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"Yeah, you got it!"

by sharkleberry1


A beginner's guide to the secret glories of THE MONEY TREE!

Whether you're new to Neopets or just looking to add a little excitement to your Neopian journeys, look no further than the Money Tree!

Located in Neopia Central, the Money Tree is a place where players can collect all sorts of freebies, donated by their fellow Neopians. There you'll find any and every type of item, free for the taking: Food, toys, BD equipment -- even Petpets, codestones and Neopoints! It's a constantly updating and constantly changing assortment of stuff, and best of all, it's totally free!

Many people are easily frustrated by the Money Tree, while others write off its many freebies as "junk." It seems that too many Neopians are under the impression that the Money Tree is only good for rotten boots and half-eaten jellies. This couldn't be further from the truth! With a little patience and some practice, you can turn the Money Tree into a fun, exciting and, dare I say, profitable activity to blend into your Neoday!

There are a lot of "junk items" to be found on the Money Tree. After all, it's largely a "dropoff" for players to get rid of unwanted items that are cluttering their inventories. But if you're patient and watchful, there are plenty of AMAZING items that pop up on those magical leaves every day! (And even if you aren't lucky enough to get them, there's nothing wrong with collecting ten extra omelettes to feed your pets with, right?)

Just read these tips, and you'll be a Money Tree master in no time!

Tip #1: Be QUICK. There are dozens of Neopians hovering around the Money Tree, no matter what time of day it is. If you see an item you like, try to click on it as FAST as humanly possible! Train your eye and hand to move quick! If you spend even a second too long choosing your item, another player will probably beat you to it. At the Money Tree, speed is heftily rewarded!

Tip #2: Be PATIENT. Even if your impulse is to grab anything you can as quickly as you can, try to be patient. While you'd have an easy time grabbing lots of omelettes and giant squid, is that all you're really after? Remember, kind Neopians are prone to donating some very nice items to the Money Tree -- don't hop on the first item you see. Go for the gold! You never know when a Bottled Faerie or codestone will pop up!

Tip #3: Be SELECTIVE. The Money Tree has its limits. You can't take as many items as you want. In fact, the Money Tree will "cut you off" if you try to take too many items in a day. If it does, you'll have to wait until the next day to continue hunting. Do I know what the item limit is? Yes, but you should find out for yourself! I can't do everything for you!

Tip #4: Be SMART. Here's a little tip that Money Tree newbies may not know about. The most recently donated item will always be the last one listed on the Money Tree page. (And, of course, you have a much better chance at plucking the most recently donated item than one that's already been sitting there for a few seconds.) Train your eye to start at the bottom first!

Tip #5: Be GRACIOUS. If you're getting a lot of nice stuff at the Money Tree, why not donate something back? It could be as simple as a Green Apple or a little bit of NP. Your fellow players will appreciate it, and after all, it's good karma! (Especially new players, who need all the help they can get!)

And remember, don't get discouraged! Even the most experienced Money Tree hunters miss more items than they get! If it was always "easy," then it wouldn't feel so great to see that happy picture of a yellow Acara getting his neatly wrapped gift! (Oh, how we Money Tree maniacs love that picture! We've been bugging TNT to put it on a T-shirt for years!)

Practice makes perfect, so spend some time learning the Money Tree's intricacies and you'll be an expert in no time. If you think it only provides junk, think again! In an experiment that only lasted a few days, I found (and caught) a Cui Codestone, Triffin petpet, several Petpet Laboratory Maps and even more scratchcards! Over 75,000 Neopoints worth of stuff just for spending a little time clicking around!

It's sort of like restocking, only less competitive and with zero risk of wasting NP on a "dud item." What more could you ask for?

My advice: Spend a week collecting items, and keep a log of what you're receiving. At the end of the week, figure out how many Neopoints all of your loot is worth. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised to find out that the little time you spend clicking around a tree made you a nice chunk of change! After all, nothing is a bigger motivator than a boost to your Neopian bank account!

Of course, you don't have to sell everything that you get. You might even find the perfect item for your gallery hidden at the Money Tree, and you won't have to spend one red Neopoint to get it!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your game face and visit the most fruitful foliage in all of Neopia!

To visit the Money Tree and start collecting its many freebies, go to Neopia Central, or just follow this link: //

Oh, and here's an important warning: DON'T try to get additional items from the Money Tree on your side accounts. The Money Tree is considered a "game," and like any other game, you should only access it from your main account. You wouldn't want to get frozen over a broken fishing pole, would you?

Happy hunting, and best of luck! Your freebies await!

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