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Savak: The Search - Part One

by zephandolf


The towers of Faerieland gleamed in their pink and violet hues as they rose high above the clouds. Little dots of colored light dashed and darted between the towers with the regular business faeries perform every day. At the gates to Faerie City, Savak walked down a marked path, the "visitor's path", in the middle of the city. The white Lupe was impressed with the beauty, mystical and otherwise, that the faeries put into the city. However, he was in too much of a hurry to enjoy it.

     He entered the visitor's center at the end of the path. Compared with the rest of Faerieland, the room was somewhat dull. The room was round, like the building was, but it had no special decoration other than a few potted plants and a number of advertisements for select vacation spots around the city. Savak ignored most of this and padded quickly to the front desk. The faerie there looked down at him over her spectacles.

     "Hello, young Lupe," she said, removing her glasses. "What can I do for you today? We have a number of fine tours lined up that still have vacancies…"

     "I need to speak to a light faerie named Jearii," Savak blurted out. "Can you contact her for me?"

     "Contacting specific faeries isn't customary, mister…"

     "Savak," the Lupe said. "She knows who I am. I'm part of one of her…projects."

     "I see," the faerie said. "Alright, Mr. Savak. Have a seat, and I'll see what I can do."

     "Thank you," Savak said, backing away from the desk. He took a seat on one of the benches and waited while the faerie did her work.

     As he waited, Savak pawed the gold medallion that hung around his neck. This one piece of yellow metal was the cause of a lot of trouble for Savak. A few months ago, his pack was captured by a shadow Lupess called Kaylee. The Lupess possessed the Medallion of Submission, a medallion that had the power to control minds. The only force that could oppose this medallion was the Medallion of Light, the very medallion that hung around Savak's neck.

     The medallion had once belonged to Savak's father, and former leader, Murgoh. After Savak and a few friends rescued the Lupes that Kaylee had captured, Murgoh had set off on a final journey. Savak could only assume that Murgoh no longer walked Neopia with the rest of the world. He had already grieved for him when he left. But he had little time to mourn. Since Savak had put on the medallion, leadership of the pack was now his. This was a heavy burden, even for such a small pack.

     The pack that Savak commanded was waiting for him back on the plains. He didn't want them around when he spoke with Jearii, so he left Gerthen in charge, even though he was sure he wouldn't be away too long. It wasn't because he didn't want them knowing about the medallions. They already knew, even though the pack leaders were supposed to keep that information secret. But how could they not know after they saw Kaylee and the power she possessed? The reason he left them behind was because he felt he would be more comfortable talking with Jearii alone. He'd done so before in his dreams, and he didn't think he should change this now.

     As to why he was in Faerie City in the first place, Savak needed information. Since the Medallion of Submission had resurfaced, he wanted to neutralize the threat as soon as possible. He was hoping Jearii would be keeping track of Kaylee's movements, but she hadn't contacted him for two months. He had grown nervous during that time, and finally decided to go visit Jearii in person.

     After waiting quietly for about twenty minutes, Savak was starting to wonder if the faerie at the desk had called Jearii at all. But as he rose to walk to the desk again, a bright light shimmered as another faerie entered the visitor's center. When she landed, Savak instantly recognized her. But showing respect for her, he remained silent until Jearii addressed him directly.

     After speaking with the faerie at the desk for a moment, shooting an occasional glance at Savak, Jearii walked over and nodded to the white Lupe.

     "Good day, Savak," she started. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

     "Good day, Jearii," Savak replied, trying to be as formal as he could. "I notice that you have not contacted me in some time. I thought you might have forgotten about me."

     "I see," Jearii said. "And I suppose you want to find that shadow Lupess, Kaylee?" Savak nodded. "Well, I have sent a few friends out looking for her. None of them have returned with direct leads. However, there is an odd rumor running about Mystery Island about pets, and people disappearing."

     "Well, that's nothing unusual," Savak said. "Mystery Island is full of natives that would kidnap pets, not to mention the Ghost Lupe."

     "Yes, but the disappearances have occurred more frequently as of late. It may not be Kaylee, but it's worth investigating."

     Savak nodded. "Thank you for the information, Jearii," he said. "I'm afraid I cannot stay. My pack is waiting for me outside."

     "I understand, Savak," Jearii said. "And I will try to contact you more often."

