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Virtupets® Synchronous Conferencing Console

by ginny_invisible


Also by rosabellk

The Virtupets® Synchronous Conferencing Console is loading! Please wait.

The Virtupets® Synchronous Conferencing Console is loading! Please wait.

The Virtupets® Synchronous Conferencing Console is loading! Please wait.

Session 48216598 has loaded.

Welcome to the Virtupets® Synchronous Conferencing Console!

This product was created and marketed by Virtupets, Inc®. All rights reserved by Dr. Frank Sloth. By using this product you forfeit any legal rights or mind control and acknowledge his supreme mastery of Neopia.

For more information, visit

drfranksloth has signed on.

queenfyora has signed on.

drfranksloth: How do you like my latest invention?

queenfyora: It's quite impressive.

queenfyora: A little complicated, but I’ll figure it out.

drfranksloth: I plan to market it throughout Neopia and make it the newest sensation! MUAHAHAHAA!

drfranksloth: I only hope that Space Faerie doesn’t stop me, lol.

queenfyora: “Lol?” What does that word mean?

drfranksloth: No, it’s an abbreviation. It means “laughing out loud.”

queenfyora: Oh, I see! igin!

drfranksloth: ... igin?

queenfyora: “I get it now.”

drfranksloth: You can’t make abbreviations out of anything you want!

queenfyora: osidkt.

drfranksloth: Should I even ask?

queenfyora: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that.”

drfranksloth: If you say so. :)

queenfyora: What does a colon followed by a close-parenthesis mean? Is it another abbreviation?

drfranksloth: No, it’s a smiley face.

queenfyora: I don’t see it.

drfranksloth: Tilt your head to the left.

queenfyora: If you say so...

queenfyora: Oh, I see it now! Let me try doing one!

queenfyora: :) Now I’m happy!

queenfyora: :( Now I’m sad!

drfranksloth: Yes, I think you’ve got the hang of it.

queenfyora: :-^-) Now I have a pointy nose!

queenfyora: :::( Now I’m sad because I have six eyes!

drfranksloth: 0_o

queenfyora: Ooh, that’s a good one!

drfranksloth: *facepalm*

queenfyora: I don't quite understand this chatting lingo. If I put something in between *these*, does that mean I have done that action?

drfranksloth: Exactly.

queenfyora: *puts on eyeliner*

queenfyora: *weight lifts*

queenfyora: *goes into orbit*

queenfyora: This is amazing!

drfranksloth: I think you’re getting a little carried away...

queenfyora: *gets carried away*

spacefaerie00 has signed on.

spacefaerie00: Is this your latest plot to take over Neopia, Sloth?

drfranksloth: No, of course not! *innocent face*

queenfyora: *sings opera*

spacefaerie00: Er... Queen Fyora?

queenfyora: *does a backflip*

spacefaerie00: Queen Fyora, are you all right?

queenfyora: *dances the tango with Sloth*

spacefaerie00: Dr. Sloth has brainwashed Queen Fyora! *fightmode*

m33pit has signed on.

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: *superfaerieattack*

queenfyora: *skydives*

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: *evil cackle*

spacefaerie00: Don't do the evil cackle yet, little green thing! I will defeat you!

drfranksloth: Little green thing? You dare?

spacefaerie00: Yes, I dare!

queenfyora: *dances the chicken dance*

m33pit: meep.

queenfyora: *BWAWK BWAWK*

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: !virtualPunch

drfranksloth: !virtualRoundhouseKick

spacefaerie00: !virtualSpinningBackRoundhouseKick

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: !virtualDoubleBackflipKick

spacefaerie00: !virtualDivebomb

queenfyora: *BWAWK BWAWK*

drfranksloth: Hey! No fair! I can't fly!

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: Ohaiwai! !virtualShenkuuChop

drfranksloth: o_O Ohaiwai?

spacefaerie00: I don't know... it sounded Shenkuuian.

queenfyora: *pole vaults*

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: !virtualBite

drfranksloth: Eurghhh! You bit me!

spacefaerie00: Eurghhh! What in Neopia do you have on your hair?

m33pit: meep.

queenfyora: *does the hula*


spacefaerie00: AND THAT FYORA?

m33pit: meep?

queenfyora: You talking to me, girl?

spacefaerie00: Yeah, I'm talking to you; what you gonna do about it?

queenfyora: You got a problem?

spacefaerie00: Yeah, I got a problem, the fact that you're dancing the chicken dance while I'm trying to stop Sloth from brainwashing Neopia!

queenfyora: I'll have you know that the chicken dance is a recognized battle technique in the Battledome!

spacefaerie00: Really? And who authorized that?

queenfyora: I did! *uses queenly power to make you bow down*

spacefaerie00: HA!

spacefaerie00: I have more powers in my little finger than you have in your whole body!

spacefaerie00: I defeated Sloth, you know!

drfranksloth: Hey, I’m right here!

spacefaerie00: You’re nothing but a little pink puffball.

queenfyora: Oh, that does it.

m33pit: meep.

queenfyora: *catfight*

spacefaerie00: *catfight*

queenfyora: !virtualHairPull

spacefaerie00: !virtualCheekSlap

queenfyora: !virtualFaceSlap

spacefaerie00: !virtualFaceScratch

queenfyora: !virtualSnarl

drfranksloth: Yes, yes, fight between yourselves.

drfranksloth: Meanwhile, I’ll be busy NOT taking over Neopia.

drfranksloth: *innocent whistle*

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: !virtualBite

queenfyora: Ewww! Those teeth were on Sloth's hair!

drfranksloth: MUAHAHAHAA.

