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The Return of Sloth: The Musical! - Part Seven

by rosabellk



[Lights up on Sloth’s room. As usual, Sloth himself is sitting in his chair facing upstage. Parlax grovels upstage left, facing the audience.]

Sloth [spoken]: You have failed me, Parlax.

Parlax: It wasn’t my fault; I tell you, sir,

Some unexpected things occurred.

An enemy from long ago

Blew my cover, laid me low.

Sloth [spoken]: No excuses. No mercy. You will be dealt with...

[Suddenly, Gorix and Cylara burst into the room, blasters drawn. Parlax jumps up and assumes a fighting pose. Sloth remains motionless.]

Gorix: Surrender, Sloth, your plans are through.

And Parlax, I’ll deal with you too.

[Sloth laughs. It is a cold, cruel laugh, dripping with the pain he has inflicted over the course of centuries. It resonates through the metal chamber, echoing harshly. Gorix and Cylara take a step back, intimidated. Sloth slowly spins his chair around to face the two pets. For the first time, the audience sees him fully. His skin is the green of wilted lettuce, his eyes as red as infernal flames. His body reeks of pure malevolence. He stands, towering over the room’s other occupants. For the first time, he sings. His voice is a deep bass, beautiful, but frightening at the same time.]

Sloth: You fools think that you’ll prevail?

You, two children, foil my plot?

When so many others have tried and failed,

What can you bring that they did not?

I’ve been around since time began,

Watching, waiting for my break.

And now, at last, I enact my plan.

You dare to think you’ll make me quake?

Evil’s triumphed over good

As long as anyone has known.

I’d think that you’d have understood

That heroes fail, and die alone.

I am darkness personified,

I am pure evil concentrate.

As such, I will not be defied

I destroy all you create.

I’m the bringer of the dark,

I’m the snuffer out of life.

I’m the single, deadly spark

That makes the armory ignite.

I remind you of your deaths,

I make sure that you’re aware

That I could cause your final breaths,

I could extinguish –

Gorix [drawing his blaster]: Stop right there!

[Gorix fires a shot at Sloth, who nimbly dodges it.]

Sloth [indignant]: You! You interrupted my solo!

I never thought that you’d stoop so low!

Gorix: I can’t let you pontificate

While others suffer; meet your fate!

Sloth [bored]: Parlax, please take care of them.

I grow tired of this game.

[Sloth waves a hand at Parlax and retires to his chair to watch the battle. Parlax grins and draws a short sword from a previously-hidden sheath. The two Grundos advance and warily circle each other.]

Gorix: Parlax, at last, we see each other plain.

This time it’s I who shall bring down the pain.

Your betrayal hurt more than any other;

I trusted you, loved you like a brother.

But now my heart knows only hate.

By my blaster you’ll meet your fate!

Parlax: If only you could understand

The way that all of this began.

I never meant to make you hurt,

A fact I strongly wish to assert.

Gorix: All lies and falsehoods! There’s no truth

In what you said! Our friendship’s through!

Nothing you do or try to say

Can make up for your treacherous ways.

Parlax: I see you’re too bent on revenge

To listen to me. Still, I cringe

That you won’t let us reunite.

And so, it seems, we have to fight!

[Parlax lunges at Gorix with his sword; Gorix parries with his blaster. Gorix puts up a strong fight, but is unable to get a shot in; it is clear that he can’t hold up for very long at this close range. He calls to Cylara:]

Gorix: The words you learned must now be spoken!

Hurry! Activate the token!

[Sloth, who has been watching the fight with amusement, looks startled.]

Sloth [spoken]: The Space Faerie’s token? How did you get that?

[Sloth stands and advances menacingly towards Cylara, who stutters out the incantation.]

Cylara [spoken]: A-ad adant-dante, Adante per...

[By this point, Sloth has drawn dangerously close to Cylara. He draws a blaster from his cloak and aims it squarely at the Cybunny’s head. Gorix looks up from his battle and shouts.]

Gorix: Cylara, no!

[Gorix rushes at Sloth; Sloth turns the blaster on Gorix and fires. Gorix collapses at Sloth’s feet. Sloth once again laughs his deeply unsettling laugh, his head thrown back in triumph.]

Cylara [suddenly confident]: Adante perlaxus cosmos noten fertulitum benevact anagio abeic andante perlaxus cosmos Sloth!

[The Token begins to glow and Sloth is slowly sucked into it.]

Sloth: How did you manage to pull this off?

What’s happening? How can this be?

You haven’t seen the last of Sloth!

You’ll never see the last of meeeeee!

[Sloth stretches out his final note as he is drawn completely into the token. Just before he is fully consumed, he punches a button on a nearby wall. Sirens begin to wail, lights start to flash. A self-destruct countdown begins at one minute. Cylara runs over to Gorix, who shakily gets to his feet. Parlax begins to sneak towards the exit.]

Cylara: Are you all right? Is your head clear?

Come on, we must get out of here!

Gorix: All right, Cylara, we’ll go in a minute,

But first, I have to take care of some business.

Come back here now, Parlax, we aren’t nearly done!

The fight isn’t over ‘til someone has won!

Parlax: At the end of the day, I don’t care for my honor,

I’m only glad that I’m not a goner.

So until next time, Gorix, stay as unforgiving.

