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Making Your Neopets Shine!

by jackie_3_3_3


Everyone in Neopia was blessed to pick their first, second, third, or even fourth pet to love, play, cherish, and grow with. Your neopets are your pets, friends, and family put together and they love you, even when you give them the strangest names. They won’t ever betray you and want nothing more than to make you smile and they're glad that you have them with you.

One thing that I really noticed, though, was the fact that many of the neopets being put in the pound (they love you... why would you do that??) or being traded off wouldn’t even have a personality. Without something that makes them unique in their own special way, they may only seem like pixels that need to be painted, customized, and appear rich so that the owners could look good or rich.

Veterans of Neopia understand the love required for their beloved pets; notice how the majority of them have personalities such as a sassy, wild, or lazy attitude?

Not that only veterans understand, but it’s just been noticed by my neopets that many of the new owners have pets around town that seem to be a bit... off... like having nothing within them that makes them shine, even though they were painted a high quality color.

Giving your pets a personality not only makes them special and unique, but also gives them a special bond, or attachment, to you that might make you think twice about pounding them or even trading them off.

So you now want to make them special, unique, and different from all the rest without even spending a single neopoint... yes? Then this is the guide for you!


Step 1) Give them a personality with maybe a twist!

Now you might be asking, “Ok... but what kind of personality do I want to give my pet?” Well, that’s easy, stare at your neopet and try to see what’s inside their heart (deep, I know, right?). A plushie pet might have a loving personality, be a hugger, or just love being by your side on a cold winter’s night by the fireplace. Pink pets might have a spoiled side but love the latest fashion. All and all, you’re free to give them any personality you want. ^^

Now for the choices... what all could be in a personality?

Another simple one, your pets can be of many choices. Think about your own personality for instant. You might be quite the sweet person that enjoys techno and classical music, a smart person that really enjoys video games, and maybe gets easily scared of horror movies but can’t stop watching them! (Hey, that’s me!)

Your pets can maybe have the same personality as yours, but maybe different as well. You can put twists that give that extra shine to your pet. ^^

A few examples I’ll share as you read below are about my own pets that might help give you an idea on what I mean. ^_~

~*~My Little Angels~*~

Beauty the Spotted Xweetok: the fighter in the family. She loves to be the toughest in the bunch but can’t help to try to look her best with her open minded and quirky personality. She dreams of being the most beautiful but dangerous Battledome warrior in all of Neopia. She also tends to think she’s the best of the four since she was the first neopet in my family and will let that be known to all. She has somewhat of a southern belle accent if you know what I mean.

Heaven the Christmas Zafara: the shy one but very kind toward others. Her goal is to read every book in Neopia, so she helps with the costs by working at the Faerieland Employment Agency, loves dressing up, really enjoys classical music, and is even talented on the flute. She might be the second oldest but she also is the smartest from the bunch. She’s also really scared of zombie pets.

Ivana the Faerie Pteri: the beautiful dreamer. She is the one that dreams of being the most beautiful by entering beauty contests and the customization spotlight. Without being one of those pets that believe they are better than all the rest, she actually doesn’t mind a lost here and there and would just sing it off with her great gentle voice. She loves to hang out by the Kelp and just eat Peachpa and Stramberry Shell dessert.

Faith the Blue Cybunny: the baby in the family. She’s the final baby in the family and REALLY into sweets (might need to pay a visit to the tooth faerie!). Her dream is to be painted by a Valentines Paint Brush like her favorite plushie, the Valentines Cybunny Plushie. She knows it doesn’t exist... YET! Until then, she would love to stay blue or even be pink so that it will be somewhat similar to the color she wants. She is one nature girl that causes a bit of trouble but mainly wants attention from her sisters.

So you see, just add in some twists. Notice how each had their own goals different from the rest? Well, that’s the next step!


Step 2) Give them goals and maybe try to help them accomplish them!

Helping give your pets some goals makes Neopia a more fun place and makes your pets even more unique. Getting the Gourmet Foods trophy, reading every book out there in Neopia, be the best fighter for the Battledome, beauty contests, and... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

Of course, not everything is free, so you might be spending neopoints here or there, but it’s so worth it when your pet gets the trophy that someone else wanted, teehee.

Besides spending neopoints here, you might be spending quite a few on the next step.


Step 3) Add in some flair by customization!

Many have probably already done this before even reading this guide but it sure does work! Giving your pets some clothes shows that you at least care enough for them to wear some clothing and the clothes themselves tell others a bit of their personality. They can have different backgrounds, trinkets, accessories, clothes, or have all that with a theme.

A music lover will probably have music based trinkets or clothes to show that they are a jazzy person by wearing black, white, and gray like the best jazz group called Jazzmosis.

As I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless here too.

Just do as you please and make sure your pet likes them too! (They probably won’t like that Illusen Doll floating around if they’re a Jhudora fan... ) and just experiment with all the ones available in Neopia! Careful not to pay too much for something that probably could’ve been bought for a cheaper price too alright. ^_~


Step 4) Decorate and add info on description and/or petpage!

A final step to make your pet different from all the rest is to decorate their descriptions or even do something with their petpages.

Pet has a bubbly personality? Put in some bubbles in the background! Just like the personality, have fun and put in a nice background that suits their color or attitude. Share to others about them and their goals and maybe some other fun facts about them.

Petpages can be informative about many things. Want to add in more of a story that your pets may have? Then share it all there in their petpages since there’s no word limit like on the descriptions. Add in adoptables, pictures, and whatever else you want to contain on there.

Feel that all you said was enough on the description? Then you’re free to do whatever you please on the petpage that is allowed on Neopia. Make a music code page, directory of something, make graphics, helpful guide to a game or some other topic, lab ray purposes, and... I’m serious the possibilities are as endless as your pet’s personality!


Quick Guide for Unique Pet:

Step 1) Give them a personality with maybe a twist!

Step 2) Give them goals and maybe try to help them accomplish them!

Step 3) Add in some flair by customization!

Step 4) Decorate and add info on description and/or petpage!


With these four steps, your pet is sure to shine brightly as they explore around Neopia and outshine all those new pets that seem to have nothing shining about them. These are the kind of pets that make it harder to put in the pound or to trade off and that’s alright. They love you more than anyone else and are happy to be by your side. For all those pets that seem to have no shine... maybe a little help from this guide will do. ^_~

Just remember this little saying from me.

A Red Lupe with a personality has more shine and life than a non-personality Faerie Lupe and that’s a fact. ^^

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