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A Guide To Understanding Abbreviations On The Boards

by jotty346


So, in order to write this article, I spent a great deal of time on the boards researching and finding out the meanings of various acronyms and abbreviations.

People wander the boards wondering what it means when people say things such as UFT, UC, NTY, lol, ITTPD; well, this guide will explain it all!

So first of all, for those who don't know, an abbreviation is a letter or group of letters taken from a word to shorten it... for example, peo instead of Peophin.

Acronyms are words which have been formed by taking the first letters of a phrase and turning it into a word, such as lol, a very common one which means laughing out loud!

I understand that many Neopians, especially newbies or people who have taken long periods of time out of Neopets, find it hard to understand the new words and acronyms that people are now using on the boards. This guide is to help some people who find it hard to decipher the acronyms and abbreviations that are now so widely used on the boards it's become normal to use them!

I decided to make this guide for you all because when I first started trying to get to grips with the boards, I didn't understand a word of it, so hopefully this guide will help others who were once as clueless as me about the way our fellow Neopians talk (well, type) when on the boards.

Now I too had a hard time getting to grips with this, so let me get started...

Commonly used on all boards -

Peo - Peophin

lol - Laughing out loud

XD - Well, this one is just a smiley face... or laughing face (tilt your head to the left).

ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing

MSP - Malevolent Sentient Poogle

GTG/G2G - Got to go

BRB - Be right back

AC - Avatar chat

TC - Trade chat

PC - Pound chat

BD - Battledome

KQ - Key Quest

NTY - No thank you

TTYL - Talk to you later

Rper - Roleplayer

RP - Roleplay

They are used on almost all of the boards; they are very common and should be very useful for you to learn, as chances are you will come across them whilst chatting on the boards!

What's used on the AC (avatar chat) -

FQD - Faerie Queen doll

BOP - Bag of peanuts

MR - Mummy Ruki

ITTPD - I taunt the Pant Devil

Ppots - Prickly potions

IQ - Island Quiggle

Icy - Icy snowflake

MSPP - Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie

SuAP - Super attack pea

OG - Orange Grundo

BGC - Bony Grarrl club

Meowy - Meowclops

Collat - Collateral

Werelupe - Halloween Lupe

COT - Carnival of Terror (this is a very new one)

Most of the AC ones are avatar items or avatar related so if you're asking to be lent avatar items it's good to know these ones!

What's used on the TC (trade chat)-

ETS - Easy to sell

HTS - Hard to sell

OTB - Offer to beat

R - Rarity

MP - Morphing potion / my price

TP - Transmogrification potion / Trading post

UB - Unbuyable

RS - Resell/Restock

RSer - Reseller (Someone who buys to resell the item)

PPPB - Petpet paint brush

PB - Paint brush

MP - My price

LDPB - Lost Desert paint brush

LDPPPB - Lost Desert pet pet paint brush

Most of these have to do with selling things, so if you're trying to sell something on the TC, these should come in very handy to you!

What's used on the PC (pound chat) -

UFT - Up for trade

OTB - Offer to beat

UFA - Up for adoption

LE - Limited edition (pets such as Draik, Krawk, Poogle, Chomby, Lutari, Koi, Tonu)

UC - Unconverted (for those who don't understand this, TNT converted some pets a while ago but the original drawings of some still remain, these pets are very old and rare making them very desirable)

C - Converted

VWN - very well named

WN- Well named

DN - Decent named

BN - badly named

VBN - Very badly named

BD - Battledome (On the PC this term is used to tell someone if their pet has a lot of Battledome experience or very good stats)

App - Application

Xwee - Xweetok

Most of these are to do with trading pets and should help you if you're having difficulties understanding things.

What's used on the Battledome chat -

YB - Ylanas blaster

WOR - Wand of reality

(They use many acronyms for items; in fact, they practically use acronyms for all items on there XD)

Many of the Battledome chat ones are similar to the TC ones, just to let you know! So you may see ones such as OTB, MP, TP, and what not, but that's because they often sell and trade Battledome items on there!

So now that you've read them all, challenge yourself. Try and remember them when you're on the boards when someone uses one of them! Or you could even come up with your very own!!

So test yourself by trying to decipher the following phrases:

First one will be a AC one:

Looking to be lent ITTPD and FQD, for low or partial collat. Can lend Meowy in return

Next one is a TC one:

Selling MPs and TPs at RSer price

Another TC one for you:

Calling all RSers selling LDPPPB, TPs, MPs and more.

You have to love the TC. Here's my final TC one XD:

OTB - 120k

TP - 290k

MP - 200k

Also buying UBs r99s and PBs, NO HTSs please only ETS

Now a PC one:

20 VWN pets UFT, 2 UC, 1 LE, 3 BD

Another PC one for you! :

DN UC Semi BD LE Pet UFT, Seeking VWN UCs, OTB - Pirate peo

Well, that's all I have for now, hope you had fun with my little test!

There are new ones constantly being created and used, so try to keep on top of it all so you don't find yourself lost on the boards not understanding anything. Hopefully this guide helped you catch up with all the latest and older ones used!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide to the abbreviations and acronyms used on the boards and I hope it helped you a little as well!

So next time you're on the boards, try using them out and see how it goes!

Anyways TTYL G2G now!

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