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Reset Day is the Trophy of the Month

by xilimirg


Also by jblase

Trophy reset day may be a great start of a new month for some users. However, for non-gamers, it can be one of the most frustrating. The best chance to get a trophy (in my opinion) is the first of the month. We call this “trophy reset day”, or any combination of the words “trophy”, “reset”, and “day.” But you are here to get some tips to getting one of these wonderful user look-up ornaments. Please keep in mind this guide nowhere near guarantees getting a trophy, but these tips have helped me obtain a few!

1. Prepare

A few days before the first of the month, check your Hi Score Table, and look at games you are good at. The easiest way to do this is to look for the “Grand Master” status. This typically means that you are above average at this game. However, do not get misled; there are many users just as good as you, but that doesn’t mean that they will be going for the trophy that particular day. Once you find a few games that you think you might have a chance at getting a trophy, write them down and start practicing. Neopets allows you to send three scores per day per game; however, you can play as much as you want! What was that phrase that you have heard your entire life? Practice makes perfect; well, almost perfect.

2. Research

Find out what is the maximum score you can achieve without TNT having to review your score. This is a great advantage, because if you score just below that score, you will probably be near the top of the Hi Score Table for that game. However, if it is an easy score to obtain, you might want to wake up nice and early (depending on your time zone) to be the first one on the list with that score! Also, take a month off and look and see what the high score is for the first day of the month for that game. That can give you a better idea of what you need to obtain. Let’s face it, the more days into the month, the more time other users have to get higher scores, and time for TNT to review scores.

3. First of the month – it's game time

Relax. Do you have first of the month butterflies? Turn on some tunes, grab yourself some water and maybe a snack. Then start the game that you feel you have the best chance at getting a trophy. Just remember, if you don’t think you scored high enough, don’t send the score! If you make that first millisecond mistake that is going to make or break your score, and you only score 3 points, why would you send the score? You wouldn’t.

When you think you have a high enough score, send it through! It is best to not send a score if you are not positive it is going to be on the Hi Score Table; and that it’s going to stay there for a while. The best way to avoid sending a score and then realizing that it won’t cut it is to check right before you pull up the game. Chances are the table isn’t going to change that drastically while you are playing.

If you find yourself not reaching a high enough score multiple times in a row, exit the game, close your browser, stand up from your chair, and walk away. Don’t get upset, because I doubt that playing the game angry will help. You can always enjoy the other features of the site as well.

4. Downtime

This is your time to catch up on some sleep if you woke up super early or relax some more. If you are in one of the trophy slots, check back later to see if you are still there. If not, it looks like your downtime is over. If you are still on a trophy slot, try another game! Go check that list of games you made earlier, and pick another game. You already have your research, and you already know you are good at the game, so it is time for another trophy. I’m sure at this point I don’t need to send you back up to tip three, so just keep reading.

5. Rejoice/Dismay

When you call it quits for the night and you check back in the morning, the eagerness of clicking to view your user lookup to see if you obtained that trophy can be unbearable. But once again, don’t let it make or break your Neo-day. *scrolls down* NO TROPHY! Check the table and see where you ended up. Look at the scores that were near the top of the charts, and make that your goal for the next month; or even better, beat that score. Now, if you did get a trophy, congratulations! Don’t let that be the last one you get. Never settle for anything less than a well rounded trophy gallery.

6. More research and practice

Okay, the first day is over, and now it’s back to research. Take a look at some of the tables. Look and see what scores were needed to get into one of the trophy slots. WRITE THEM DOWN! Make a chart, and keep track for a few months. This will give you a great idea of the general score needed to get on one of those coveted positions. Now that you have the list, think about it, you now have an entire month to practice for the next trophy reset!

7. New month - new trophies!

Use your knowledge gained from the previous month in your new trophy hunt. Relax, don’t get too frustrated, and remember, IT’S JUST A GAME!

I hope this guide has eased your stress a little about trophies. A well rounded trophy gallery looks great, and will definitely make you feel like your time spent on games was well worth it!

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