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He Who Thwarted the Monoceraptor

by scarvogue


It's a warm day and the sun is already high in the sky, warming all of Neopia. You're walking up a lush green hill, just on the outskirts of Neopia Central. Peeking over the top of the hill in front of you, you can see the tall green leaves of the Money Tree and the red brick roof of the Neopian Bank. As you reach the top, you see a small boulder with a strange green figure resting on top of it. The Neopet is rather small, but very round and plump. Tied around his body (as he has no proper neck) is a long red cape, gently flowing in the calm wind.

     "Why hello there. I suppose you have come to hear my tale," the green Neopet says with practiced charisma.

     "Um, well..." you say hesitantly. "I was just going for a walk... I didn't know you'd be here."

     "Well then, it was destiny that brought us together. The very fibers of your being led you here to me."

     "Okay then..."

     "Please, sit down. My name is Fzv - though you can call me Fizz - and I am the legendary Pea Chia that rescued all of Neopia."

     Overcome with a sense of doubt (as how could this tiny pea be a hero, you wonder), you raise your eyebrows at Fzv. But rather than questioning him, you decide to sit down and listen to his tale, as the hot sun rises higher and higher into the blue sky.

     "It was many many years ago, before even you, young Neopian, were born," Fzv began. "Neopia back then was much as it is today: a calm and peaceful place with Neopets bustling here and there, and happily wandering the danger-free streets. All baby Neopets loved their parents dearly and although they did like to make harmless mischief, they were good kids. Baby Neopets went off to neoschool, Kauvara and other shopkeepers tended to their stores, which were always thriving, and the stock market was going well. Neopia was a happy place.

     "One seemingly ordinary day, fate turned down a dark road. Dark clouds filled the once baby blue sky of Neopia Central and set up a thick wall, locking out the warm sun. All of Neopia was cast into darkness and chill. For a few minutes, the world was quiet. It was the deep breath before the plunge, the calm before the storm. Every Neopet in Neopia held their breath in fear. Everyone was afraid that if they would speak, they would unleash a terror upon the world. But although no one spoke, terror was unleashed anyway.

     "The silence was broken with a deep, earth-shuddering thud. Ripples were created in every body of water - big or small. The trees swayed as the ground shook below them. One thud, then another and another and another, steadily increasing in frequency and intensity. Every Neopet huddled together for comfort, as if they thought that if they pressed together, they would be spared - or simply become invisible to this impending doom.

     "The thudding suddenly came to a halt. Just as the Neopets were sighing in relief, a colossal monster appeared on this very hilltop. It was a large, dinosaur-like creature. He had a black, leathery body, and small yellow eyes that could stare into your very soul. From his forehead, all the way down his spine to his tail, were sharp, greenish yellow horns that seemed to gleam, even in the darkness. His body stretched out toward the heavens, like a dark and dangerous shadow. The monster had four rows of razor sharp teeth, bathing in venomous saliva."

     "What was it!?!" you ask hastily, interrupting the story.

     "The Monoceraptor," Fzv replies bluntly. "He was a terrifying monster, not of this world. Nobody knows where he came from or how he found his way into Neopia, but the important thing is that he did."

     "So what happened next?" you inquire impatiently.

     "The Monoceraptor descended from the hilltop, ready to wreak havoc upon the world of Neopia, beginning with Neopia Central. He sounded a monstrous, deafening roar, which caused every Neopet in the city to scream and run in terror. Lightning flashed overhead as the Monoceraptor raced through the city, destroying both buildings and lives in the process. With every step he took, he left a deep imprint upon the earth.

     "When all hope seemed lost, and the Monoceraptor stood at the base of the Rainbow Pool, ready to smash it into oblivion, a beam of sunlight shined through a momentary gap in the clouds, instilling hope into even the most hopeless of Neopets. From the beam of light descended a hero - a hero who would forever be praised and remembered, a hero who would save the world from oblivion: Fzv."

     "YOU....?" you blurt out, almost rudely.

     "Shh!" Fzv shoots back with annoyance. "With my red cape whipping around me in the wild wind, I descended from the sky and hurled myself at the Monoceraptor's ankles, tripping him and sending him crashing to the earth, as he breathed his last breath. In triumph, I ripped off his largest claw as a token of my victory. And with a final smile to the Neopets of Neopia Central, which sent them erupting into applause and cheers, I raised my first into the air, gazed into the shining beam of light and flew up toward the heavens, erasing the dark clouds from the sky."

     You stare curiously at Fzv as he poses, just as he described, as if he is about to take off into the sky, like he did in the story. Before you could squeeze in a comment, you hear a shrill voice scream:

     "FIZZY! What are you doing here? I have been looking for you for hours! It's lunch time, sweetheart!"

     A tall, brunette Neopian suddenly appears over the hill. Her hair cascades down her slender back, and her emerald eyes catch the rays of the shining sun. She looks rather impatient, with one hand resting on her hip and her cheeks flushed from the steep climb from Neopia Central.

     "Fizzy? Sweetheart?" you ask, almost accusingly.

     To your surprise - or maybe you had suspected it all along - the Pea Chia turns a deep shade of red - a colour that no pea ever should ever be - and smiles sheepishly.

     "So," you ask, as the truth suddenly becomes clear, "what exactly did you do with the Monoceraptor's claw after you took it?"

     "Umm... well...." Fzv replied, turning an even deeper shade of red. "I... donated it! Yes, that's right! Donated it to the Hidden Tower and Fyora did what she liked with it. Yep!"

     "Fizzy! Have you been telling stories again? I've already had three Neopians tell me that you keep embellishing facts or telling false tales," the Neopian says again.

     Fzv mumbles something unintelligible and slowly begins to trudge over to the Neopian, dragging his feet in shame and frustration. You can't help but smile to yourself. Although the pea is no hero, he is certainly cute. You decide to indulge him.

     "Thanks for the story, Fizz," you say with genuine kindness and appreciation. "Maybe I'll see you around!"

     Fzv smiles and waves, as he disappears with his Neopian over the hill and out of sight.

The End

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