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What to Serve at Your Halloween Party

by jockylocky


HALLOWEEN – Black and orange streamers are reaching from one side of the room to the other, with several Candy Vampire Candles providing a flickering orange light. Two long tables at the back of the room have pumpkin confetti on top of the festive tablecloths, while Jack-O-Lanterns are ready to spook out your unsuspecting guests. The fireplace provides warmth and a bit of light for the room, with chairs inviting people to enjoy a hot toasty fire.

It’s that time of year again; time for your annual Halloween party! The invitations have been sent, so there’s no time to back out of it now. But wait! There’s something missing. As you look around the room, you notice something very shocking. The tables; they have no food!

If you want to host that fantastic Halloween party that will get your guests talking until Christmas, you need to serve them a fabulous menu of snacks, drinks, and of course, a fantastic appetizing meal. Games and activities are good, but to really speak to your guests, all you need is good food.

Now money can be tight for some people. After all, it’s not like Neopoints can magically appear after you finish playing a game or something like that. So it’s difficult to provide a perfect arrangement of food and drink, and still have a reasonable balance in the bank account. You must remember that both Christmas and New Years are right around the corner, so one must be frugal when talking about Halloween parties.

But do not worry; that’s why this article is here. This guide clears the basis of what to serve at your party, both cost-effective and expensive ways of doing it!


spooky shakefright popchilled eyeball custard

Every party you go to, whether it’s King Coltzan’s III Memorial Festival or your little brother’s birthday bash, everyone has a drink in their hands. Drinks quench your guests’ thirst (yes, I do like stating the obvious) while giving their taste buds quite the whirlwind. These spooky drinks do just that!

The Spooky Shake you will find to be one of the best spooky drinks in all of the Haunted Woods. The little pumpkin decoration on top of the orange flavoured whipped cream sets the Halloween mood, as does the bat wings in the middle of the glass. This delicious drink is very affordable on the Shop Wizard, so you can spend a little bit more for your snacks or dessert.

If your guests fancy Achyfi or NeoCola, they will love the Fright Pop! As soon as you open the lid of the bottle, a short but frightful ‘whooOoooOoo’ will be heard. Perfect for setting the tone for the evening, or pure amusement! This is quite a bit steeper in price in comparison of the Spooky Shake, but to see scaredy-Aisha Aunt Nelly faint after opening one of these beauties is just totally worth it.

More leaning to the gross food side of things, but if the Spooky Shake and Fright Pop just aren’t doing the trick for you, then maybe it’s time to try out the Chilled Eyeball Custard. The eyeball in the center is delightfully chewy and it provides entertainment as well as creates a small pit of nausea in your guest’s stomachs. The custard itself has an interesting texture which makes that perfect feel of it being one or two weeks over the expiry date. To top it all off, it comes with its own spoon so you don’t have to break out the cutlery!

Main Meal

crypt of spaghetti holiday gingerbread mansion slime soup

Now to really make your dessert table shine, you need a fancy attraction. You need something that will take your guests by surprise, and wonder why you went to such great lengths to serve your guests this scrumptious meal. But trying to find a spooky food that will serve enough for an entire party is pretty difficult, so if you don’t like the following suggestions, you may want to find a different type of food to serve.

The Crypt of Spaghetti is perfect for your buffet-type Halloween party! All you need is to set paper plates near this absurdly large coffin, and let your guests serve themselves. The theme is perfect; after all, what is Halloween without a coffin? You can even place an Ominous Stone Plushie at both sides of the coffin to really set the graveyard mood.

Not exactly nutritious, but then again most parties aren’t, the Holiday Gingerbread Mansion is a perfect course for your party! Sure, it’s not something you’d think of when one says ‘course’, but this ridiculously huge mansion is sure to ease that aching hunger your guests have. How? Well, each guest gets their own room to eat in this mansion! Whether it’s a bedroom, dining room, bathroom or swimming pool of icing, each guest can truly get a feel of a haunted mansion without actually going to one. (So what if gingerbread is Christmassy? It’s right around the corner anyway.) It’s very costly, but you’ll definitely get an ‘A’ on creativity!

It’s not Halloween without slime and skulls, am I right? Which is why Slime Soup is perfect for your party! All you need is to provide the bowls and spoons, and your guests will fill their bowls with tasty slime from this skull pot. You’ll be pleased to see the immense satisfaction on your guests’ faces as they mingle with one another, not able to get enough of yummy slime.


bat cookiesspooky doughnutshalloween jubjub candies

If there is something important at any party, it's snacks. Without snacks, you can kiss the ‘Best Party Host’ award goodbye. Why are snacks important? Because your guests need something to munch on; they need to keep busy while they look for the next person to talk to. Snacks are vitally important for your party, so make sure you have lots of snacks. And I mean lots.

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, there’s a reason why Bat Cookies are the way to go! These cheap and affordable snacks are something that every Neopet in Neopia are sure to love. You better stock up on these guys, because they go fast! It seems like every party guest reaches for them before the chocolates, so be sure to be prepared for a stampede at the snack table!

Doughnuts are a great snack for any social setting, so why not a Halloween party? Spooky Doughnuts, in particular, are great because they are affordable and you can’t go wrong with them – it’s a sure-fire hit snack! The icing is superb, and the doughnut itself appeases even the stingiest taste buds. Your guests will thank you for such fine cuisine.

Get out the pails, bowls, buckets and whatever you can think of! These are the most addictive candies you will ever find – in fact, you may not want to even feed them to your guests if it’ll mean less for you! Halloween Jubjub Candies are the perfect type, well, candies. Small and chewy, these are very addicting and you’ll find your guests hands/paws/talons into this bowl quite often. It’s a bit steep in price, especially compared to the doughnuts and cookies, but the quantities are much greater than what you see in the image. And they are very addicting... it’s worth the price in my opinion!

So there you have it; a complete guide on what to serve at your Halloween party. Hopefully this guide helped you in choosing what foods to serve, what not, and to have a light hearted party that everyone will love. It’s tricky not going over your bank account limit, I know, but I have faith that you can exceed that goal this autumn season. Good luck to you!

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading, and feedback is most appreciated. Happy Halloween! –Jockylocky

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