouflage, Christmas, cloud, Darigan, desert, disco, electric, fire, ghost, gold, grey, island, jelly, mutant, orange, pink, plushie, purple, rainbow, robot, silver, skunk, snow, speckled, spotted, starry, strawberry, striped, white, and... usuki! (Refer to number 9.)

4) They're cute.

Just look at the little things!! They have big fluffy ears and big fluffy tails. They have little button noses. They're short and squishy. They have tiny little feet. They have big, adorable eyes. Even their smile is just as cutie-ful as can be. What more could you possibly want? If they were any cuter, you'd get sick just from looking at them!

5) They like to play.

Usuls love to play, especially hide and seek. Because of their small size, you better be good at it too! Usuls are also known to be incredible skiers! Don't remember that game? Check out the game graveyard. *wink* Besides that, they love to swim, swing, bounce, jump, climb, hop, skip, jump, and a variety of other action verbs too! (You have kept up with your homework enough to know what a verb is, right?)

6) It's fun to brush their fur.

Unis are the vain ones, but Usuls have more reason to be! They're covered in lovely, fluffy fur, and their tails are just a mass of soft loveliness. It's great fun to brush them and put bows on them, as mentioned above. Usuls are very good pets and they like to sit there and let you brush out their fur. It feels good to them! Plus, this can get you an avatar!

7) They're intelligent and love to read.

If you want to go for a book award, Usuls will not let you down. These wood-dwelling creatures love to read! Any books, about anything, they're delighted to have and will thank you politely for giving them such a great opportunity. Aren't they sweet? *smile*

8) They're small!

You don't need a huge neohome with a huge bed to house these little beauties. Usuls are small creatures, so they don't need a whole lot of room. If you have a small neohome, it's no problem for the Usul! This also means you can carry them around easily, even in your pocket, especially those baby Usuls! But don't worry too much, they're still awesome in the Battledome too! This can also be used to trick your opponent, hehe.

9) Usukis!

Need I say more? Okay, I will. Usukis are the cutest craze to every sweep over Neopia. Everyone loves usuki dolls! And why not? They're adorable, since they're based on Usuls. If you have an Usul, some might mistake them for a life-size usuki doll! Not to mention the Usuki Paint Brush.... well, okay, we'll mention it! Only two species can be painted with the Usuki Paint Brush, and who wants a Quiggle anyway, huh?! It's just one more thing that makes Usuls incredibly special Neopets.

10) You don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get one like those icky Krawks and Draiks.

Usuls are not expensive to get. You don't have to hatch an egg or feed a petpet some icky fungus. You don't even have to wait for their special day (which is in November, mind you!) You can right to create-a-pet and get your own! So why don't you? Right now! What are you waiting for? Hurry!


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