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Chariot Chasing: A Guide To Keep You In Your Seat!

by chax1414


The Chariots are zooming around the Colosseum today as the New Game Challenge has released the hit game, Chariot Chase! This game is as thrilling and challenging as they get, and many of you may be baffled on how to reach to that high score of AAA. In this guide, I will help you reach that goal, one chariot at a time.

Game Info

The basic information you need in this game is that you are playing the person in the Chariot, racing an Alabriss around a figure-8 track. Sounds simple, right? Well, you are wrong if you answered yes. There is much more to explore in this road-rumbling game!


Move the arrow keys as you race through the track, and hold the up-arrow key to move. The left and right arrow keys are for you to turn as you race.


To begin the game, you must choose your settings and Alabriss. I would highly recommend that you select Normal mode when you begin, as it is much easier when you are just starting. Then, you have the option to select the Alabriss you desire. There are four colors given, and they are Fire, Electric, White, and Faerie. Choose your Alabriss and let's get started!


First, I will start you off with the basics in the game. When you begin racing, you must be sure to avoid the other racers, or else you will lose one life out of the four given. You do not want to lose all of your lives by getting trampled in the first few laps, or else you are getting nowhere. Instead, I would really suggest choosing the Fire Alabriss, because that chariot is located on the far left of the starting line. When the race begins, do NOT move until the others have started, then you may start trailing behind them. This is much easier, and lowers the risk of you getting trampled at the very start of the race.

Some tips I have are very important, so listen up! These are very important, and can be a very helpful piece of information for you to gain a higher score.

The first tip is that you can not cheat yourself out of a lap by merely turning in the middle, and finishing the lap by only finishing half of the track. This will not count in your laps finished, and you will not receive the points, so only complete the full lap, or else you will be getting nowhere in the game.

Hitting the edges of the track will slow you down, and if you stay there when the other racers appear, they will most likely hit you, so try to avoid the edges as much as you can, as this is very important in conserving your lives.

Always try to trail behind the majority of the racers, so you are less likely to be hit. If you are behind them, then they cannot bother you. I realize that some of them will appear behind you, so do your best, and get out of their way to let them through, or else they will probably intentionally try to hit you.

When you arrive at the intersection of the track, it is a wise idea to slow down, and move to the side if you notice other racers are coming. Taking a risk is risking your life, and you want to conserve your lives as much as you can, so it is vital you take precautions during the race!

Now, there are four bonuses in this game, each one doing different things, so read carefully, as some of these bonuses are not all great.

The first bonus, and my favorite, is the cloud! The cloud will randomly appear on the track, as all bonuses do. When you run over the cloud, your Alabriss grows wings, and you pick up tremendous speed, and invincibility.You can fly over all of the other racers without losing your lives, and finish one or two laps without worrying about getting hit. One thing I would be sure of, though, is to make sure when your chariot starts flashing yellow, that you find a place where no racers are located, so you are sure not to be hit when it wears off.

The second is the sun. The sun gives you invincibility for a good ten seconds or so. Like the cloud, but you are not getting much faster. This is a good bonus for a possible lap or two. And like the cloud, it is very helpful.

The third is the clock, and this one slows down the other racers. Now this bonus I can find annoying sometimes, because when everybody slows down, you are still going normal speed, and you can still get trampled even when they are going slow, so use this one with caution, as it can be helpful and dangerous.

Finally, last but least, the dung pile. These appear on the track, and stay much longer than the other three. You must avoid these at all costs, or else you will spin out of control, giving the others a perfect opportunity to hit you. Do your best to avoid these.

Now, some strategies for you to keep in mind while you are playing this fast paced game!

Always remember that you should never turn around for a bonus, because chances are you will be hit before you know it, and the bonus will disappear. It is certainly not worth your time and effort.

Now, when you are racing, notice that when you move to the side, the other racers tend to move to the side too, trying to hit you. Now I find that a little rude (glares at game makers) but it is true, so try your best to not stop unless you must, and if you have to stop, at the intersection for example, then move to the side like I stated before.


Now, take all of this into mind, and put it on the track! Although Chariot Chase might not be the easiest game for you all, it is most certainly fun, and it is a great game! So head on over and play Chariot Chase today!

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