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Dumplings: Great For Every Occasion

by typlohisioh


It’s been a tiring morning—Blasted by the Snowager, Turmaculus ate your Petpet, and not even a booby prize from the Tombola Man! Dejected, you figure it’s time to head home and eat. You peek into your cupboard, searching for that perfect lunch, but all you see are those Neo Crackers, and you sigh. If only there was something good to eat! There are so many different types of food to eat when you’re hungry. You contemplate going somewhere, but no, you need to save those Neopoints. Hearing a few voices, you look outside your window, and you see your friends heading to the Kelp. The only thing you can do is stare longingly and imagine the food. But luckily for you... there’s no need to go to Kelp, when you can have an equally delicious meal for much less. Why not try... dumplings?! Since there are quite a few different kinds, choose the one that suits your tastes... After all, dumplings are for every occasion! Disclaimer: Chopstick lessons not provided.

Steamed Dumplings

Description: Three steamed dumplings filled with vegetables and rice.

Put away that Carrot and Lotus Rice! There’s no reason to have a boring meal when you can opt for the healthy combination in these dumplings. Not just for yourself, this is great to serve at a party and will be sure to satiate any hunger. It won’t break your bank, so feel free to eat all you want until you’re bloated!

Steamed Round Dumplings

Description: A generous helping of steamed round dumplings in a delicious broth.

Ah yes. Who said dumplings couldn’t be round? Well, seeing this should surely prove them wrong. This is a meal perfect for cold days (if you live on Terror Mountain, then I mean every day). Warm yourself up by eating these dumplings. Each dumpling has a filling.

Faerie Dumplings

Description: These dumplings are tender and light.

Ooh! I bet you’ve never seen dumplings with wings before. These are perfect for those Neopets who want their meal to be visually appealing in addition to being delicious. They feature lovely pastel colors that even the pickiest Uni should like. If you’ve been to Faerieland before, these dumplings should remind you of the delicate Faerie Food. Just make sure that they don’t float away.

Artichoke Dumplings

Description: Steamed and full of artichoke goodness, these taste best when served with mayonnaise.

Leave it up to those Shenkuu Neopians to develop something like this! Such a, er, rare combination. I didn’t try it with mayonnaise, but I’m sure that’s good as well. This dumpling is a nice... green color that appears to have something oozing out. You try it; I’m a little tentative. –hides-

Ice Cream Dumplings

Description: Oh, a nice little ice cream treat that is just bite size and is covered in a light dough.

Yum yum yum. Maybe you’ve accomplished something, and feel that your efforts deserve a reward. Or you just want some good dessert. The Chocolate Ice Cream that you have every day just isn’t enough. Well, why not try Ice Cream Dumplings? It’s not just ice cream, by the way. If your friend catches you eating these and tells you they’re unhealthy, then you can say that they are covered in dough! That makes it better... right? **Also a gourmet food**

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Description: This tasty dumpling is a healthy alternative to fried dumplings.

This is kind of a splurge, so if you buy this, I’m guessing that you’re a serious dumpling fan. It’s totally worth it, though. Look, it’s something that healthy Quiggle should approve of. There are vegetables, AND it’s not fried. What more can you ask for? These are great if you’re searching for a light meal. Note: It’s better to eat these alone; you probably won’t want to share. ;) **Also a gourmet food**

Chokato Dumplings

Description: Nice tender dumplings with a lovely aroma.

If you thought that dumplings couldn’t be creative, here’s something not so traditional. Perfect for all you Chokato enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss this. When I first tried this, I was skeptical. I mean... Chokatos are great; dumplings are great, but together? After eating, I quickly changed my mind. This dish is amazing, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you get a taste.

Brains and Dumplings

Description: Mmmm... these dumplings and brains are quite the delicacy.

Um. There’s something for everyone, I suppose. If you’re feeling particularly brave, then go ahead and let me know how it goes. Don’t buy these if you get queasy easily. I have no idea where the brains come from, and I don’t want to find out. For such a funny dish, it’s quite expensive. Let’s leave it for the Kadoaties, okay? They seem to eat everything.

Chicken Dumpling Soup

Description: Nothing warms your Neopet up on a cold day like a cup of delicious soup!

Brr! Cold? Here, drink this and you’ll feel better right away. This is perfect for drinking before any meal. It’ll satiate some hunger while you wait for the main meal. Or, it can be a light snack. One of my favorite activities is reading a good book while drinking Chicken Dumpling Soup.

Pan Fried Dumplings

Description: Ahhh... these dumplings are filled with a tasty mixture.

If you’re looking for more of a traditional dumpling, then here we are. Go ahead, take a bite. Now, I know that these don’t look healthy, but it’s better than having an Ultimate Burger. I was having a party last week and decided to serve these. They were so good, not one was left.

Red Bean Dumplings

Description: These dumplings are filled with a red bean paste.

Fillings make dumplings unique. Now, here we have bean paste instead of vegetables. They’re good as a light dessert, and much healthier than cake. I first had these in Shenkuu, at the annual Lunar Festival. An energetic looking young Aisha ran past me, saying, “Try those dumplings!”

Seaweed Wrapped Dumplings

Description: These tasty dumplings are filled with a meat mixture and wrapped with seaweed.

Seaweed has always reminded me of the beach or just water. Like the Faerie Dumplings, it’s fun to imagine that you’re in a different place when you eat these. Imagine you’re in Maraqua! These dumplings are sure to make your mouth water, and are very affordable.

Asparagus Toast Dumplings

Description: Steaming hot asparagus packed into a delicious toast dumpling.

It seems that asparagus is everywhere. Why, there are even Asparagus Chias! We can now add Asparagus Toast Dumplings to the list. Don’t be afraid of this strange creation. I admit I was tentative to try these at first, but with one bite of this delicious dish I was converted to being an asparagus fan.

There you have it, an all you need to know guide about dumplings in Neopia! Next time you’re thinking about what to eat, give dumplings a chance. Most are inexpensive, so you don’t need to worry about the bank. This dumpling review was done by none other than me, Reckaz the Mutant Hissi. While you eat dumplings, I’m going to be enjoying some sushi. :)

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