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It's Raining Mootix! – Your Guide to Cooty Wars

by flapjackpax


Have you ever wondered what goes on in that petpetpet world? While our neopets are out playing games like Meerca Chase II, Snowmuncher and Kass Basher, there is a mini battle going on between the Cooties and Mootix of Neopia. For a long time now, the Cooties have suffered under the oppression of their Mootix overlords and it is your job to put a stop to it! You play a commando Cooty and must shoot down as many Mootix paratroopers out of the sky to stop their invasion when they reach the battleground. But you better be quick! Those Mootix are stealthy and will do anything to escape the Cooties' clutches! And of course, all this happens in the exciting game that is Cooty Wars!

Game Basics and Controls

As said before, you control the commando Cooty and it is your goal to shoot down the Mootix paratroopers. You are situated in a hot air balloon overlooking the current room you are in. Use your mouse to aim your target at the descending Mootix and left click to fire. Some paratroopers occasionally appear slightly off screen. Use your mouse to pan left and right so you can shoot them. In each level you are required to shoot a specific number of Mootix down to move on in the game. The more Mootix you shoot the better! You rack up the most points by shooting them at the right time. There are also special bonuses and power ups you can get by shooting extra petpetpets. (We will get to that later.)


Scoring is a very important part of the game Cooty Wars. Unlike other games, the score you get by shooting each Mootix differs from each time you shoot. Once a Mootix comes into view, they open their parachute and begin to descend. However, the commando Cooty (that’s you!) does not. If not shot, each Mootix becomes smaller and smaller as it falls until it disappears and lands on solid ground. Sure, you could be safe and shoot each Mootix before it becomes a mere spec on your screen. But the longer you wait, the more rewarding it will be! The smaller the Mootix, the harder it is to shoot them from the sky and therefore, it earns you more points. The points for shooting each Mootix range from 1 to 10. By scoring 1 the Mootix will just have opened their parachute and are large on the screen. By scoring 10, the Mootix should have descended very far down and should be extremely small. Scoring 10 is a difficult task but is manageable with some careful coordination and perhaps a good set of eyes!

By mastering the technique of getting high points for each Mootix, you may be on that high score table in no time!


Like most games, in Cooty Wars, each level becomes harder and longer. As you progress through the stages you will notice that the paratroopers fall through the sky much faster and that much more of them appear on screen at once. This makes it harder to score high points as you want to make sure you don’t miss any Mootix! Each level allows you to let only 5 Mootix slip through your fingers. They also increase by 10 Mootix each time. For example, level 1 requires you to shoot 20 Mootix from the sky while 25 Mootix appear on screen in total; level 2 requires you to shoot 30 Mootix while 35 appear on the screen and so on. You will notice a progress bar at the bottom of the screen with indicates how many Mootix you have shot, e.g. 20 / 21. The number on the left indicates how many Mootix you have already shot while the number on the right shows how many Mootix have appeared on screen so far. Once you shoot the required number of Mootix for that level, the number on the left will turn yellow.

Bonuses and Power-Ups

From level 2 and onwards, you may notice other petpetpets crawling across your screen. Shooting these petpetpets give you extra bonuses and power-ups. Each petpetpet has its own unique reward!

The Moquot: (The purple one.) By shooting this petpetpet you will rack up an extra 25 points!

The Lightmite: (The yellow one.) This petpetpet will freeze the game screen and all paratroopers on screen for about 3 seconds. The background changes into a light blue color and all Mootix on screen are frozen. You can then shoot them while they are suspended.

The Squippit: (The red one.) Shooting this petpetpet will automatically shoot all other Mootix on screen whose parachutes have opened.

Extra Tips

- The golden rule! Practise makes perfect! At first, you may not be able to get above 6 points for each Mootix. However, once you get used to the game, you will begin to get 8, 9 and 10 points easily!

- Use your power-ups wisely. Don’t just immediately shoot those pesky bonus petpetpets once they appear on screen. (Except the Moquot – this gives you 25 points in any situation.) For both the Lightmite and the Squippit, you will want a high number of Mootix on screen. They both need good timing. If you freeze your screen while one or more Mootix are becoming very small, you can use the time available to carefully aim and fire. This will make sure you will get a good score for those Mootix. As for the Squippit – the more paratroopers on screen and the farther down they are to the ground, the better! As shooting the Squippit automatically shoots every Mootix parachute on screen, this will get you more points when they are smaller.

- Remember to shoot the parachute of each Mootix and not the Mootix themselves!

- Throughout the higher levels (4 and up are pretty fast and difficult) you may need to forget about shooting the Mootix when they get smaller and lower. They begin to move a lot faster and a lot more appear on screen. Whatever happens, you don’t want to miss more than 5 Mootix per level, or it’s all over. The quantity of the Mootix is more important to the score per Mootix.

- If you are having trouble getting above 6 points per Mootix – use this helpful strategy. Once a Mootix appears on screen, immediately position your target so the perimeter just crosses over the lowest part of the Mootix in view. Wait as the Mootix descends and when the parachute flashes red (the parachute of each Mootix flashes red when your target is directly above it), fire! Alternatively, you may position your target in the same way and continuously left click until the Mootix crosses the targets path. Like mentioned before, you may want to stop using this strategy in the harder levels and concentrate on getting the required amount of Mootix per level.

- Have fun! That’s what games are for, right?


What are you waiting for? Go and stop those Mootix from invading Cooty land! Hopefully this guide will help you improve your score and perhaps get you a spot on the high score table, along with a shiny new trophy for your user lookup!

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