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Tarla - Behind The Avatar

by chax1414


The new Tarla avatar was released recently, and it has caused a bustling demand over at the Shop Of Mystery, located upon the summit of Terror Mountain. I will admit, it took me about three sales just to purchase something. I didn't get something very decent, but hey, the avatar is awesome!

So, I was very curious on what others thought of this new avatar, so I went around and asked people. I went onto the avatar boards, and asked around for a 1-10 rating. Many people bustled in to give their review.

I recieved comments such as, "It could be more colourful," or ,"It's Ok."

But still, many people did really like it. So, the Tarla avatar walked away with an average of a 7 out of 10. But that is only from the public eye. Here is my review.

I really like the colour combinations, and yes, there could have been more colour. However, it is a very eye-catching avatar, and it causes many signature ideas. I like the mysterious saying, and the mystery bag. I also think it will make the Shop of Mystery more popular, now that many more people know about it, and that there is an avatar available. The only downside to it is that there are now many people with the avatar, so it is more now considered a clickable. I suppose it would have always been considered that, but the effect of it being rare has now worn off a bit.

So, my rating for this avatar also gets a 7.

Now, let's put the avatar into analysis of the 6 things I, and most people, look for in an avatar, and what this one shows.

1. Colour

This avatar is a good blend of red and blue, and does not lack that at all. Although, people would like to see more colour in this area, as only a few are shown, compared to most others that have been realeased. I suspect some people wanted a lot more from this, as the bright blue and shiny plushie avatar had been released, causing no complaints from the vivid and shiny colours.

2. Rarity

Many people pride themselves on how rare others find their avatar. This avatar did not fail on being quite uncommon the first few days, but as the week progressed, the Tarla avatar grew less and less popular, and just became a normal one like the rest of the clickables. So, this avatar is losing its rarity, and in a few weeks time, when most have the avatar, this one will become less exciting, and other avatars will take its place.

3. Uniqueness

Many like to see the differences between other avatars, and this is where how unique it is comes into play. This avatar does not fail at being unique, as it is vivid, exciting, and very entertaining to watch. The avatar consists of a mystery bag falling from the top of the avatar, then showing Tarla appear from behind it, a small grin upon her face. Also, Tarla appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. This is what most people like about this new avatar.

4. Signatures

A lot of people like to make signatures coming from their current avatar, and Tarla does not fail at this part either. Many signatures have been created over this, all the way from what is in the bag, to what Tarla has in store for you up on Terror Mountain. I will admit, on the part of the avatar check, Tarla is a very popular, and fun choice. The creativity this avatar allows is endless. This is another one of the Tarla avatar's strong points.

5. Usage

The last part of a good avatar is how many people use it on the boards. As I view them, I notice a lot of the Tarla avatar appearing on users' posts. People are very pleased with it, and it is a very common one on the boards. I, myself, like to use it often upon the boards as well. It is not every day you can share that you are a mystery through an avatar, I suppose. ;)

6. Available

Many avatars are known to be very difficult to obtain, and this frustrates many. Tarla, in this case, is not very hard to get, which pleases many. It is not a random event, but you do need to be there when the shop refreshes to get it. It is not too much of a feat, but it is no simple task, for now anways. Until most people receive it, the Shop of Mystery will still be full of business.

One question many ask is, is it worth it? Well, the answer to this is simply and most utterly yes! It is something many need to add to their collection, and it is not a very challenging one to get, anyways. So, get up onto the cold, harsh summit of Terror Mountain, walk into that shop, and get yourself a random pack, and the avatar while you are at it.

So, as we end the inspection of the new Tarla avatar, it is a great avatar to consider getting. I really enjoy it. Yes, there could have been a few things to improve on it, but overall, it does walk away with a great rating of a 7.


Tarla is a very mysterious pet, and that is for sure. Her avatar pleases many, and I am sure it will please you as well. So, as I get ready to end this review, take everything I have told you into mind. Do you want this avatar, or do you not? I hope my guide has helped you decide, and I will see you after the next new avatar is released! I am very excited to see what the artists have been planning to prevail next. Hmm, what could it be? Very mysterious! Until then, I presume! Thank you all, and have a great time avatar hunting!

Thank you to the artists who create the avatars! Your skill is amazing!

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