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Mutant Misconceptions

by enchantmentunknown


While characteristically mutant pets are seen as creepy and gross, if one takes the time to get to know them, you may be pleasantly surprised! When a Neopet is transformed into a mutant, they may morph to have claws, tusks, hunch-backs and tentacles, which has been known to frighten a Neopet owner or two into making a different colour selection. While their outward appearance may not have the typical "cutesy" look of a faerie or baby pet, these misshapen pets can be just as endearing if given the opportunity to find their way into your heart!

The Meaning of Mutant:

A common misconception is that the colour mutant is meant to be the literal meaning of the word, when, in fact, it is an acronym! M.U.T.A.N.T. really means Meek and Utterly Tender-hearted Adorable Neopets that are Tickle-able. I'm not kidding, folks! These pets are all about giggling, being happy, spreading joy and baking cupcakes! These pets are a true testament to the saying "You can't judge a book by its cover."

When I first learned what mutant stood for, I was shocked that I had believed that when someone had a mutant neopet, I assumed that they meant that their pet was an adjective [myoot-nt] meaning undergoing or resulting from mutation. No, these pets are just the way they are meant to be anatomically, nothing warped about them, they are made the way they are in order to be the perfectly meek, tender-hearted, adorable and tickle-able pets that they are!

Appearances vs. Reality:

Those mutant features which you may have grown to fear are actually ones which you should admire in the mutant inhabitants of Neopia. When you see the hunched back of a mutant Bruce or Bori, you should know how it got that way. The hunched backs of these pets are the product of their love for their petpets and owners. These pets are in fact one of the most huggable species. They are absolutely obsessed with hugging all those around them and especially their friends. This tends to have the effect of giving them hunched backs, which now, I hope, you will understand is a symbol of their tender hearts.

For those mutant pets without the hunched back effect, their tentacles and furry arms are just as accustomed to the practice of hugging all their friends and petpets constantly! Hopefully with the cause of their interesting and uncommon neopet features explained to you, you will be able to appreciate those pets which we call mutants.

Pariah Pet Pastimes:

They may seem to be outwardly less than sweet and although they are not the most popular of pets, they are also something you may not expect: master bakers. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, mutant pets have a sweet spot for cupcakes and all things baked. So much so, that they have perfected the art of baking in their very own mutant baker's club. They meet in The Crumpetmonger's kitchen twice a week to perfect their culinary skills and making everything from scones, cupcakes, pastry puffs, tarts to triple tiered chocolate mutant surprise (one of the most delicious things you've ever tasted)!

Don't believe me? Next time you are in Neovia, take a look at the Crumpetmonger's kitchen chimney after shop hours. Twice a week you will see the billowing smoke escaping the building as it is puffed away from the flames heating up the many tasty treats these pets are well accustomed to whipping up. I bet you didn't expect that of those mutants, now did you? Just another example of how these pets will surprise anyone who takes the time to get to know them for the love-able and super sweet Neopets that they are.

Another of the mutant hobbies is volunteering their time at the soup kitchen! No kidding! Did you know that while the soup faerie is busy dishing out the soup, she has mutant assistants back in the kitchens to keep an eye on the stoves? Really, it's all about the kitchens for these pets. After all, when you're that size, you need a lot of nourishment! The huge hearts of these pets are paralleled by next to no others. Their help at the kitchens of the famous Soup Kitchen Faerie in the Neopia Central Marketplace is a true testament to that fact.

That Just Can't Be Natural!:

If you think that mutant pets, due to the fact that they are called mutants, are unnatural, I would like to draw your attention to a few things you may not have heard of before. Some of the most natural of items, tchea fruits, apples, carrots, ummagines, tigerfruits and even yooyu flowers, all grow in a mutant variety. It's like nature's own way of showing us how natural the mutant way of life is! If Neopia's own soil producing perfectly all-natural mutant fruits and flowers isn't enough to convince you, I don't know what is!

Now That You Understand...:

Now that I have filled you in on all the things you most likely didn't know about mutants, I'm sure you are ready to go out and adopt a mutant from the pound, am I right? Well, once you do that, why not pay homage to the cuteness that is the mutant pet colour! To do this, there are a total of 89 currently released mutant petpets and items for you to collect! For the truly dedicated mutant-lover, why not start a gallery? That way your newly adopted mutant pet will understand that you appreciate them for the warm hearted, huggable, baking genius that they are! TNT themselves show how much they adore mutants by celebrating Mutant Day each year on the 25th day of Hiding!

I hope that I have convinced you that mutants aren't quite what most Neopians expect. From the meaning of their name, the truth behind their appearances, and their very nature, there is nothing to do but love these cuddly pets! When all is said and done, a mutant will stay loyally by your side with a creme-souffle in his hand to comfort you when you need them, and give you a great big tentacle hug!

So don't run away if you meet a mutant on the street, they will be happy to meet you and give you a clawed handshake. Mutant pets aren't what everyone assumes them to be, you just have to open up your mind and heart to the idea of a mutant comrade, and you will experience the revelation of a lifetime!

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