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In The Clouds: A Guide To Extreme Racing

by chax1414


This game is a combination of excitement and speed. It is the most anticipated game of the Festival, Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers.


From the creators of Faerie Clouds Racers, Faerieland presents the Extreme Version of a classic game!

"The Clouds have just been crowded these past couple of days, and many people seem to enjoy it," Queen Fyora commented on this new game, and I must admit, as I glanced into the clouds of Faerieland, there certainly were many people having a 'smashing good time'.

After playing a round in this new game, I actually found it a challenge. In this guide, I will not only tell you my hints and secrets, but... no, actually, you are just learning my hints and secrets! Enjoy!


You start with three lives. To move, you must use the left and right arrow keys to turn. Those are the very simple controls, but the game is very much different from just being simple.

You have four selections on what Faeries you want to be. You can be the Earth Faerie, the Tooth Faerie, the Space Faerie, or the Snow Faerie. Though this game doesn't have much to choose from like the older version, it is still a blast, and it is very exciting.


Tips are always needed in this fast paced game. When I started to play it, it was a very hard challenge to even tell where I was going, and I crashed multiple times, until I finally realized that the secret was the small map on the bottom right corner. This map helped me through it all! What you have to do is just simply look at that, and it will guide you through where you are going, and good places to corner other faeries.

When you try to get some points by turning very close to a wall, be sure that you do not do it when other Faeries are coming your way. That way, when you get some extra points by turning by a wall, you won't be crushed the second after you retrieve those points.

The Faerie that I most highly recommend playing as is the Space Faerie, because she has the easiest track in the entire game. All you have to do is go left for a second, then turn down. The Tooth Faerie will most likely run into that, then you can just simply turn upwards, and in most cases, the other two Faeries usually destroy themselves in a matter of seconds. ;)

When you are progressing through the levels, your vehicles tend to get faster, thus making the game harder. This is when looking at your map is really quite helpful. Once you pick up speed, it is hard to tell where you are going, and this is also the time when being the space faerie is most helpful, as she does not have to go a long way. After all, being the Space Faerie is how I beat AAA's score.

One simple tip that I must add is to NOT try and collect bonus points once you get to the harder and faster levels. This just causes you to lose control, and lose lives. It is not an easy task trying to turn by a wall while going over 100 Miles Pet Hour.

The bonuses in this game are very helpful, and the one that I like the most is the Tonu Charge. This bonus allows you to cut through others' paths, and even your own path. You only have around 10 seconds to use this, though, so use it wisely. What I think makes this bonus the best is because it makes it easy to trap other Faeries. All you have to do is cut through their paths, and create a box around them, which also gains you extra points.

The Meerca Trail is also a very good bonus, but also should be used with caution. The Meerca Trail makes your trail longer, which makes the opposing Faeries have increased risks into running into your path. It is a very good bonus, but also has a bad side. What is that, you may ask? It is running into your own trail! As absurd as this may sound, it is very tricky to escape your own trail sometimes. My tip when using this is to circle around the other Faeries but then get a good distance away so you are not in any danger of running into your own path.

The Sluggish Slorg is actually a bonus I really like. It may not seem helpful in the first few levels, because it just slows you down, slowing down the level process. But once you start progressing through the levels, that bonus becomes more and more helpful. You can slow down for a few seconds, and simply make a path in the way of a speeding Faerie, and there you have it! This bonus is a great one!

A quick word on getting these bonuses; when you are trying to get these bonuses, you must be exact when driving your vehicle through them. If you are not on it precisely, you will not get the bonus. A tip in getting them is just to use the small map at the bottom of the screen.

The Tonu bonus will appear as a White Box on your screen. The Meerca Trail bonus will appear as a Blue Box. And the Slorg bonus will appear as a Green Box.

One word of caution once you get into the tougher levels; do not try and actually trap the others, and try and stay out on the sidelines. It is much safer than getting in the battle and losing immediately. Those Faeries are tough (snarls at Illusen).


So, as I wrap up this guide, I hope that you have learned how this game has gotten even more extreme than the original, and that you should be safe instead of sorry. This game had high expectations, and wow, did it soar! I thank you for reading, now get into the sky, and into the game!

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