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Bargain Priced Wearables

by allyssa_renne


Are you sick of paying too much for customizable items? Don’t have any money for the NC Mall? Sick of only getting dung from the Secondhand Shop? Jealous of your friends' gorgeous customized neopets? Or are you simply down on your luck with neopoints and don’t have any to waste on such things?

Well, that’s why I’m here, of course! I’ve searched all over Neopia to find the cheap items for the newest sensation to hit Neopets! No more refreshing for hours at the Secondhand Shop to only receive dung; no more wasting neopoints; no more envy of your friends; no more feeling guilty for not being able to buy your neopets customizable items. The next ten items are all wearable, and under 1000 neopoints! (All prices are from when the article was written.)

1 - Wellington Boots

Have a pet that hates water but you force to live in Maraqua? Hates all the puddles around Kiko Lake? Loves the tide pools at Krawk or Mystery Island, but hates the wet sand in between their claws? With Wellington Boots, all will be WELL! Hahaha... Sorry ‘bout that. These rubber boots may not be the highest in fashion, but at only 850 neopoints, and being very useful, they’re worth it!

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 850 neopoints

2 - Spilt Plant

Does every plant around you die? Are you clumsy and spill or drop everything? Do you have black thumb instead of a green one? Well, advertise these traits with the Spilt Plant! It tells all gardeners to back off and be afraid, and gives others a good chuckle or two!

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 350 neopoints

3 - White Top Chop Robe, White Top Chop Trousers, White Belt, Green Belt

Now, you may be wondering why four items are listed only as one. This is because you can win all four of these items playing Top Chop! Show off your pet’s karate skills by customizing them with these! If you can’t play Top Chop well enough to earn these, though, they are still quite cheap.

“White” Items Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 25 neopoints

Green Belt Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 175 neopoints

4 - Snow SPLAT

Love Terror Mountain? Love games like Snow Wars, Snow Roller, Snowball Fight, Snow Muncher, or Dar-BLAT? Just like to throw snowballs at your own neopets? Then Snow SPLAT is for you and your pet! This wearable item is placed right at the sweet spot, where all snowball throwers would love to have every snowball hit; right in the middle of the face!

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 999 neopoints

5 - Directors Slate

Does your neopets love to act? Is he/she over-dramatic or a drama queen? Is your neopet a leader? Or does your neopets just simply like to be in control and boss people around? Then it would love to have the Directors Slate! It looks just like the real ones you see in the bloopers on Neovision!

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 500 neopoints

6 - Toolbox

Not only does the Toolbox make you look cool and masculine, but it also comes in handy. If your neopet works on the Virtupets Space Station, then this is a must. The Toolbox is also very useful for those who work at Kacheek and Sons Landscaping (KSON), Chia Steel Holdings (CHIA), Cybun Electronics (CYBU), Nakron (NAKR), or the Manage Rooms and Gardens department of Neohomes.

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 200 neopoints

7- Pile of Loose Gears

Pile of Loose Gears is the best accessory to the Toolbox, while also being very helpful. While not as many neopets use these, it is still certainly a good thing to have around if you live on the Virtupets Space Station. It is also good for Chia Steel Holdings (CHIA) and Cybun Electronics (CYBU).

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 200 neopoints

8 - Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes

If your neopet loves the holidays, then these shoes would FIT them perfectly. Ahahaha... Okay, I’ll stop now. These shoes are made from fixing Christmas lights to clown shoes, making them the perfect taste of tacky.... If there is a perfect taste of tacky.

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 400 neopoints

9 - Bowling Shirt

This snazzy shirt can be dressed both up and down. Your neopet can wear it to work; he could wear it to a luau at the beach on Mystery Island; or he could wear it bowling! The vertical stripes will make your pet look longer and skinnier, so if your Skeith or Grarrl is looking to lose a few pounds, this shirt may help their self-image.

Hey, those Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes look like bowling shoes, too....

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 999 neopoints

10 - Fiery Mittens

These mittens will keep your paws nice and toasty, no matter if you’re in a blizzard! Not only that, but you can also cook with them. Seriously. Just place one on either side of a piece of bread, and in 30 seconds, you’ll have a nice piece of toast! Fire painted pets are also harmless to them. Even though Fire painted pets would never need something to keep them warm, all owners with rambunctious ones or just absent minded owners often have trouble touching and petting them. For them, this would come in handy. Also, if your neopet has a fire petpet and is not already painted Fire, this would make cuddling a lot easier.

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 700 neopoints

Well, I guess since you’ve put up with the horrible jokes and have actually read this whole article, I’ll reward you with one more inexpensive wearable item!

11 - Eau De Skunk

If you have a skunk neopet with siblings that are not, you may want to start giving your non-skunk neopets this. Not only would it make the skunk neopet more comfortable, it would also help your other neopets get used to the smell. Or, if you’re having trouble with the Pant Devil stealing your items or newbies attacking you with “ZOMG!111! i l0vE uR Ne0pEtS!11!”, spray a little bit of this on you, and you will never have a problem with either again. Also, because most people only see the disgusting aspect of this item, most people are eager to get it out of their ownership, making this item quite cheap.

Approx. Shop Wizard Price - 300 neopoints

Now, finally, we come to a close. So what are you waiting for? Put down the Neopian Times and head out to the Shop Wizard to buy your neopets great but cheap customizable items!

*TIP* If you are having trouble finding the approximate Shop Wizard Price, use the “Max Price” part of the Shop Wiz. Don’t worry if you still don’t get a shop on your first try; just refresh and try again. I would suggest doing this ten times, and if you still haven’t found anything, give up and accept that the price has gone higher. Remember, the prices in this article are from when it was written. Because the items are so inexpensive, it is quite easy for them to go either up or down.

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