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Which Poogle Should You Root For?

by meggierules2129


It’s a warm, breezy day in lovely Faerieland. Your eyes soak in the beautiful sights, your taste buds flourish in the delicious foods, and your ears attune to the peaceful noises on this lovely cloud.

What’s this? It seems a new sound has alerted your ear drums- cheering. Some yelps, cries, and “hip-hip-hoorays” are penetrating the air around you. Puzzled, you turn to the direction of the noise and smack your paw against your head and chuckle. Why, it’s only the magnificent Poogle races!

We’ve all sat on the sidelines and screamed for our favorite Poogle until our throats are sore... right? Poogle racing is one of Faerieland’s most popular attractions. Have you ever been at the betting window, trying to place a bet... but not knowing which Poogle to bet on or how many neopoints to bet? We all have. Hey! Here’s an idea: I’ll give you some questions, you answer, and at the end, I’ll let you know which Poogle to vote for. Yes, like a quiz! Sounds easy enough, right?

O.K., grab a pen/pencil/writing implement and a spare piece of paper and get started!

1. Before the Poogle Races can even begin, the neopets must begin training. What do you think is the most important part of training?

a. All of it! If I were a racing Poogle, I’d make sure to practice anything and everything!

b. Long sprints. That’s what Poogle racing is, right... running?

c. My agility. Maneuvering quickly is the way to go.

d. Hurdles. Back in the good ol’ days, hurdles were shorter than they are now.

e. Er... eating?

2. If you were a Poogle in the races, what would you like best about the racing experience?

a. My adoring fans, of course!

b. The pretty colors... the cool shapes... wait... what were we talking about again?

c. Being able to release my energy.

d. The fact that they’ve been going on since I was a wee tot.

e. Being fed at the betting window! ;)

3. If you raced, what would you struggle in?

a. ME? Struggle? I don’t think so.

b. There are so many distractions ... ooh... pretty...

c. Hurdles are difficult!

d. There’s an age limit, ya know.

e. My mom says I’m overweight.

4. As a fan, what do you like best about the races?

a. Winning my bets!

b. It’s amazing how they designed the track...

c. Seeing how fast those Poogles can go.

d. The memories of when I was a kid...

e. They have GREAT snacks!

5. What is your least favorite of the following?

a. Losing

b. Plain things

c. Obstacles

d. My hip medicine

e. Exercise

6. What is your worst trait?

a. People say I’m arrogant. Yeah, right!

b. I have a short attention span... ooh, a Meowclops!

c. I’m clumsy.

d. Huh? What? I can’t hear you!

e. I’m lazy.

7. What’s your favorite number?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 7

e. 9

8. Let’s say you were racing and you got second place. What would your reaction be?

a. “WHAT? I NEVER get second! This is an outrage!”

b. “Second place is good in my book.”

c. “Whoa, really? *drops trophy* Oops...”

d. “This reminds me of one race several years ago...”

e. “SECOND PLACE? No way! I’ve never won anything before!”

9. When you retire from Poogle racing, what will you do?

a. Own a huge mansion with tons of trophy cases!

b. Maybe become an artist...

c. Relax and enjoy life.

d. I don’t know... I was supposed to retire ten years ago!

e. Eat all I want!

10. What’s the best thing to feed a Poogle before it races?

a. Something from the health food shop.

b. Anything with lots of color and design... pretty food!

c. Coffee!

d. Medicine in case I dislocate my hip again.


Interesting answers you got there... tee hee, I’m just joking around. Tally up your score and look below to see which Poogle you should root for!

Mostly A: Poogle One

Poogle One’s description is: “Lightning quick, and great over jumps, this fighting-fit Poogle is the favorite to win.” Poogle One’s odds are 3:1. This one’s definitely considered the best Poogle on the track. Be careful when rooting for him, though, because his fans tend to be way too obsessed with winning and trust me, you don’t want to go down that road...

Mostly B: Poogle Two

Poogle Two’s description is: “If Poogle Two wasn’t distracted so easily he could be the fastest Poogle around!” His odds are 4:1. Poogle Two is very speedy and can win easily. If you’re betting on him, make sure you keep him focused on the track. Maybe you can talk to Kauvara about making some sort of potion that will keep his eyes on the track and not wandering around in the stands...

Mostly C: Poogle Three

Poogle Three’s description is: “This Poogle exhibits great bursts of speed, but is normally very clumsy when jumping.” Poogle Three’s odds are 5:1. This Poogle is super quick, but has a difficult time with the hurdles. Three is a great Poogle to root for, but be careful... he may be at the front of the pack at the beginning, but when a hurdle comes he might be left in the dust.

Mostly D: Poogle Four

Poogle Four’s description is: “Poogle Four used to be a contender, but now he is getting older he has lost his speed and agility on the racetrack.” Poogle Four’s odds are 7:1. He used to be the best Poogle on the racetrack... ask him and he’ll tell you stories of every race since the beginning of Neopia! Maybe you can get Boochi to zap him before a race...

Mostly E: Poogle Five

Poogle Five’s description is: “This chubby Poogle has not been getting much exercise lately, and it shows...” Poogle Five’s odds are 9:1. It’s obvious Five has some weight issues, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for him! Er... well... there aren’t that many reasons to vote for him, are there... well, if you like rooting for the underdog, excuse me... underpoogle, Poogle Five is the way to go!

There you have it! Thanks to this nifty quiz, I have assisted you in figuring out which Poogle you should root for at the next race. What’s that? ... Oh, right. I also said I would help you with the whole betting issue...

Betting can be dangerous, so beware. You may think you’re going to win 2,000 neopoints, but there is a chance you’ll lose 1,000 instead. This chart below will let you know how much to bet for each contender. Remember – you DON’T have to bet this amount of neopoints. Bet with what you are comfortable with, but try not to go too high. You never know... Poogle Five might make an unexpected breakthrough.

Poogle One: 300 + if you’re feeling lucky.

Poogle Two: 100 – 200 neopoints at the most.

Poogle Three: 50 – 100 neopoints at the most.

Poogle Four: 25 – 50 neopoints at the most.

Poogle Five: I wouldn’t bet over 25.

To sum things up, root for the Poogle you like best, not just what this quiz says. This quiz was written for amusement and these betting tips just for help if you don’t know what to bet. Bet however many neopoints you feel comfortable with and root for the Poogle that you have a connection with. Happy racing!

* WARNING: The author of this quiz is not responsible for any drastic neopoint loss at the races.

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