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Dreaming in Snow

by charmandersforever


I'm cold. So cold.

     I don't know why in the name of Fyora I didn't bring a sweater or anything. Just a scarf. I probably thought I was Super Kougra again and I could survive subzero temperatures... I don't even know why I did this stupid dare.

      Allow me to introduce myself. I'm L3afpool, or Leaf, and I'm just a stupid camouflage Kougra. My sisters, Yarzii, Sunnidayz, and x0Envii0x, dared me to do this. Climb to the Snowager's lair and get something, then come back.

     But it couldn't be something small like a plushie or scratchcard. It had to be something like a paint brush, or a dubloon worth a lot at Krawk Island. My theory is the less expensive stuff is at the beginning of the Snowager's lair. And the most expensive stuff is deeper in his lair.

     I ruffled my fur up to make myself warmer, and I took my first step in the Snowager's lair. It was much warmer than out in the open.

     I took one big step, and my small paw landed on an usuki. Its eyes shimmered with unwelcoming hatred. A shiver ran up my spine, and I took a bigger step, and this time landed on a Yellow Flotsam Plushie. Its face was twisted in a welcoming smile, and warmth spread over me. Its glittering eyes were full of warmth and comfort, and it was unlike the usuki's piercing gaze. I decided that I might pick it up on the way back. I liked that plushie.

     I continued walking, and after a few minutes of swimming through plushies, I noticed the items were getting rarer. I started seeing codestones, bottled faeries, and other ETS things. I was getting warmer (not literally). I glanced around the lair. Icicles hung from the tops of the cave, and icicles also stuck up in the ground, like a different form of stalactites and stalagmites.

     Finally, paint brushes, morphing potions, and shiny objects came into view. I glanced at the ground, and saw a Starry Paint Brush in a plastic bag, and a golden dubloon.

     Now, I could hear the Snowager's snores echoing around the cave walls. It echoed in every corner, around the walls, sneaking up like how fast spring always jumps out around the corner after winter. I was surprised that his own snores didn't wake him up. I continued padding farther into the huge icy crevice.

     Now, the expensive paint brushes and transmogrification potions were replaced with an icy ground. I was about to slide and fall, so I unsheathed my claws in the ground to keep my balance.

     When I gained my balance, I began walking,

     The snoring was getting louder and louder with every paw step, and it was like thunder booming in every corner, threatening to knock the cave down.

     Suddenly, I stopped. A giant, light blue icy snake was crouched in a corner. Around the giant snowickle were the most expensive things I had ever seen. Maraquan Paint Brushes circled the Snowager, along with Draik Transmogrification potions.

     Suddenly, I lost my balance on the ice, and began to slide uncontrollably into a boulder made out of ice. Blocking my face, I put my two paws out, ready to crash into the giant ice cube.

     I was going faster than a bolt of lightning, and when I crashed, a huge thud, like shattering glass, broke out.The icicles stung my paws like thorns of roses.

     "Who goes there?"

     I glanced around the cave. No one was in sight, until I realized my stupidity had woken the Snowager.

     His icy eyes glittered like diamonds straight at me. He was stained light-blue with darker stripes.

      Even though I was scared to death, I stepped forward boldly, my camo paws making a tapping noise as I put them on the icy floor. "I do." I dipped my head politely, and flattened my fur, trying to seem like I didn't mean any harm.

     I closed my eyes, expecting an icy blast to be hurled at me. I waited for a few heartbeats, and surprisingly, I didn't feel icy snowflakes pierce my fur. I quickly opened my eyes, seeing what the Snowager was doing.

      He let out a short sigh. It was deep and sounded like snow falling off of a tree in winter.

     "I suppose you're here for my belongings?" he asked, curling himself tighter around the antiques. I looked up at him, and noticed something gold shining like sunlight, one of the things he had curled himself around. Whatever that thing is, I needed to get it.

      I would've normally made up a lie, but I realized wisely the Snowager was no one to fib to.

     "Yes, sir. I am."

      The Snowager's eyes glittered in the frosty daylight. There was a crack in the snowy walls, and the faint winter sunlight flickered in the cave, dying its pelt even a lighter blue.

      "And I assume you have a rich owner, you eat neggs, fancy gourmet foods, and get everything you want?" His words echoed in my head.

     I paused for a moment, thinking of what he said. I wouldn't consider Charm THAT rich, she only makes the average of 50,000 neopoints. With the friends and people she chats with on the Neoboards, that was barely anything. She didn't have the neopoints to paint me the color of my dream, Darigan. So graceful, with the beautiful purple and black pelt.

     I had always dreamed of flying, and purple and black was my favorite color combination. But no, I was stuck with like this. But oh well. I was humble, and the day Charm asked me what I would want to be painted that was 150k or less, I said Camouflage. I was content with this color, but I'll never stop dreaming of the beautiful wings I could have, and the spikes on myself for defence.

      "No," I replied dryly. "I came here by the word of my cruel sisters, daring me to grab something expensive from here. I will walk away from here empty-pawed, if that is your wish. My sisters are true idiots, and their dares don't mean everything to me."

      The Snowager blinked, surprisingly, understanding. "A similar situation like that happened to me before...." I thought I heard him murmur under his breath.

      He stared at me for a while, and I just flattened my ears against my face.

     "Here, take this Basic Golden Nerkmid here." The Snowager lifted his long, thick tail off of the icy hill, and picked up the shiny object I had been going for. As he lifted it up, the sunlight flickered off of the golden item, and I began to see a still gold star, with a letter firmly carved into it.


     The Snowager settled the Nerkmid gingerly and silently down next to me, and before picking it up in my mouth, I muttered, "Thank you."

      I turned slowly and padded on my way out of the cave, without a single word.

          ** ~X~ **

     "No way?! You got that?!" Envii's voice rang through the snowy clearing. She was a Sketch Eyrie, and her white pelt blended in the soft snow. I nodded. "And the Snowager woke up when you got it, too?" I nodded again, dropping the gold nerkmid on the snow so I could speak.

     Sunnidayz the now Speckled Bori sat next to Yarzii, wearing her scarf she got when she was first painted Christmas.

     "You're alright, for a little sis," Yarzii, the Tyrannian Jetsam said in acceptance. She patted me lightly on the head. Normally, I would've been mad she patted me on the head, but instead, I answered, "Yep."

      I lay down in the wet snow, content. The sun was now setting over the horizon, and the sky was dyed pink and orange.

     Be kind to others, and they will be kind back.

The End

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