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Sincerely, Luna

by blubblub317


Dear Luna,

     Yes, this is me talking to myself in an odd letter-form way. Curiosity may have already swiftly overtaken the creature who's somehow managed to read this. A young, yellow Ixi writing to herself: why? I've got my reasons. For starters, it's pouring rain outside. Seriously, the rain is really bad. Flowrey went outside to play 'Edna and the Princess' with her prissy friends, and came back in just ten minutes ago, her disheveled fur drenched in water. It almost made me crack up since I know Flowrey likes to be clean and well-groomed.

     Wow, already wrote one paragraph. That's something you won't see everyday (I'm not a big writer). I'm also incredibly bored right now, which is the second reason why I'm writing to myself. I don't like calling this a diary entry, like Fantasia says to me. It makes it sound too girly-ish. A letter to myself sounds just fine.

     While we're on the subject of Fantasia, let's just say she's the one who started this all. Apparently, my writing and vocabulary skills aren't as strong as she would like them to be. So, I'm forced to write this dumb letter on a rainy, tenebrous Saturday afternoon. Oh, the agony. I'm craving ice cream, and that's because we usually all go out to the Ice Cream Parlor to get some. The weather, as I've told you, changed all of that.

     Urgh, all this writing is making me sick to my head. I don't know what to write about!

     Weewoos are flying…Mootix are crawling…WOAH! Did you just see that?! Wait, what am I talking about? You're only reading this. Well, there was this big ball of light that just fell down from the sky! It…it was so bright, anyone could have been able to catch the sight of it! Flowrey just told me she saw it as well. We're both staring at it, dumb-founded while I'm jotting down in this notebook.

     Great, now Flowrey's bugging me about it and about this letter. She's usually fun to hang around with, but when I'm in a bad mood, I'm in a bad mood. It's as simple as that. Oh, and more wonderful news. Dane's just entered the room, whistling annoyingly. That's his new habit, and I sometimes feel like thwacking him with that psychopathic broom we once had.

     It's weird, since I had a dream about that broom just the other night. I dreamed that it burst out of the garbage can that Fantasia threw it away in, and charged towards my house and upstairs to my room. It opened my door silently, and headed my way with its thick and killer bristles when I suddenly woke up, panting heavily. I was really terrified of that dream, even though it's not really something that you should be that afraid about.

     Ah, something to lift my spirits. Midnight, the family's beloved Weewoo, just flew in, and he's attached himself to my furry shoulder. He's unfortunately the only sane creature in this family, aside from me. I can tell that he's trying to help me with the letter, but I don't have a clue what he's saying. Poor little fella, can never be understood.

     Splendid, we now have a full house. Fantasia stepped in just right now, inquiring about my letter. I don't want to show it to her, but if I say that, she's not going to listen and read it anyway. That's the thing about this family. I'm never understood. Behind closed doors, everything feels so different, so misplaced. Sure, we have our joyful times, but right now, right here, it's just…not.

     Like I predicted, Fantasia wants to read this letter. I'll be back in a flash.

     Well, she read it. She was happier then I expected. A lot happier. I'm surprised she didn't mention anything about my personal notes. "Oh, your vocabulary's improved," is all she stated. Like I didn't know that. I've been reading some of Flowrey's books for the past few weeks, even though no one, except Midnight, knows about it. Fantasia usually only buys books for Flowrey, my rainbow Acara sister, since she's the only who reads them, or so she thinks. Dane's mind wanders too far, and his attention span is a tiny as a molecule, so there's no way he can read a book in one sitting. As for me, well, I don't know. I guess reading's never bugged me, but it's just not something that I do in my spare time. It's not really something I've discovered.

     Maybe writing is the path for me. I've been trying to find a path in my life for awhile now. I feel so old, even though in reality I'm not. I think I'm trying to grow up too fast. Fantasia says I can still be immature at times, though. But she doesn't really know how I feel. No one does. It's just me and my thoughts. My secret thoughts that are all to myself.

     To be honest, I have an urge not to write what I'm going to write, but I also have an urge to write it. Sound odd? It would if I was the reader reading this, but I'm not, so here goes. I have secrets. There! I said it! Aaah, I feel a bit better, to be truthful. Fantasia's going to read this, I know it, but I have a strange feeling right now. It's as if…I don't really care. I don't care what she thinks. Sure, I respect her feelings and opinions, but that still doesn't mean I'm going to do something that intrudes my own personal opinions and feelings just because she wants me to do it. Same with Flowrey. She's always telling me to play with girls more often, instead of either hanging around with boys, or being with myself. 'No talking with weirdoes' is her new rule, apparently. Ever since the little Sloth incident, she's turned into a big bully. Well, not big, but sort of big.

     And about that 'Sloth visiting our home incident', I honestly don't get what the big deal was. I mean, it's not like he was trying to fry us with laser beams. He was just hungry (he hadn't eaten for two days), and I offered him a place to eat at. He was so excited from the thought that people wouldn't be screaming when catching view of him. I mean, if it's my family, nothing's going to happen. Right? WRONG. I could tell the expression of sheer disappointment on Sloth's face when he entered the house and Flowrey and Fantasia dropped their jaws in shock. He knew he had been incorrect about his assumptions. Assumptions that maybe this family would give him a chance. My family.

     I have a feeling this letter's going to end soon. It's as if my thoughts have been washed out on paper and that a void in my heart has slightly filled up. Maybe if I write more, my heart will fill up all the way, and I won't feel so empty at times.

     I'm watching Flowrey and Dane bound around the living at the moment, giggling happily while Midnight flutters around, trying to tag them. It makes me want to smile. Seeing my family happy makes me feel warm. No one wants to be left alone in the dark. No one wants to be fueled with anger and rage towards their family. And luckily, I'm not. I just have some problems of my own that I share with some creatures other then my family. Well, excluding Midnight.

     You know, Fantasia's smarter then I think. All this writing is making me feel free. Liberated. Heck, maybe this is even the path that I was chosen to take. However, it's too early to make assumptions. I don't want to fall into the same mistake that Sloth was unluckily in. I'll just see how all of this turns out.

     This time, I'm going to make sure Fantasia doesn't read my letter. I don't want her to. It's something that's just not meant to be read by other creatures. It's something that's only for me, something that I can treasure. Here she comes now, asking me how my letter is going. I'll tell her I was tired of writing and threw the letter away. She won't know that it's under my tail.

     So, this is the end. Maybe I won't talk you to ever again. Maybe I will. But from what I feel, it'll most likely be the latter one.



The End

Author's Note: Thanks for reading this story, or 'letter'. I wanted to experiment, and this was one of my favorite projects, by far. Comments, like always, are appreciated.

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