As for me, I just care that I am still living.

[Parlax vanishes out the door stage left.]

Gorix: After that traitor! We have to make chase!

Cylara: No, Gorix, we’ve got to get out of this place!

Are you so blinded by vengeance that you’d let us die?

Forget him, let’s find a ship we can fly!

[Gorix pauses for a moment, then nods.]

Gorix: You’re right, Cylara, let’s make our escape.

We’ll make for the exit, head back for the base.

[Gorix and Cylara run from the room while the sirens and lights continue going off. In the chaos, Cylara drops the Token, which rolls downstage. The lights fade, so the stage is lit only by the flashing red lights. After a few seconds, the lights stop and there is the sound of a loud explosion. Scene change: the surface of Kreludor. Xarthab and Zorlix are commanding their troops, fighting off Sloth’s ships.]

Xarthab: We can’t last much longer. We’ve put up a fight

But I think our last stand might take place tonight.

Zorlix: I hate to admit it, but I think you’re right.

We simply can’t face Sloth’s incredible might.

Xarthab: My only regret, dearest brother of mine,

Is how I failed to trust you until we were out of time.

Zorlix: I agree with you, brother. We’re approaching the end.

But at least we’ll go down together, hand in hand!

[The two Grundos grasp each other’s hands. They close their eyes tightly and wait for the end. But just then, there is a bright flash of light, followed by the sound of the explosion heard earlier. Xarthab and Zorlix open their eyes, unsure of what has happened.]

Purple Grundo: Look, it’s Sloth’s flagship! It has been destroyed!

Orange Grundo: The battle is over! The ships he deployed

Are starting to turn back. We have won the day!

Xarthab: Have we really done it?

Zorlix: I think so! Hooray!

[The two brothers hug each other. The other Grundos jump up and down in celebration. In the background, a cloaked Kougra stalks past, unnoticed by the other pets. Lights down. Scene change: the site of the Space Station battle. The Scout and Ylana are still locked in a standoff, with Valka holding Garoo and Sophix prisoner upstage of them.]

Ylana: I still want your forces withdrawn.

One false move and your Cybunny’s gone.

Scout: Don’t listen to her! If it means I must die

To save the Resistance, then I’ll say goodbye.

Valka: I won’t lose a crewmate, whatever the cost!

We may have a standoff, but all is not lost.

Garoo: Come on now, Ylana, enough of this stalling.

It won’t be long ‘fore reinforcements come calling,

And then we will see who will have the last laugh.

Let the Scout go for now, on Sloth’s behalf.

Ylana: Never! I’d rather die than let her free;

I always complete the job, that is my creed!

[Ylana takes a step forward. Everyone onstage tenses. Those few who didn’t already have their blasters drawn draw them. Then, just as the tension is coming to a head, the sound of the explosion comes. Everyone stops in their tracks, stunned.]

Valka: What’s happening here? What was that noise?

Resistance Member: It’s Sloth’s flagship, sir! It has been destroyed!

Ylana: Sloth’s ship was destroyed? That must mean he’s gone.

If he isn’t here, then the bounty’s withdrawn.

I have no more reason to stay here; I’m done.

Goodbye, everybody, it sure has been fun.

And as for you, my little Cybunny Scout,

You were lucky this one time, but don’t count me out.

The second someone else puts a price on your head,

I’m coming for you, and won’t rest ‘til you’re dead.

[Ylana sheathes her blaster and punches a few buttons on her wrist; she vanishes in a flash of light.]

Scout: Come back here, Ylana! This isn’t through yet!

Don’t just leave me here with some vague parting threat!

Valka: She’s gone, Scout. Be grateful you still have your hide.

Revenge may be attractive, but it must subside.

Just be glad that we captured Sophix and Garoo;

Take them away. I entrust them to you.

[The Scout, grumbling, leads Sophix and Garoo off right. The two prisoners glare at each other.]

Valka: But where are the heroes that just saved the day?

I hope they weren’t hurt when Sloth’s ship blew away!

[Before Valka can worry any more, Gorix and Cylara enter from stage left, Gorix leaning on Cylara for support. The Resistance members greet the champions with cheers and applause. Gorix salutes Valka.]

Gorix: We’re back now, Commander, we finished the deed.

Sloth has been defeated, Neopia’s freed.

Valka: Good work, Private Gorix, and Cylara too.

Neopia’s saved, and it’s all thanks to you.

Cylara: I’m afraid, though, I failed to hold on to the token;

What if, one day, the enchantment is broken?

Then Sloth could be freed to wreak havoc once more.

Valka: Don’t concern yourself about that any more.

The odds of that happening are incredibly slim.

I don’t think we’ll have to worry more about him.

Gorix: Parlax also escaped, I couldn’t root him out.

Valka: I’ll tell you the same that I just told the Scout:

To yearn for revenge may be tempting at first,

But it cannot be quenched, this terrible thirst.

So let your grudge go, and find your release.

After all, now Sloth’s gone! We can all live in peace.

[The various Resistance members let out another cheer. Cylara takes Gorix’s hand, and he smiles for the first time in a long while. But, amidst all the noise of the celebration, we hear a faint echo of Sloth’s final words: “You haven’t seen the last of Sloth! You’ll never see the last of me...” Lights down. The End.]

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