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: Do you, Meepit, a fellow villain of Neopia, admire my brilliant scheme?

m33pit: meep.

queenfyora: !virtualOverhandPunch

drfranksloth: *blush* Yes, I know.

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: !virtualUnderhandPunch

drfranksloth: Well you see, this is my most devious type of mind control ever. You see-- Aha! You are trying to steal my ideas!

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: Don't lie to me. I can see through your sneaky little plan.

queenfyora: !virtualBackwardsPunch

spacefaerie00: !virtualAroundtheBackPunch

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: Are you trying to distract me?

queenfyora: !virtualSpinandJumpPunch

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: No, I don't.

queenfyora: !virtualJab

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: I don't know what she tasted but it was not hair gel! She shouldn't have been eating my hair anyway!

m33pit: meep.

drfranksloth: Oh, shut up.

m33pit: meep.

spacefaerie00: !virtualElbowJab

queenfyora: !virtualKneeJab

spacefaerie00: !virtualNoseJab

queenfyora: Er, how do you jab with your nose?

spacefaerie00: Don't know. !virtualToeJab

queenfyora: !virtualEyelashJab

1337techo_master has signed on.

1337techo_master: You should find the harmony in this situation by accepting the vibes and settling the argument in a peaceful manner.

queenfyora: !virtualScreech

queenfyora: OW! Do you know how long it took me to dye those eyelashes?

1337techo_master: The path to true happiness lies through the gates of serenity and across the river of tranquility.

drfranksloth: So, Techo Master, what brings you here?

m33pit: meep?

1337techo_master: I am fascinated by this invention. The interconnectedness. The sharing of emotions. The possibilities. I think you have found something here.

drfranksloth: Actually, it's just a plan to take over Neopia.

1337techo_master: That will affect the balance positively as well.

drfranksloth: Hmm. You could make a good Neopian villain.

1337techo_master: What leads you to that assumption?

drfranksloth: You're so good at confusing people.

drfranksloth: Sometimes I think you just make up gibberish that makes no sense just to make people think you're smart.

1337_techo_master: To this day I had not perceived this indiscernible sagacity in your infrequent perceptions, Sloth.

drfranksloth: No idea what you just said, but thanks. I think.

cmndr_valka has signed on.

cmndr_valka: hai guys

cmndr_valka: wats upp?

drfranksloth: Not much, Valka, just taking over Neopia.

drfranksloth: As usual.

cmndr_valka: oh noes!!!11!!! We musgt stop him!

queenfyora: *sticks out tongue at spacefaerie00*

spacefaerie00: Real mature.

cmndr_valka: hey, wats goingg on b-tween u 2?

1337techo_master: I am perplexed. Why is it that you type so shoddily, Commander?

cmndr_valka: becuz i have hoooves. that make;s it hardoer.

drfranksloth: Oh, I would have guessed it was because you’re an incompetent fool.

cmndr_valka: no, u.

m33pit: meep.

queenfyora: Okay, Spacey, time to end this.

spacefaerie00: Bring it.

queenfyora: *summons giant magical portal thingy to trap you forever*

spacefaerie00: What? What does that even mean?

queenfyora: Doesn’t matter, you’re defeated! I win!

m33pit: meep!

spacefaerie00: No, you don’t win! You can’t just make up things like that!

1337techo_master: *meditates*

drfranksloth: Does anyone happen to know where I can get seventeen gallons of hair gel?

drfranksloth: It’s for a friend.


m33pit: meep.


queenfyora: *victory dance*

queenfyora: *which is the same as the chicken dance*

spacefaerie00: I give up.

spacefaerie00: Sloth can have you for all I care.

cmndr_valka: HELP HOW DDO I TURN IT OFF?

spacefaerie00: Oh, for Fyora’s sake, Valka, why did I ever put you in charge of the Resistance?

queenfyora: Hey, watch whose “sake” you’re throwing around there!


spacefaerie00: Oh, right.

m33pit: meep?

1337techo_master: I am one with the universe...

spacefaerie00: Your face is about to be one with my fist if you keep up this philosophy stuff!

1337techo_master: Violence is never the answer.

queenfyora: What are you talking about, you’re a martial arts master!

1337techo_master: Oh, right, I forgot.

1337techo_master: I guess sometimes violence is the answer.

drfranksloth: Agreed!

drfranksloth: But seriously, does anyone know where I can get that gel?

drfranksloth: I... my friend’s running out.

cmndr_valka: OK IS ITT OFF NOW??/

queenfyora: *facepalm*

m33pit: MEEP!

m33pit: MEEP!

m33pit: MEEP!

m33pit: MEEP!

m33pit: MEEP!

drfranksloth: CAN YOU SHUT THE MEEPIT UP??????!!

m33pit: The m33pits are taking over this program. Forced sign off is required.

spacefaerie00: What in Neopia is a m33pit?

m33pit: A virtual Meepit. We will take over Neopia!

drfranksloth: Hey, that’s my job!

m33pit: Silence, little green thing.

m33pit: Initiating project /V\33P17

drfranksloth: meep.

queenfyora: meep.

spacefaerie00: meep.

1337techo_master: meep.

cmndr_valka: meep.

drfranksloth has signed off.

queenfyora has signed off.

spacefaerie00 has signed off.

1337techo_master has signed off.

cmndr_valka has signed off.

m33pit: meep.

End of session 48216598.

This product was created and marketed by Virtupets, Inc®. All rights reserved by Dr. Frank Sloth. Enjoy your doom.

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