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Finding the Perfect Background Made Easy!

by petpet0246


Many people create special personalities through stories and artwork. However, for those of us not very artistically inclined, we can make use of customization!

For those of us that have been living under perfectly flat rocks for the past two years, customization is a feature on Neopets that allows you to... well, customize your pet! You can dress your pet the way you want, and include various trinkets to bring their personality to life. Most people underestimate the most important part of customization though: the background!

Why are backgrounds so important? Because they show where your pet lives! The background can be thought of as its home; it tells a lot about what your neopet likes to do and maybe even its favorite vacation spot! This nifty guide will help you choose the perfect background for your pet so you can give it a home it will adore!

First, you have to ask what your pet enjoys to do.

Is your pet painted Maraquan or wearing swimwear?

Well then, chances are it loves to swim! A nice underwater background will help to give off a swimming hobby. Various underwater backgrounds include the Underwater Background, which is perfect for the graceful swimmers, the Underwater Net Background, perfect for pets that love to play underwater volleyball (volleyball not included), and the Underwater Shipwreck Background, perfect for the Maraquan pet that has an inner pirate. There are also various underwater backgrounds that can be purchased for neocash at the NC Mall! But be sure to ask your parents before purchasing neocash, okay?

Does your pet have a favorite food?

Well, your pet can show that off too with a background! For the cheese lovers, a Cheese Shop Background can be found on the Shop Wizard for only 1,000 neopoints! That is a deal for completing the perfect look on your pet! Do you always have to stop at the pretzel stall when you are shopping with your pet? Then why not give them the perfect gift of the Pretzel Background! This will surely save you money on pretzel stops! In addition, for the corn lovers there is the Corn Field Background! Give your pet the real experience of being a farmer with this background.

Does your pet have a favorite place to visit?

Many pets love to take a trip to the beach in the summertime! Why not give them the gift of a year-round beach with the Shell Beach Background? There is also the Grassy Meadow Background for the pets that love to lie on the grass and watch the clouds go by! Speaking of clouds, your flying pet would love to soar around in their Cloudy Sky Background. If your pet likes to go to Tyrannia, why not try out the Tyrannian Concert Hall Background or the Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background? Mystery Island fans will love the Mystery Island Game Board Background or the Mystery Island Huts Background! Even Faerieland has its own background, the Faerieland Gazebo Background! If you check the NC Mall, you will be sure to find even more backgrounds that will reflect special places in Neopia.

Is your pet especially girly or maybe just painted faerie, or pink?

Well, there are plenty of backgrounds for those pets! There is the pretty Dreamy Hearts Background that will show off your pet’s girly side. Moreover, there is the Faerie Painted Background that your faerie pet would love to be in front of! If your pet likes pink AND polka dots – there is also the Polka Dotted Pink Background.

Does your pet prefer darker and scarier things to the bright?

Never fear, there is something for your pet too! Does your pet love dank and creepy caves? Then give them the Creepy Cave Background! There is also the Bone Vault Background for skeletal pets and those that just love bones! I am sure your Gelert or Lupe would love to be around a bunch of bones to chew on, so why not let them try it on?

Is your pet’s favorite event of the summer the Altador Cup?

Everyone loves the Altador Cup, and everyone loves supporting his or her favorite team! So why not give your pet the gift of both the Altador Cup and a background? There are various Altador Cup Backgrounds – one for each team. Krawk Island, Faerieland, Virtupets – you name it, they have it! It is the ultimate way of showing your team spirit all year long!

Does your pet have a season they want to last forever?

All pets have a favorite season. Be it summer, winter, or spring, a background exists for your pet! For the spring lovers, try the Spring Courtyard Background. Your pet is sure to adore it! For winter, there is the Terror Mountain Snowy Path Background or the Ice Caves Background. If your pet loves summer, try the Field of Grass Background or maybe the Fireworks Background.

What about a holiday that your pet loves?

Every pet has a favorite holiday. For many it is the Day of Giving and the Advent Calendar, and the Holiday Giftwrap Background or the Holiday Home Background are perfect for those pets! If your pet loves Halloween, give them the Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background! Just be sure to let them know it is not real so they will not wake you up with nightmares after sleeping by it. The Lunar Festival is also not forgotten! You can give moon-loving pet the Lunar Temple Background to show their support for the Shenkuuvian holiday!

Does your pet want to be a certain profession?

Wonderful! Every pet should have a goal with what they want to do, or maybe they have already gotten their dream job and want to let everyone see! There’s the Artist Studio Background for the pets that just love to be creative, and the Melting Test Station Background for aspiring mad scientists (just be sure to not show the Lab Ray Scientist – he will definitely be jealous!) There is the Classroom Background for neopets that love to go to school and the Kau Kau Farms Background for those that want to be farmers themselves!

It is obvious that no pet should go without a background! These are only a few of the backgrounds available for you to purchase from other Neopians, and if you are good at restocking, you can go to the Mystical Surroundings shop to get even more! There is something for everyone and you are sure to find the perfect background to complete your pet’s customization in no time!

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