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The Good Neohome

by purple_ranger16


The new neohomes seem to be all the craze, but what generally makes a good neohome, and how much will it cost?

Many people don't want to get involved because they are saving for that paintbrush or the system is too hard, but it is easy and inexpensive to create a neohome! Here are some tips!

Like in the classic neohomes, some items will cover each other and create issues. In the new editing system, a white pop-up will appear next to the clicked item. Here, you can raise or lower an item. The higher it is, the less likely an item will cover it up!

Many people hate the cost of certain items. Why not try to use different items in their place? If you can't find a refrigerator, try a Wardrobe! If you can't find a planter, use a coal caddy! Also, the Neohomes Superstore, located in the North Bazaar, is full of inexpensive items that are NEVER out of stock!

Buying one item a day seems tedious, so why not use the trading post to buy items in bulk? Bulk prices are generally cheaper than buying them individually! I received 8 blossom flowers, valued at 12,000 neopoints, for 8,000 neopoints! Using things like the Auction House and the Trading Post really save money!

At a loss with what to do with the extra space? You can now have your neopet in your neohome! Put them in the empty spot and you have quick cover for the house showings! In the future, you will even be able to bring your petpet into your neohome! However, petpetpets might be too small to see!

The new neohome neogarden may seem a bit scary with all of its open space! Well, to help break it up, try fencing off certain areas to make it more functional! Have a fence between the back yard and front yard, and even fence off the garden! You may be wondering how you can afford a fence at their inflated prices. But as I said earlier, just use something else! Mossy gravestones are around 1,000 neopoints each, and Autumn Blush (bushes) are around 4,000 to 6,000 neopoints each. These not for you? Rubber plants and bridges and snowy trees have even been used! And if you have some extra cash, the neocash mall offers one line of fence for 25 neocash! Warning, though, these lines are small. So are the regular neopoint ones. Don’t get into real fences unless you have the money or the time!

So wanna get fancy? In the new neohome, you can put plants inside!!! Yes, amazing isn’t it? Wiltadendhron is a popular vine used to decorate walls, and blossoms are popular inside planters or on tables. Try putting several flowers together in the Autumn Planter or in a coal caddy. The Rose in a Vase offers a nice start for a bouquet! If you have the extra space, try bringing in some trees. They would look great around Christmas!

Many people use perfume mallows on the walls or as decoration. Matching flowers with rooms is very fun!

Where are the walls? Well, even though there is a place for walls in the neohome editor... they aren’t here yet! So, if you want walls, try using the Chalkboard for a cheap start. Feeling fancy now? Use different colored posters turned to their backs to match with rooms. Some people don’t add walls at all because they take up room and block the view of some items in their neohome! If you don’t want walls but want to show the room division, try using different colored floor tiles. A yellow and green floor next to wood is obvious for a room division!

Are you feeling tired with plain old concrete? Try going to the Neohome Superstore and buying up floor tiles! They are easy to lay down and can be replaced again and again! Make different patterns like checkered for the kitchen or overlaying squares for a bedroom! Use many different colored floor tiles to add different effects. Try not to use too much black in one area, though, as it will look like you will fall though! If the plain colors are getting old, visit the neocash store and check out some of their spicy tiles!

The walls of neohomes are more like canvases! The neohome superstore offers many colors of wall paints, and walls can be painted an infinite amount of times! Try putting stripes in the walls using similar colors for a relaxing feel or great contrast for excitement! Try not to make your wall paint and your floor tiles the same color so that you can see where they begin and end! Also, you can add flowers to your walls in-between stripes or to simply make a pattern. Perfume Mallows are a cheap and cute way to pattern walls!

With the new neohomes, you can have your rooms in different shapes and sizes! Try having a small half bath and a master bath! The living room should be larger than the dining room, but the same size as the kitchen! Try adding an office area in the back with some bushes from outside. Blackberry bushes look great in contemporary living spaces. Remember that a foyer is a great entrance to a neohome!

The neocash store has furnishings that can move in your neohome! Sparkling chandeliers, puffing boilers, and fired-up ovens are great eye-catchers for visitors! What’s great is that the neocash store has a clearance rack! Every now and then neohome items will go on sale. However, you must be quick because once the sale is over, the clearance item can not be bought any longer! Even so, new items are added to the neocash store frequently so check by there often when you have extra neocash!

If you have any extra questions, or need ideas, you can stop by my neohome or send me a neomail! I, purple_ranger16, am open to all neomail and I’m on every day or so. If my neohome isn’t fulfilling your artistic spark, stop by the neohomes spotlight! There you can find a list of past winners and view their neohomes! Some older winners may have added or removed items, so look around a bit.

Good luck, fellow Neopians! I look forward to seeing future winners!

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