     "I'd appreciate it," Savak said, hopping off the bench. "Until we meet again, Jearii."

     * * *

     Back down on the plains, Savak disembarked from the ferry transport to Faerie City, relieved for the first time in hours because he was finally on firm ground again. It was late afternoon. The sun was sinking toward the horizon, and already the air was growing cooler. Winter was coming, but not for a few months. For most Neopians, this meant holidays and playing on snow covered hills. But for Savak and his pack, it meant the same snow on the plains, but also a scarcity of food as prey hid away in their holes during the colder months. It was something Savak would have to consider soon, along with Kaylee's threat, if it still existed then.

     Bidding farewell to the transport's pilot, Savak turned around to see the yellow Lupe, Kosek, watching for Savak from the top of a nearby hill. He was eyeing Savak skeptically.

     "Did you find what you were looking for?" he asked.

     "Yes, I did," Savak returned. Kosek never really liked him, but he was loyal, and that's all Savak needed for the time being.

     "He's back? What did she say?" asked Jessie, a blue Lupe. She appeared from behind the hill, closely followed by the aging silver Lupe, Gerthen. Jessie was Savak's mother, which everyone knew. The fact that Murgoh was his father though was a little known fact. Savak didn't even know for sure until he left the pack two months ago.

     When she appeared from behind the hill, Savak turned to her immediately. He was always comforted by her presence. "Not much, I'm afraid," Savak replied. "She has no specific information on Kaylee."

     "Why are you pursuing this?" Kosek asked. "Why not leave it alone and move on?"

     "I would like to know that myself," said Gerthen. Gerthen was a wise Lupe, and Savak attained a deeper respect for him when he became leader. Even over the last few weeks, he found himself going to the old Lupe again and again for advice.

     Savak sighed. "I need to find Kaylee," he said. "Jearii needs to disable that medallion. That's why she made this medallion in the first place," he added, pawing the piece of gold hanging around his neck.

     "And what are you going to do when you find her?" Gerthen asked.

     "I…I don't know," Savak said, a bit uneasy, remembering what his father Murgoh had told him when he was in Kaylee's cage. Murgoh said that there were only two ways to get a medallion from someone. The first was for the wearer to give it up and take it off. The other was to end the life of the wearer. Savak was pretty sure that anyone wearing the Medallion of Submission would rather die than give it up, and he was not very fond of the alternative. He shook these thoughts from his head, turning back to Gerthen.

     "I'll figure out what I'll do later," Savak said, looking out to the east. "Jearii told me that people and pets have been disappearing on Mystery Island. It may be unrelated, but it's worth looking into."

     "Wait, you want to go to Mystery Island?" Kosek asked. "Do you know what kinds of things rampage around that island every day?"

     "Yes, I know," Savak replied. He turned to Kosek, grinning. "We all need excitement in our lives once in a while. Come on, it won't be that bad if you keep a nose to the wind and an ear out for trouble."

     Despite his playful remark, the pack just looked at him. It was clear that they were uneasy about this. Savak sighed inwardly. "Alright, I'm not ordering everyone to come with me. This may get dangerous. I'm still not sure how determined Kaylee is to gain power. But you must understand; this is my duty to find her. I have the medallion. Only I can oppose her."

     For a moment, the four Lupes stood in an uneasy silence. Then, finally, Jessie stepped forward. "I'll come with you," she said. "I can't bear to watch my son run off alone on a dangerous quest."

     "I'll come too," Gerthen said. "I've always stood by the pack leader no matter what the situation. What would I gain if I changed that now?"

     Savak nodded to the two Lupes, then turned to the last. "Kosek?"

     "Alright, I'll go," he said with a sigh. "I don't want to go, but I don't want to be left behind either."

     "Glad to have you with us," Savak said. He looked east again. "We might as well go now. There's nothing holding us here, and I'd like to get this over with."

     Gerthen nodded. "Lead the way, Savak."

     As the sun drew closer to the horizon, four Lupes traveled east across the plains. It would take them all night to reach the ferry docks, then a few hours to cross the ocean to Mystery Island. After that, Savak both hoped and dreaded that they would find Kaylee there. What would happen if they did, he didn't know. Like he did with most things since he became leader, he would just have to wing it.

To be continued...

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