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Say What? A Guide to Techo Says

by jimmeh_teh_sock_boy


Techo Says is the Neopets version of the classic game of Simon Says. There is a version in the Game Graveyard, but now there is a new version for you to play!

If you're reading this, you are probably wondering how to get such a high score. Even if you can't remember your own name, with my help, and a bit of practice (and maybe some frustration), you can score enough for a trophy!

Let's start off with loading the game. What size screen is best for you? I recommend the smallest screen because it has the least amount of lag and the pets are closest together. You may not think it makes a difference, but in the later rounds it may. However, if you have a very fast computer, you may want to do full because the Neopets are farther apart and you're less likely to click on the wrong one. Try both and see what works for you. Personally I started practicing on full screen until I got the rhythm of clicking down, then switched to small.

This guide will explain how to beat the first four rounds. This should get you a score of over 300.

Round 1: 5 pets

Round 2: 10 pets

Round 3: 15 pets

Round 4: 20 pets

This game is very simple to learn the concept of. The game shows a sequence of pets and you click them in the order they are shown. After each sequence, another pet is added and you click the sequence all over again with the new addition. The first round is very easy, and the second can be, but after that the rounds can get pretty difficult. Below are some strategies that I have experimented with, but for each strategy you must label the pets. The game board looks like this.

Chia Blumaroo Mynci

Quiggle Kacheek Moehog

So, depending on the strategy you use, labeling can be different. However, each strategy follows this order: Watch, Add Number, Click, Repeat.

Strategy 1-Cellphone.

This was the first thing I tried. You can either do this in a text or just dial a number but not call, but you will be entering numbers. You can label the top row 123/456 and the bottom row 456/789. For example, the Chia would be 1, the Quiggle 4, and so on. Basically you watch what pet is shown then type it on your phone and click. This can be hard because like most cell phones, the number pads are small so you may end up clicking the wrong number. Also, some cell phones have a thing where the light turns off after being inactive so it may go dark while you're playing the game. However, if you're an avid texter, this strategy may be good for you. I also find the 123 456 labeling much easier on this one.

Strategy 2-Calculator/Notepad.

This strategy is basically the same as the cellphone, except the numbers are different. On cellphones the 123 are at the top, but on the keyboard they are at the bottom. Just make note of this because I first used the cellphone strategy, but then wanted to switch. However, I had problems because my Chia used to be a 1, then I had to turn it into a 4. For this reason, it is probably best to start with this. When using notepad, make it so it's on half the screen and Techo Says is on the other half. Basically, type your number, leave the cursor at the end of the last number, then click the buttons. This strategy may be a bit easier to look at because you don't have to take your eyes off the screen.

Strategy 3-Writing.

I actually used this one but it may not be the best. Basically, I kept a notebook in front of me and wrote down the numbers. It probably is the worst of them, but it helped me out.

Round 1: This is the easiest round, only five pets. You shouldn't need to write anything down for this.

Round 2: You could probably memorize this, but it is a good idea to write it down just in case. Don't worry, you have PLENTY of time on this round.

Round 3: This stage was a bit hard my first time playing, but after practicing it gets routine. I find myself making stupid mistakes if I rush. You have more time than you think. Just write it down and copy it.

Round 4. This round can be pretty difficult. If you are slow to click, that could cost your game! Good luck on this, and it can be beaten after some practice.

Some extra tips:

1) Take your time! Sometimes you may feel you need to click as fast as you can, but you usually have plenty of time. Rushing can cause you to leave a number out or click the wrong one by accident.

2) In the later rounds, when the first few pets are shown, it may be best not to write them down right away. I usually just memorize the first few pets that way when they are replaying I have a bit more time to write them down.

3) Create chunks of numbers! Instead of memorizing 154611, memorize 154, 611. Psychologists agree chunking helps with memory.

4) Just because you are writing them down does not mean you shouldn't memorize any of it. In the later rounds, you may run out of time if you are always just copying from the notepad. I usually try to remember the first maybe 6; that way, I can just read what I wrote for the rest.

5) Try to find patterns that will help you click faster. For example, I have gotten games where the pattern is 123456 or something to that effect. That is very easy to remember and saves a lot of time. So find a pattern that works for you!

6) Try saying the numbers aloud when reading what you typed. It helps you concentrate and also helps you get into a rhythm.

7) Try turning the volume off. I get annoyed by the little noises that the pets make.

Good luck and hopefully by practicing one of these strategies you can improve your game and get a trophy one day!

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