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Usukicon: A Survival Guide

by enchantmentunknown


Between the rampant fans dressed in bright wigs and outfits and the ever-growing line up outside of Usuki Land, it can only mean one thing: Usukicon is here. Though this convention is full of excitement and joy, it can also be dangerous to a first-timer. The swarms of Neopians that will be gathering in the Neopia Central Bazaar can be difficult to navigate through in order to obtain one of the many perks of this event. Although the bustle can be overwhelming, it need not be. I'm here to give you a few helpful tips on how to survive Usukicon and walk away with some nifty new toys and treats!

First off, if you are new to the convention you may want to learn a little more about what it is. Usukicon is an annual gathering at Usuki Land to celebrate one of the most popular toys in the land. Of course, I'm talking about Usukis. The convention is an annual event held on the 20th day of Hiding. The convention will usually include TNT releasing some brand-new Usuki dolls! Usuki Land also had some special (and rare) items made to be sold only for the duration of Usukicon. In the past such limited edition goodies have been sold, such as: candies, colourful posters, assorted school supplies, spiffy keyrings, guide books, and the most coveted item of all -- gift bags! Usuki Land isn't the only Neopian shop to celebrate at this time of year either! Local shops such as the Chocolate Factory and Grooming Parlour have been known to release special Usuki themed items to join in the festivities! All in all, the day is full of frenzy. Usuki frenzy.

Now that you know a little bit about what goes on at Usukicon, it's time to prepare. If you wish to obtain some of the aforementioned special goodies released for the convention, I would recommend getting to Usuki Land as early as you and your Neopets can bear to wake up. Your early rising won't go unrewarded, it will snag you a prime spot in line! Some of the more fanatical Usuki-lovers have been known to camp out in front of the store for days prior! Don't fret; it isn't necessary to do so to enjoy the event. But before you leave in the morning, be sure to pack plenty of treats such as a nice bag of Chomby Chips or a Can of Neocola to keep your Neopets happy. They can't eat just candy all day, now can they?

Leading up to the day you may see some odd sights such as life-sized Usukis walking around your neighborhood. Don't be frightened! Most of the fans who attend also enjoy dressing up as Usukis themselves! Taking the time to make a costume out of some fabric and art supplies at your neohome beforehand can make the day all the more special an event. The fun of not only enjoying your Usuki dolls but getting to be one of them for a day is something that you don't see happening just any time of the year! Enjoy the opportunity and have fun taking on a character. Why not be a Greek Goddess Usuki? Or go for the classic Magical Hair Usuki look? For something a bit funnier, why not dress as a Silly Clown Usuki? There is nothing more fun than dressing up as a Usuki doll that you dress up!

So, your costume is all ready, you've packed a nice lunch to bring to the event, and you're going to show up bright and early to get in on all the fun on the 20th day of Hiding. You're all set, right? ... Wrong! You almost forgot to bring a few neopoints along! You wouldn't get to do much shopping in Usuki Land that way! Be sure to save a few extra points for the big day! You wouldn't want to show up and then realize that you're falling a little short on neopoints to get that one special, brand-new, one day only item, would you!? No, of course you wouldn't. :)

Doubling up your neopoints saving with some training for the ever-approaching event is an important strategy to truly conquering the Usukicon experience. Usuki Frenzy was created for just that purpose -- Usukicon preparation. Make sure to go and play Usuki Frenzy before the big day in order to practice your strategies for selecting the best Usukis on display in the fastest amount of time and rake in some neopoints in the process! Entering Usuki Land with speed, and knowing what you want, is the only way to guarantee not getting confused in the hysteria of Usukicon. It's no fun missing out on the chance to get that special item that you wanted because someone else grabbed hold of it first. Whoever said that slow and steady wins the race clearly never attended the Usuki Doll Convention!

Finally, make sure not to go in and out of the store so fast that you don't take your time to see what new things are going on throughout the day! The Neopets running the convention will be releasing new items throughout the day in order to meet increasing demands. Though speed is important to get the items you desire, patience is also important in waiting for their release. If you miss out on a goodie bag because the fanatics who camped out got there first, don't fret! As I promised, you need not arrive quite that early, as the shop keeper will be giving out items throughout the day, not only once! Hoorah!

That's pretty much it! Usukicon is a phenomenal event... if you know what to expect. I hope that my guide has helped you to understand a bit better what the convention is all about and how to prepare yourself for a day of pure glee! Don't forget to bring that snack with you so your Neopets don't get hungry while you spend a day out at the Bazaar with them! Oh, and one more thing, don't forget to take the time to enjoy yourself! Spending time with the other Usuki-lovers is what this day is all about! Don't get too caught up in the items and the strategy to the point where you don't have any fun!

Like that famous Usuki Land advertisement says, Usukis are "Totally awesome and super cool!" A talking lemon and apple can't be wrong now, can they? A day full of Usukis promises to be just the same. So be sure you don't miss out on Usukicon and all the craziness that goes along with it... it only happens once a year!

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